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May Dreams Save Us All

By Dranius


I. The Glow in the Dark or the Messages of the Gods.

Dumbledore woke up from a strange dream featuring a Dragon and a Tiger. He knew his dreams were special, but nothing could compare to what he had seen.

That night, he had seen a great lesson of life and thanked the gods for this privilege.

Little did he understand that the dream was a lot more than a lesson imparted by the gods. Years later, when his beard had lengthened and whitened, when his skin had withered and only a sparkle in his eyes remained from his younger years...

Only then, did he understand… the day he saw the Dragon.

But no longer did it have ice blue scales and sharp teeth… but it did have the same silver eyes, the same love for flight, it's being was untouched.

He was there, at Hogwarts, fighting with The Boy Who Lived…

Dumbledore's vision seemed to shift and he saw.

Draconis Malfoy had disappeared, revealing the powerful creature, coiled upon itself, It's wings spread, fangs bared, claws unsheathed.

A parting from this moment Dumbledore had one desire before he died:

To meet the Tiger.

The last place he would have looked for her, was Azkaban.


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