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Ed was waiting in the hallway to speak to the Colonel, along with Al, when he heard several gunshots. Al, being rather more worried about Roy than Ed was, started to stand up and enter the room when Ed stopped him.

"Believe me, Al, you don't want to go in there right now. Lt. Hawkeye's likely to shoot you too. It's best just to leave them alone in there right now."

"But brother," the metal suit said pleadingly, a worried look on its face (how can he have expressions?) "Maia's in there too. What if she's-"

"The only person Lt. Hawkeye's going to shoot right now would be Mustang. You know he always gets on her nerves."

Al nodded slowly and sat back down. A few minutes later, a very angry Hawkeye stormed out of Mustang's office, followed by Maia, who, unlike Riza, didn't look really mad, just rather…surprised.

"Are you all right, Maia?" asked Al.

The girl nodded. "I'm not so sure about the Colonel, though…getting yelled at by Lt. Hawkeye is pretty frightening."

"What happened?" Ed was now standing up and peered into Roy's office. There were several bullet holes in the wall behind Roy's desk.

"Colonel Mustang tried to convince me that the official military uniform for females included a miniskirt. But he said it too loud, and the Lieutenant overheard him and got mad. She said that if he did something like that again, she'd fix it so that he wouldn't have a reason to chase after women." Ed winced. "Remind me to never get her mad at me, Al."

The jerk. Riza was sitting underneath a large oak, shredding grass with her fingers, and thinking dark thoughts about a certain Colonel. Why does he have to say something like that every single time a woman joins the military? He just…he never considers what I might think about the things he says. It's not…fair. Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind her.

"You okay out here by yourself, Lieutenant?"

She looked up to see the Angel Alchemist, Aeon, leaning against the tree.

"I'm fine." She told him. "Just needed some fresh air, that's all."

He sat down next to her. "You're mad at the Colonel aren't you?"

She turned to face him, eyes angry. "It's none of your business."

Aeon laughed and held his hands up in the air. "Okay, okay. I just thought that maybe you'd like to be with someone who actually respects your feelings."

That earned him another suspicious look. "And what makes you think I want a boyfriend?" Although…maybe it would make Roy see that I'm a person, and not someone without feelings. Maybe it could possibly convince him that I don't need him.

The alchemist's green eyes glittered. "A girl as pretty as you should have a boyfriend. Come on, I'm not that scary, am I?"

Riza sighed. "I'll think about it."

It was big news in the office. A lot of Riza's coworkers were pretty much stunned at the thought that she was actually going out with someone who wasn't the Colonel (there'd even been a pool, carefully kept a secret from Riza and Roy, on when they'd get together). The fact that her boyfriend was the super-handsome Angel Alchemist was even more surprising. And, of course, all of this talk did nothing to help the Colonel's temper. Most of the military kept away from him, hoping that the hype would die down soon and that Mustang would become reasonable again. Riza herself wasn't all that happy about her new boyfriend. He was, as she quickly found out, rather self-centered and, in her opinion, even more of a jerk than Roy usually was. But she had to admit that her little plan was working….

What she hadn't counted on was the fact that Aeon seemed to take their relationship a little more seriously than she wanted him to. He didn't seem to realize that she really didn't care that much about him (probably, she thought darkly, because he had such a high opinion of himself that he would never believe that any woman didn't want him). And it was very…aggravating the way he kept trying to make his moves on her. There were times when she whole-heartedly wished that she'd never agreed to this at all.

Especially when he tried to kiss her in a dark area of the office hallway, and Roy just happened to walk by…

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