My Last Mission

Chapter One: Breaking the News

The sun was shining, and a cool breeze rustled the trees. Birds were chirping, and kids were laughing. Usually you could find Excel on days like this, skipping down the side walk, and knocking people around as she wailed her arms around wildly. But, not today. Excel had herself locked in her room. Hyatt would have questioned her odd behavior, but she was currently lying dead on the couch.

Excel had a secret.. One that nobody who knew her would believe. Her secret was that she was not happy. She, the one who was always smiling, was not happy at all. For the past several months her "Happiness" was just a mask, used to hide her current depression.

Excel lay quietly on her futon, silent tears running down her face She couldn't take it anymore. Everyday she went to ACROSS hoping that when she expressed her love for her Lord Ilpalazzo, that he would return it. Every time he would reject her, and send her falling down into a pt of water, and every time she fell her heart would break a little. But she would get up, and return the next day, and again be rejected.

Her heart was now do broken, she believed that it was beyond repair.. How she wished Lord Ilpalazzo would praise her as he did Hyatt.

A rustle came from behind her door, and the sound of the door trying to be forced open awoke her from her daze. The intruder gave up hope, as the door was locked and softly knocked on the door.

"Excel?" Hyatt's concerned voice rang through the closed door. "It's time for us to go receive our new Mission."

Speak of the devil, Excel though. "Coming Hatt-Chan," Excel chirped, in what she hoped was a happy sounding voice.

Walking out from the confinement of her room, she slipped her boots on and began to venture out. Hyatt's voice made her stop.

"Um, Senior?"

"Yes, Hatt-Chan?"

"Aren't you going to put on your uniform?"

Excel looked at what she was wearing, Jeans and a tank. Not the usual jacket with overly large Shoulder pads.

Excel shrugged, "No, I don't feel like changing." She walked out the door, and Hyatt followed behind.

The great Lord Ilpalazzo sat upon his throne in his underground base. Musing over the next assignment, as he waited for the arrival of his two agents.

Footsteps down the hall echoed into his base, signaling that their arrival was close. Excel trudged in and Hyatt followed. Hyatt gave her normal 'Zo!' but what struck him as strange was so did excel. He waited for a few moments, for Excel would usually have an outburst of song or drable on about some random thing. Nothing. He was about to go on, when he noticed his Senior agents attire.

"Agent Excel, tell me. Why are you not in uniform? I will not have my agents wearing the clothing of the ignorant masses." but all he got in reply was a shrug.

Taken aback by her response, or lack of, he decided it would be best to move on with the meeting. He cleared his throat and continued on.

"It has come to my attention that our missions have all been failures. In the past I had blamed it on you, my agents, but it has come to my attention that our failures are the result of sabotage. Your Mission, Agents Hyatt and Excel, is to infiltrate the Civil Service and Pose as Civil Servant officers. I want you to stop the source that has been sabotaging ACROSS's efforts in taking over the city," he said.

With a short 'Hail Ilpalazzo!' they left. Excel, however, stayed behind. She turned around and waited for Lord Ilpalazzo to notice her.

"Yes, Excel?" He said, uncertain as to why she was still here.

"Lord Ilpalazzo, I have an issue I need to discuss with you, sir."

Again, Ilpalazzo was shocked by her behavior. She was sounding serious, in an almost business tone of voice. Any moment now, he would wake up from this dream.

"Ok, but make it quick. You try my patience." He drawled, trying to sound as if he had better things to do. Really, he didn't.

"Don't worry, you wont have to put up with me for long, sir." She had a sort of sad smile as she said this.

Walking around to a closer spot near his throne, she stood in front of him. Tall and proud. She wouldn't let this man break her heart anymore.

"Lord Ilpalazzo, I have come to inform you that this will be my last Mission." All she got in reply was silence, so she continued. "I-I just can't deal with..the emotional Stress anymore. I can't, so I must leave." More Silence.

Excel was now avoiding his gaze, and she bowed her head. Her hair covered her face, and she felt tears in her eyes, trying to burst out.

Ilpalazzo was speechless for the third time today. "What has caused you stress?"

"It doesn't matter-" she tried to assure him, but he cut her off.

"It does matter, I can try to fix it."

"Lord Ilpalazzo, you cannot fix this problem." She was getting frustrated. He never wanted to help her before.

"Try me."

THE PROBLEM IS YOU!" She yelled, her emotions making her scream out her secret. Excel gasped and covered her mouth.


"I have to go now." Excel turned and quickly ran out, tears falling don her face, and yet her face held a smile. I can move on now, and finally be happy.

Well, how was it? I had wanted this to be a one shot, but then I thought it would be better as a chapter fic. I had always wondered how Excel would act if she was depressed, or even normal, and how it would up her chances of love with our dear Lord Ilpalazzo.

I am going to let you know right now, I don't update much. I either get sidetracked, or I'm just to busy to update. I wrote this fic in January, and I'm just now posting it. But I promise that eventually, maybe after this term is over, I will update.

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