Summary: Robin and Raven found out their love for each other, and shared their souls. Robin is determined to help Raven out until the very end. Rob Rae and BB Star, just so Star doesn't feel bad. Warning, sexual pages contained. Do not read if you are not of age.

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Sharing, Loving

By Dinky

Titans Tower, Living Room

"No," Raven murmured, looking at her palms, which burned with the shape of an S. "This, is just the beginning." With that, she turned around and went to her room.

"Um, dudes?" Beast Boy asked, with a confused expression, "Anyone heard what she said?" The other Teen Titans shook their heads, except Robin. He wasn't sure, but he thought that he hadn't heard Raven out loud, but he heard her, loud and clear, in his head. Recently, he had been able to discuss more and more things with Raven, and found that he always got a good answer. She thinks almost the same way as him, if not better. When they were planning, Raven was always the one to point out flaws that he, let alone the other Titans, had been able to spot. Raven was the only one whom he could talk freely to, who could always understand him, who could give him comforts when he needed them. Just by being near her made him felt safe and secure. However, a strange thing had been happening lately. Sometimes he could feel emotions, that he was sure was not his own. And he had a pretty shrewd idea whom they belong to… Raven.

Right now, he was feeling uneasy. What did Raven mean "my destiny"? What was bad that was supposed to happen on her birthday? Unknowingly, he had walked to his room. He entered it. It was a mess. Man, I really need to clean up one day. Changing into his sleepwear, which was a boxer and nothing else, except his mask. Yawning, he got into bed. It was time to put aside his worries and sleep.

Raven's Room

Raven was on her bed, wearing her nighttime unusual, which was just an oversized t-shirt with nothing else. She usually wears this when she was worried or nervous. The t-shirt had a picture of a raven with the full moon behind it. She was afraid to go to sleep, she was afraid of Trigon coming back. But she was so, so, tired…

She did not know how she was able to understand the dark, mysterious women in front of her, but understand she did. "She is fated to destroy the world, for her father, your husband" the priest said to my mother " it will happen on the day when the moon glows blood-red, happens on the day of her birth, and when that day she draws blood. All will happen by Earth time. This will only happen when the marks are placed upon her, by fire, by force. When these are complete, she must marry, and should her first child be a daughter, she and her daughter combined will be more powerful than any force, except one-love. There will only be one person able to stop her. He has to accompany her for life, share a bond, draw blood when she draws blood, cry when she cries, and share her powers. He alone can stop her, just by uttering three words, using a language not spoken or voiced. On the day of that man's death, the world will be destroyed." "No," I thought, urging Defiance forward, "No, I will not destroy the world for my father, I will not marry and have children, I will not…" At this point, the alter of the God of Azar exploded into many shreds. "That is only a little of her powers. She must learn to control her emotions, for when her emotions run wild, her demon half shows through, and she will be able to crush a planet as easily as we can crush a clod of dirt. When she is under control, her powers will be limited. Still, with limited power, she will be able to take on one, full-grown, average demon, and defeat him easily. On the day when she turns eighteen years of age, she will undergo a drastic change. We do not know yet. Only that part of her life is concealed to us. We do know, however, that that change is what decides the fate of the world. Now go. GO!"

Raven tossed and turned in her bed, as she remembered that terrifying day when she discovered what she was destined to do. Sweat began breaking forth on her forehead as she remembered flashes of her childhood, Slade putting the markings on her…. "Ah!" she yelled softly, for even in sleep she was controlled. She sat up suddenly, her dreams still playing in her head. Slowly blurring away. She breathed deeply. "It is just a dream," she told herself, "just a dream. Nothing to get frightened about… yet."

Suddenly there was a pounding on her door, and came Robin's voice "Raven, you alright? Is anything wrong in there? Wha-" he stopped yelling when he saw the door open a slit.

Raven blushed at seeing him dress so little, and only vaguely noticed that she wasn't wearing much either. "Come in, it's not safe out there," Raven said. Robin nodded and followed her in. The door closed with a hiss behind him.

"Is everything alright? I felt something, something very wrong happening to you. What happened?"

So, the bond begins. Raven stated.

What? Hey, how come I can talk to you this way?

Remember that bond we had, by me going into your head?


Well, this is the beginning of that bond. As this bond progress, you will start to be able to feel more than thoughts. First thing is emotions and pain. You will be able to feel my emotion and I yours. Same thing with pain. She mentioned for him to follow her, and sat on the bed. Robin sat down next to her. He had never been this close to Raven before. Before he had thought that Raven was pretty. With the moon shinning on her features he found that he was wrong. Raven wasn't pretty. She was beautiful. There was this lurching feeling in the pit of his stomach. Great. Just great. The last thing he needed to do now was to kiss Raven when she didn't even expect it. As for Raven, she felt nervous, being so close to Robin. She liked him. He was the only one who can take things seriously and act wisely upon them. But she had dismissed the feeling. She knew that Robin liked Starfire, and that Starfire liked Robin. She was happy for them. She knew she shouldn't take Robin away from Starfire. But if Robin doesn't like Starfire…

So I woke up suddenly because you had a bad nightmare? Robin asked softly, interrupting her thoughts.


Please, let me share your pain. I want to help you. You can't keep pain within yourself all the time. You'll explode one day. Let me share yours.

Raven looked into his mask. She knew her past was something that never should have happened, never should be told. Yet she could feel that Robin had had a past almost as painful as hers. She wanted to know what had happed to Robin. Why he always had that sorrowful and hateful aura around him. She knew that souls could only be shared, not given. She knew that they could handle the knowledge of each other's past, whatever horror is within.

Robin, I can only share my soul with you, only if you share me yours. I want to know you, not Robin, but you, behind the mask, behind the pain, behind the hate. I want to share your pain. It will be better for both of us.

It was as if she already knew. All right, I will start first. Slowly he raised his hand to his mask, and took it off, revealing stunning blue eyes.

Raven blushed. Whoa, he's already handsome with his mask on, and with his mask off, he's beautiful! Then she realized she had accidentally sent this thought to Robin.

I heard that. Robin smiled.

Oh shut up, pretty head.

Don't be shy.


With one swift movement he put one arm around and a hand behind her neck, tilting her head up. "Because you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met." With the sudden spark that had lit up in her beautiful violet eyes, he could hold his desire in no longer. He bent his head down and kissed her.

Raven's mind was screaming at her "No! Stop! You know what this can cause. The prophecy! Push him away! But her body disobeyed her, and she melted into his arm. After struggling for some time, she decided to hell with it and let herself enjoy and returning his kisses. It was the best moment of her life. She had never felt so warm, so contented; so safe. Little did she know, Robin was feeling the same thing. Robin licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. He didn't need to ask twice before she opened up eagerly for him. His tongue explored her mouth. She pushed his tongue back into his mouth with her own tongue, and started exploring his mouth. They tongue-wrestled for some time. They kept kissing until a vase broke. Raven pulled away. "No, we have to stop, I'm sorry. My powers get out of control if I feel too emotional."

"I understand."

How about we get back to business?

Sounds good. My real name is Richard Grayson. My nickname is Dick, but I prefer Richard.

I'll have to won't I., because then I won't be able to keep a strait face every time I call you Dick.

Robin blushed, but continued on. My parents died when I was eight years old. My family used to work in a circus.

You included?

Yes. We were called the Flying Graysons. We specialize in trapeze aerobatics. Robin, with a heavy sigh, continued. One day… Robin's mental voice trailed off.

Raven, with surprising gentleness, persisted. One day…

Robin gulped. Right before the show was to begin, I saw a man arguing with the circus manager. He yelled, "I am going to wreck your show!" angrily as he lift the tent. I felt uneasy. When it was time to begin, the angry man pushed passed us, coming out of the performing area, laughing evilly. I was a glint of steel. I remembered thinking 'Hey, he shouldn't be in there!' I was about to voice this observation to my parents, but my mother ushered me on to the jumping platform. I dropped all thoughts and focused on. Jump. Catch bar. Swing forward. Swing backward. Build up momentum. Swing forward. Let go. Triple flip. Stretch out. Fly. Focus. My father was hanging from another trapeze by his legs, his outstretched hand ready to catch me from my flight. We swung together, from trapeze to trapeze. Finally he threw me toward the landing platform, with an encouraging smile. Double back flip. I landed smoothly on the platform. Stood up and smiled at the applauding crowd. It was my mother's turn. She was a beautiful form, flipping and spinning and flying from trapeze to trapeze, with the grace of a colorful swan. The crowd was applauding wildly. Finally, she swung off one trapeze onto my father's, similar to the one I had done. They did many tricks and stunts on that one trapeze. Suddenly, I felt something was going very wrong. Fatally wrong. I finally figured out what was wrong. One of the cords that were holding my parents was breaking, stand by strand. Then everything pieced together. The man's revenge. The glint of steel that was a knife. I called out to parents, but it was too late. I watched as the last stand broke. Watched, as my parents fell, I, unable to do anything. I just watched, a scream tearing my lungs, as they fell… Robin's unmasked eyes were swimming with tears, but he refused to let them fall.

Raven put her arms around Robin, who could hold the tears in no longer. Putting his head on Raven's shoulders, he wept for his parents, himself, everyone who had watched the horrible incident. The moon which had shone blood red that night, for all the little children who are, like him, crying at this very moment, because if they, like him, had just said something, nothing would have happened. He'd be living with his loving parents.

He'd be able to take Raven to them, and introduce her. Raven… Raven… Raven…

Raven was his light, his love whom he'd die for, his star that lead him the way, his dark angle that would accompany him throughout his darkest moments, share his laughter, share his tears, as she was doing now. Every pearl of perfection, glistening in the moonlight as they fell through the space between eyes and bed, were shed for him Raven… Without Raven he couldn't live. Raven was his hope, his bird to freedom. A streak of shadow, beauty, across the black sky.

Very gently, he wiped away her tears, which she had spilled for him. Afterwards, I was taken in by a close friend of my parents, named Bruce Wayne, a.k.a., Batman.

Batman's your godfather, who's Bruce Wayne, the Bruce Wayne? Boss of the Wayne Enterprises? A rock exploded in the distance.

I know, it comes as a surprise.

Tell me about it.

Ok, I've told my part. Tell me yours.

Ok, guys, chapter two coming up, named Raven's story. Warning, a lemon ahead! Like I've already said, if your underage, DON'T READ!