The Genius Hath Spoken: Ramblings of Rodney McKay

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A/N: This is an experiment I'm trying, McKay's thoughts on various situations/people he encounters in Atlantis. This chapter is so short because it basically introduces the idea behind the fic. Some entries will be mostly humor; some will be a little more profound. Think of it as a drabble gone insanely out of control. Gimmie some feedback on how I'm writing in McKay's 'voice' please!
A/N 2: Thanks to DominoFalling and Belisse for the advice on McKay's arrogance! I updated it so he sounds a little more self-centered. This chapter doesn't give much room for his ego, but the following chapters get better!

Episode: Right before "Rising."

Entry # 1: Listen, thou witless rogue, to The Genius

Well, Dr. Heightmeyer suggested everyone on the Atlantis team start writing down their feelings about their experiences once we get there. It's supposed to help us cope with being away for so long, or something. Here goes.

Hello. My name is Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD in Astrophysics, another in Quantum Theory, tested IQ of 177, world's foremost authority on stargate technology, genius, brilliant, etc., etc.

Gad, I feel like a metal patient writing this.

I am the Chief Scientific Advisor (and probably the most important person) of an expedition from Earth to the Pegasus Galaxy sent to investigate the lost city of Atlantis. Contrary to the popular myth, Atlantis is actually a base built by an alien race we call "the Ancients," the same beings who built the Stargate.

Heightmeyer had better not be reading this. How exactly is this supposed to help me? I'm not really the kind of person who shares his inner sentiments with anyone. And as far as I'm concerned, it'll be no trouble whatsoever adjusting to life on Atlantis.

The leader of this expedition team is Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Colonel Marshall Sumner is the military chief. We are being accompanied by 200-odd scientists from various countries and members of the military. We depart for Pegasus at 8:00 (excuse me, oh-eight-hundred hours) this morning.

That about covers it, doesn't it?

Oh, yes, right. My feelings.

Let's see…I am proud to be a member of this team; excited to learn about new technology and possibly meet the gate builders; vaguely annoyed at all the military personnel hanging around (they drive me crazy to no end, thinking they're so superior to us scientists with their guns and buzz cuts); and incredibly irritated that I appear to be the only person here who is more than semi-competent, science staff included.

Hope you're happy, Heightmeyer. McKay out.