Preview: With her personal life finally on the right track, our favorite
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Identity Crisis

The rest of the afternoon passed very quickly for the couple. Going
on a hunch, Liz brought her companion to the Smithsonian where they spent
several pleasant hours leisurely taking in the exhibits. Her hunch had been
right. She had never seen her companion in such a good mood. His usual grim
expression had disappeared and he acted almost like a child let loose in a
candy store.

Afterward, they went shopping for the clan at some of the more
expensive department stores.

Lyath picked out a few tartans and a TV/VCR combination for Hudson
to use in the chamber Xanatos had assigned him.

Liz bought some perfume and hair clips as well as a comb and brush
set for Angela. As an afterthought, she also picked out a skimpy little
back-less dress in a nice black washed silk fabric. She wasn't sure when
Angela would have occasion to wear it, but as far as she was concerned every
girl ought to have at least one change of clothes!

Together they picked up a new black leather jacket for Brooklyn, a
huge Godiva Chocolate Sampler for Broadway and a zip-drive that Lex had
been wanting. They purchased a bunch of postcards and travel books for the
gang as well.

At Liz's request, they also stopped by a portrait studio where they
managed to get a spur-of-the-moment appointment (by waving a wad of bills
at the receptionist). They each took a few individual poses as well as
several together.

They wrapped everything up with a wonderful dinner at The Peddler.

By the time they got back to the penthouse it was nearly six and
Goliath's transformation occurred within minutes of their arrival. They had
realized during the cab trip back that they might have to ditch the cab in
favor of ducking into an alley or some bushes and the adrenaline rush now
had Elisa in the mood to do something on the physical side. She looked
around, hoping to spot her lover. Judging by the sound of things, Goliath
was in the middle of raiding the fridge. His transformation back to his
gargoyle form usually left him famished, regardless of when he had last

Elisa entered the kitchen to the sight of Goliath digging into some
cold roast beef while a tv dinner was heating in the microwave. He had three
other TV dinners sitting on the counter next to it awaiting their turn.

"Just a tad on the peckish side again?" She laughed at the
embarrassed look on his face. He struggled to swallow the mouthful she had
caught him with so that he could answer.

"I'm just keeping my stamina up," he grinned wolfishly at her.

"Oh? and what might I ask, do you think you'll be doing that will
require a lot of stamina?" Elisa ran her hand teasingly down his back until
she encountered the base of his tail, which she tweaked.

"Nnrrgh..." he growled as he pulled her tightly up against his
chest. He nibbled her ear and teased it with his tongue before whispering
"You will see..." With that he released her and gave her a playful swat with
his tail. The microwave dinged and he turned his attention back toward

Elisa laughed and wandered off to her room to finish writing the
rest of her letters to the clan. She shook her head with amusement. So far,
living with Goliath had proven to be anything but boring. Still, she
couldn't help but worry about their future together.

What would things be like when they finally got back home? Between
her job and his responsibilities as clan leader, when would they make time
for each other? Would it be enough? Would he expect her to move into the
castle? What about children? Was that possible? How would they work that?
Would she ever be able to acknowledge him publicly as her lover and perhaps
as the father of her children?

It gave her a headache just thinking about it. She...they, would
have to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. She just couldn't
imagine them not being together.

Before she had even finished composing the first letter, Goliath
entered the bedroom and did a very good job of distracting her.

Much later on, they lay curled together on her bed.

Goliath stroked her hair, every so often leaning over to plant a
quick kiss on her forehead. He had apparently developed a great liking for
the custom.

Elisa was snuggled against his right side absently running her hand
over his chest and belly. She was still impressed with the washboard
muscles which seemed denser than any human muscles she had ever felt.

He hadn't been kidding about his stamina! Never before had she had
a guy make love to her five times running in a single night!

They had explored each other's likes and dislikes and tried quite a
few different positions. Just thinking back on it was arousing her despite
the soreness in her private area. Catching a pleased look on his face and
seeing a suspicious stirring begin in his crotch area, she was reminded that
the night wasn't over yet.



Here he rolled her over, pinning her beneath him.

"Again? Aren't you sleepy yet?" Elisa laughed.

"I am sleepy, but I also just happen to be in a very...romantic
mood tonight." He began that deep growling purr which drove her crazy.

Elisa kissed him tenderly. "I don't think that I can again. You've
worn me out." She giggled, not quite believing that he had actually done
such a thing.

"My love, you should have said something earlier. Never would I
have.." Elisa hushed him with a finger to his lips.

"I was having too much fun," she grinned.

They kissed and cuddled for a while.

Not quite ready to admit defeat, Goliath tried again. "Perhaps once
I've changed back to human?"

"Most definitely NOT! We don't need to be worrying about a child at
this point. Of course, we could do what we did last time you were human..."

Goliath suddenly became very quiet, staring strangely at her.

"Goliath, what's wrong?"

"It is just that I had not even stopped to think about the
possibility of a child. I keep forgetting that you are capable of such a
thing more often than once every twenty years."

"Yup. I'm human and can end up getting in that condition every
single month." Elisa playfully shoved him off her - something which would
actually be impossible without his cooperation. "We really need to get some
sleep or we'll both make stupid mistakes around Todd tomorrow."

Within moments she was sound asleep, but just before she drifted
off, he spoke.



"I would never regret having a child with you."

She smiled drowsily.

Goliath covered her protectively with a wing and watched her sleep
for a while before he too drifted off.

He was the first to awaken the following morning. Stretching and
yawning, he glanced over and found that Elisa was still fast asleep. Another
smile touched his mouth. It seemed that he just couldn't stop smiling
lately. For the first time in years, the memories of the massacre at Wyvern
receded to just a dull whisper in his thoughts. His bitterness over his
first mate's betrayal had also dimmed. Now he felt nothing but distaste for
her and the fact that they had once been lovers. Elisa was his true love...
the one he had apparently been fated for. It was she who had healed the pain
which he had once thought of as unhealable.

Although she didn't need to go in to the office early today, Elisa
was still expected to make an appearance. It seemed a shame to wake her out
of such a sound sleep. Still...

Moving closer to her, he embraced her from behind and nuzzled her
neck. "Love, it is time we arose," he whispered.

She stirred and mumbled something unintelligible.

She had apparently not been jesting about him wearing her out the
night before. If she only knew how eager he was to pick up where they had
left off! Even he was amazed at how insatiable he was when it came to Elisa.
The only other time he had ever been like this was when he and Demona had
experienced their first - and as it turned out - only breeding season. He
suspected that where Elisa was concerned, he would never get his fill.

He began running his hand over the sumptuous curve of her buttock,
gently squeezing and kneading her flesh. He knew that she would not allow
him to take her in this human form, but this was certainly a fun way to wake

Elisa suddenly rolled over to face him. She kissed him and snuggled
up for a few minutes, then she reached down and gave him a good squeeze.
"Hmm...looks like you're gonna be taking a cold shower again."

"That is all right, it was worth it and anyway...I can just save it
up for later," he growled out.

"Is it always like this with male gargoyles?"

"No! If it were so, you and I would have been mated long since." He
kissed her thoroughly. "Elisa, for most gargoyles, male or female, love,
commitment, substance... all are more important to a pairing than sex. Of
course, where those qualities are found in good measure, can the sex ever be
lacking? You alone have the power to do this to me."

"Yeah? Then how did you end up with Demona?"

Goliath looked supremely uncomfortable and for a moment Elisa
feared that she had crossed the line, but he cleared his throat and
answered her. "Our relationship once had all those qualities. From her point
of view, we were separated for a thousand years. We cannot expect anyone to
remain unchanged after so long a time."

The sadness was back in his eyes and in the quiet timbre of his
voice, making Elisa wish she had never spoken.

"Sorry," she whispered as she hugged him closer.

He hugged her as well, but after a brief moment, he moved her back
so that he could look her in the eye. "I'm over it now, Elisa. A great
deal of good came from the Magus' spell, for though I lost my angel, I found
you. You and I are much more alike - more compatible - than she and I were.

Elisa smiled widely just before they kissed. "Big Guy, did I ever
tell you how much I love you?" she said when they came up for air.

"No, I don't believe you words."

"I would do anything - ANYTHING - to protect you, to keep you in my
life. I don't think that I could go on if something happened to you."

They spent the next half hour 'entertaining' each other. After
relaxing in his arms for a short while, Elisa gave him another kiss and then
rose and made her way to the bathroom.

He watched her saunter away and rolled onto his back, crossing his
arms up behind his head. Their lovemaking last night had been fantastic.
Yes, there were a few reminders that they were not of the same species. She
had hair down there, he didn't. She couldn't completely accommodate him. She
had no tail to tease him with. So what if she had no tail? He definitely
loved the way her backside looked without one...what a view! They also
seemed to have an almost psychic knowledge of how to please each other.

As for their lovemaking this morning...Goliath's mind started to
wander in the wrong direction again. He began replaying their latest
escapade over in his head. How close he had come to taking her in this form!
She had nearly let him, but balked at the last minute. He could not blame
her. Knowing how easily humans reproduced and that her family and friends
would not approve of a child born out of wedlock - especially with no
apparent father around...No, it was impossible to ask that of her. How
would she be able to work in that condition? How could she support herself
with no mate there to care for her?

How could he be so selfish?

His curiosity about what it would be like for them to truly fit
together was almost overwhelming, but she was right. This was not his true
form and it was a bad idea for them to get used to it. Best that they not do
this again.

Goliath thought again about the consequences of such a liaison. He
could not help but feel somewhat rejected by her fear of having a child with him.

He knew he was being selfish in even thinking it, but they might
never have another chance. On the other hand, any such child would be
completely human. Would the child even look anything like him? Perhaps Elisa
would not think of it as truly being his.

He sighed deeply. This entire train of thought was absolutely
ridiculous! Now was not the time to think of perpetuating the clan. If it
were possible for them to have a hybrid child, then they would know soon
enough - they had never taken precautions. Such a child would truly be
their child. Such a child would, if they survived, be meant to be.

Goliath sighed again. His life with Elisa was going to be
complicated, but they'd known that it would be so for years. He had come a
long way from being a clan leader whose chief concern was protecting the
castle. He had much more to worry about now, but also someone strong to lean
on. He looked forward to the future with a great deal more hope than he had
even last year.

With that thought, he jumped from the bed and automatically headed
towards her bathroom. Hearing her singing in the shower, he froze and
deciding that he'd best not tempt fate, moved toward his own shower instead.