Chapter Ten

"Harry, dear, wake up."

Harry woke to discover that he had fallen asleep again and that Dumbledore was now gone. Harry opened his eyes and looked around and found a virtual sea of red headed people staring at him.


Everyone looked at each other bewildered.

"No, Harry, it's me, Molly Weasley. I came by the other day to visit you. You do remember?"

Harry nodded that he did.

"Mate," Won-won said. "Is this Susie?" he asked pointing to his mother.

Harry nodded again and said "Susie."

Won-won of the twins snickered at their mother.

"It's a perfectly lovely name," she said sternly to her sons.

"Of course it is m'luv," said the older red headed man.

"Thank you Arthur, I knew you would understand," she said to her husband.

"Harry, mate, this isn't Susie, this is my mum, Molly."

"Mummy?" asked Harry. Susie was his mum after all. Harry knew she felt like one when he saw her the other day. Did she know about the trade? He didn't want his mummy to know about that.

"Yeah, that's it Harry," Won-won said. "This is my mum."

"Your mummy?" asked Harry and then looked sad. Susie wasn't his mummy. Where was his mummy? If Susie wasn't his mother, then who was his mother and where was she?

"Ron, you are as tactless as ever you know that," scolded the red haired girl who stepped up and stepped on Won-won's foot very hard.

"What did I do?"

"Harry dear," Susie said lovingly. "We want you to come home and stay with us."

Harry's eyes bugged out of his head. Susie wants to take him home. Then she helped him up out of his chair and continued, "Won't that be nice dear? To be at home with us?"

Harry nodded his head absently as they all walked over to the fireplace.

"Now all you have to do is take a little floo powder and then we'll be off."

Harry nodded in understanding.

"Fred, do be a dear and show Harry how to it in case he has forgotten."

"I'm not Fred he is," one twin said pointing to his other half.

"Honestly woman," the other twin said. "You call yourself our mother." Then both twins shook their heads pitifully.

"I'm so sorry George" Susie said. "You show Harry how to do it."

The twin walked over to the fireplace and grabbing a handful of floo powder turn to Susie and said, "I'm only joking, I am Fred," and before Susie could say anything stepped into the fireplace and throwing the powder down called out, "THE BURROW!"

"I swear one of these days I am going to tattoo your names on your foreheads," Susie said to the remaining twin, who promptly laughed at her. Then turning to Harry she asked, "Do you think you can do it dear?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah I remember doing it before."

"Alright then, go right ahead."

"I'm going home right?" asked Harry.

Smiling at her almost son, Susie said, "That's right dear. We're taking you home."

Squaring his shoulders, Harry walked over to the fireplace and took a handful of powder and stepped into the fireplace and said clearly, "AZKABAN!" Then in a swoosh of soot he disappeared.

The remaining Weasleys all looked at each other.

"Bloody hell," cursed Won-won. "Here we go again."

The End!

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