Chapter 19.

Squall moved around his room packing up his clothes. It was finally the day to go back to garden, a day that in the beginning he had been looking forward to but now he'd had to leave his lover behind. He was even reluctant to say goodbye to Laguna, odd though he was.

He'd heard all the stories from Kiros and Ward about their days in the Galbadian army and all the many, many ways Laguna had managed to stuff up a mission or save the day accidentally.

Like the time they were investigating suspicious disappearances around Timber. Laguna had suggested that they split up and search the three locations that they had figured out. Yes he had managed to find the dragon who had been eating the population, yes he had managed to get it out into the open. He had stumbled across the thing's tail by accident, not even noticed as the dragon crept up on him and followed him almost into the main town of timber and then Kiros had killed it before the thing had the chance to eat Laguna. But of course the town's people made out that Laguna was some sort of a hero.

It seemed to Squall that Ward and Kiros did most of the work and Laguna got the credit. He wondered if it felt like that for his friends, when everyone says how Squall saved the world and not mentioning the rest of them.

The door opened and Kiros walked in, eyeing the still half packed case.

"The Ragnorok is here, having trouble packing?" He raised an eyebrow.

"No…. though I can't find my-"

His lover held up his hand with Squall's pendent in it.


Kiros chuckled as Squall took it. "Thanks."

"Hurry up and finish packing, Laguna has a present for you."

"What sort of present? Is it something stupid?"

"No it's something useful." Kiros smiled. "You'll like it."

"I will?"

He nodded.

"In that case…." Squall picked up all his clothes together off the rail with some hangers included and just dumped it into his case putting his pendent on top and flopped the lid over the top.

"There done, let's go."

His older lover frowned and started to take out all the stuff Squall had just put in and folded it all.

The brunette frowned. "Who are you, my mother?"

The dark man smiled. "I like to be tidy, you can't just dump it all in here."

"I would have done it properly if you hadn't told me to hurry up!"

Kiros was sitting on the bed next to Squall's case. "Besides for my last day here… or half a day here I can think of more interesting things I'd rather be doing." He dropped into his lover's lap.

The older man smiled. "Really? Like what?" He teased him.

Squall rocked against him, his lips descending into Kiros' own.

The older man kissed him back at first then chuckled. "You can't be horny again? It's only lunchtime."

"I'm a teenager remember?" Squall nuzzled against him, lips worrying Kiros' collarbone, throat and jaw line.

His hips lazily rubbed against him.

The older man chuckled, one hand running down over Squall's leather pants down one thigh then back up and cupped his ass through the black leather.

"Don't you think you should finish your packing first?"

"No, I'm rebelling." Squall said. His fingers ran in circles in Kiros shirt. "Maybe… you should punish me for it."

His lover grinned. "Maybe I should spank you then."

"You promise?"

Kiros had worked his hand into that tight leather now, running down over the entrance to Squall's body.

The door was pushed open Laguna who didn't even bother to knock, luckily the front door was in living room not in the bedroom.

Squall swore and scrambled to get off his lover and straighten his clothes.

Kiros got up quickly pushing Squall in the direction of the living room.

"Go, go out and talk to him I'll finish off your packing."

The brunette nodded, hurrying out into the living room.

Laguna stood near the door he opened his mouth to say something then shut it again taking in Squall's flushed face and that his clothes were slightly askew.

"Did I interrupt something? Do you want me to come back later?"

"It's fine." Squall eyed the box that Laguna was carrying.

"What's that?"

"Huh?" He looked down. "Oh, this. This is for you." He handed it over. "A little gift so that you don't forget us."

Squall set it down and opened it.

"It's videophone." Laguna told him before he'd even seen it yet. "You can call us and you can see who you're calling on that screen."

Squall nodded. "I know what a videophone is I have one in my office."

"Well now you have one in your dorm for….you know… more err- personal- calls." He scratched his head looking uncomfortable as he said the end of that sentence.

Squall managed a shy half smile. "Thank you." He said, moving the box to the coffee table.

"And the Ragnorok has arrived."

"I know."

"The pilot seemed in a hurry to depart."

Squall frowned. "Nida usually came with the ship he was never impatient."

"He was?"

"Yes a blonde fellow, seemed quite annoyed at having to come out here alone."

Squall rolled his eyes.

That was either Seifer or Zell then, Zell was better pilot but not usually bad tempered unless he had been interrupted while doing something important before… like making out with Seifer…. That sounded about right.

Laguna started to back out of the room. "Well I'll see you down there in… ten minutes…. Will you have finish packing by then?"

"I think you're finished now." Kiros said from the bedroom, the dark man appeared in the doorway. "Or rather I have finished your packing."

Squall took his case from his lover and took the pendent, which was handed to him again to put on.


Laguna was right Zell was impatient to get going.

"What's the rush?" Squall asked.

"I have date." The blonde explained grabbing Squall's case and almost throwing it onto the ship. "Quick say your goodbyes I still have to decide what to wear."

Squall rolled his eyes. "Is this date with Seifer?"

He nodded.

"Then maybe you should go naked, save you some time getting out of your clothes later."

"But we're going to see a movie I'm not going out in public naked…. Well at least not again."

Squall wrinkled his face, deciding he didn't want to know.

Laguna pulled him into bear hug almost squashing the life out of him. "Can't…. breathe." He panted.

The grip lessened. "Sorry. You promise to ring me as soon as you get home?"

Squall frowned. "I don't need to check in, I'm not a child."

"I know." Laguna petted him like a baby even after he said he wasn't.

"Fine, fine I'm call you as soon as I get in."

"You promise?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." He waved a hand dismissively.

Squall waved. "Bye Ward." He said.

The tall man smiled and nodded.

Then he stood and looked at Kiros and then back Laguna again.

His father paused there a minute. "Oh you to- Oh I get it!" I turned and wandered off.

Squall rolled his eyes, Kiros chuckled.

"You don't expect me to call you as soon as I get in as well do you?" He asked his lover when they were alone.

"Well a call sometime tonight would be nice." They both slowly closed the gap between them.

"You can test your new gadget."

They leant in for a kiss, Zell popped his head out of the ship. "Will you hurry up, I only have four to get home before my date!"

Squall pulled back from his lover with a sigh and a roll his eyes. Kiros pulled him in by the t-shirt for a quick kiss then shoved at his shoulder gently.

"Go." He said. "Call me later and next time you get holiday time I expect a visit."

"Next time I get holiday I'm going away somewhere and you're coming with me if Laguna can manage not to burn the city to the ground without you."

"He'll have Ward to help him, they'll be fine."

Squall walked the ship, giving a last wave before the disappeared inside.