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"meet me in my room, wed 7:30am"-Robin

And honestly, thats how it went down. Simple text messages escalating to the point of no return.

Raven laid there, recounting the steps to this level of defeat and agony, and just mulled over it. How would she explain herself? How could she ever face Beastboy again or even Robin? How could she do anything? Eventually all these thoughts bubbled inside Raven until all she could do was cry, and eventually this led her to a deep sleep that exploded nightmares in her head and a sorrow in her sould that she could not lift.

She slept for hours, long after Beastboy came in to wake her, and long after the Titans dispersed to their own neck of the Tower, and long after the man that truly loved her slept outside her door, waiting for an answer.

Days and weeks passed by without neither boy wonder or dark beauty speaking a word to one another. No one noticed this though, they just attributed this silence to intense planning on Robins part, and intense meditation on Ravens.

Beastboy and Raven stayed boyfriend and girlfriend, even though Raven's depression drove BB to a point that he himself wanted to be done with the whole situation, but because of his need for her love, and his love for her, he stayed. He spent days after days with her; laying across her bed, running his fingers through her hair, and telling her how much she was loved by him. Raven, on the otherhand, was still so upset with Robin, and the whole issue they had together, that she just couldn't bring herself to tell BB that she loved him at all. She did, however, notice this kindle that was started by him, and she acknowledged that if it wasn't his persistance and his whole heartedness thrown into this relationship, she wouldn't have even been here with him this long.

Monthes passed after the incident when Beastboy and Raven decided that it was time to move their relationship forward, to indulge in life's grand mysteries of the body. Raven felt more love for him, as he was the only one in the tower that seemed to love her. True, there was still Star, and Cyborg, but she had, after the incident, intentionally spaced herself from the two. Star, for obvious reasons, and Cyborg for the fact that he seemed to not like her as much as he did before the incident occured between her and Robin. She imagined that Robin had told Cyborg, or at least to some degree, informed him of her misdeeds against the green changling. Whether or not he believed him was yet to be seen.

Star and Robin, at this point had completely stopped dating. They had had their piece with eachother, but after Robin was caught cheating on Star with another girl it was considered over. She still cared for the boy blunder, but when it came down to it, her love for him didn't outweigh the pain he put in her heart when he did that. Raven was afraid that Robin had informed Star of what had gone down between them, but in the end it was truly just Robin getting caught with some other girl.

True, Raven just figured it was her, until Star came into her room that day, telling her about how she caught them at the mall, and how Robin denied her as his lover. Raven calmed her, and spoke kind words, but when it came down to it, she could not continue her relationship with Star as a friend. It wasn't that it was because she didn't like Star, or was afraid that Robin would say something, but it was because she knew that she had damaged their friendship. Raven knew that no matter what people may think, years of love can easily be destroyed by a few sentences and a couple seconds of your time.

In the end, however, the Titans remained Titans. They eventually moved out of the tower together, but still fought with eachother when danger arose.

Not too much longer after Robin turned 18, he joined the US Military and quickly became a SEAL. He married a woman in Iran, and they have two healthy baby boys that travel with them from base to base.

Cyborg, sadly, terminated his own life systems after a problematic depression that seemed to worsen after all the Titans left the Tower. He lived for about 2 hours after, and even though the paramedics tried to save him, he just wanted to go.

Raven and Beastboy, while in the Tower, fell in love and moved forward in eachothers lives. They were the first to move out of the Tower. Raven, being older, put the apartment in her name, and they've been in love ever since. No, Raven never did tell BB what she done, partly out of shame, but mostly because she loved him so much she couldn't stand to see him hurt. The two eventually went to college; BB becoming a vet, and Raven a world known chemist. A few monthes after Raven won the Nobel Prize, around her 22nd birthday, she became pregnant with BB's child. They are expecting December 3rd.

Star eventually returned to Tamarainia and was crowned queen when she turned 21. Last the Titans heard, she was expecting a "Bundle of the Joy" variety, as Star herself put it.

So as we see, the Titans era draws to a close here. The once great defenders of the city are now nothing more than extra ordinary individuals, but because of their courageous efforts, and valient crime fighting, they've set the pace for some new, better, crime stoppers.


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