Okay. I'm back. This time I am going to try and keep up with my updating. It's just that I'm a busy person and sometimes I can't find the time to type the story. But now, I swear to be totally devoted to my fan fic. And for those of you that totally ignore this part, you suck.

The Winds of Change


Tires screech. Teens chattering away. Smoke filled air. Ah, the suburbs...

A small town lies on the outside of it's towering major city. A wonderful place this is.

Very clean, very quiet, very tranquil. It's always the same routine here. Around 7 am the sound of cars could be heard until nine, eleven the latest. In between that time, children would be dropped of at there schools, parents go to work, and everyone else seemed to have something to do.

Now, imagine this if you can. In every direction, you see nothing but happiness. Kids playing in yards, men conversing over the barbecue, women talking on front porches in sun dresses, grandparents in rocking chairs watching the new members of the generation of their family. Sounds peaceful, right? Well, who wouldn't think so?

This little town is named Surville. A sweet and simple place full of welcoming communities. Well, except one...

"AH! I'm going to kill you for that!"

You see... there happens to be certain households around here that isn't what it seems.

We come to a street, Placer, precisely. 437 Placer Street. It's a nice house actually. White, two floors. Perfect for the family who lives there: The Stone Family. Silas and Elinor were a homely couple. Been married for around 30 years. She was a small women, roughly 5'6" and very skinny. Long dark brown hair flowed down her back to her waist. A lovely sight that Elinor. Her husband was tall and bulky, in a good way. Short black hair, a mustache growing under his flat nose, glasses too. They helped with his image, so says his son.

You see, the two of them are scientist. Recently, they had been researching artificially intelligent beings, you know, robots, and ran some test. It had been consuming all their time, disappointing their little superstar.

Victor Stone, a shaved head, gray eyed, muscular, and extraordinarily athletic junior. He plays for his school's football team, the Surville Cobras, was on the track team, and even wrestled. Not that he needed the scholarships. His parents were nationally renown for their scientific discoveries. This somewhat bothered the young man. He had been pressured to follow in Silas and Elinor's footsteps since he was a child and. Of course, they haven't eased up still, now that he was but two years away from college. His parents influence was pointless to him though. Vic's goals were all looking towards one thing: the NFL.

Next stop, 238 Crestview Lane, which just so happens to be a street away from the Stone residence. Another mansion-like home, surrounded by a black gate and high end security systems running through the building. A large brick house with shrubberies lining the walkway, otherwise known as Wayne Manor.

The place is abuzz with servants scurrying around through the long corridors. In a small library is a workspace where Bruce Wayne sits looking over the latest stock market reports.

"$68 per share. Nice numbers. Good..."

Suddenly, you hear a sharp guitar chord and drums banging upstairs. Mr. Wayne stands up.

"Rachael! Richard! I'm trying to calculate Wayne Enterprises' profits!"

Upstairs, two jet black haired, blue eyed, dark attired teens look at each other and continue playing.

Rachael and Richard Wayne: the scariest, most musical teens in the town; in other words: Dark Gemini. These two were exactly the same in almost every way. Being twins, it kind of makes sense. You could consider them punk or goth. DG only talked with each other, never with others. Frankly, they thought they were the only ones that understood each other. Rachael and Richard would have done anything to get away from the rich life. They're surrounded constantly. Teens like them don't like attention. But that was obvious.

Let us take a detour now to the more common parts of Surville. If you go near the huge park near Lake Riley, there is a pink and white house belonging to some foreigners by the name of Ander. Myan and Luan Ander are a nice couple. My was a redhead with shining green eyes while his wife had raven black hair and a royal blueish color for her irises. Lu was a social worker while her husband was in construction. They both worked very hard to support their family of five.

The oldest, Ryan, was a very nice boy, very bright. A second year college student at age 17. He looked a lot like his dad, yet a lot like his mother, considering the black hair and green eyes.

The second oldest, Koman, or as she liked to be called "Kate", was a mean and bossy sister. A Senior in high school, she was head of the cheerleading squad, on the volleyball team, and hung out with the most popular kids in school. Even so, she never cut her little sister slack.

The youngest Ander, Kori, was rather different. She was one of the sweetest girls her neighbors had ever met. You could say she was the reason Surville was so nice. Kori wasn't the brightest girl though. Sure, she's smart, but her siblings had gotten used to the US faster. With her grace and her fathers hair color and eyes, she's a natural beauty. Kori Ander, like Dark Gemini, was a sophomore.

Last, but not least. We go a couple of blocks down to a green house. There are rose bushes everywhere and the smell of stewed vegetables is pungent. Inside, a tall tan woman is stirring the contents of a pot. Marie Logan turns and smiles at her husband, who is absentmindedly sipping his tea and reading a newspaper. His curly brown hair cascades a little below his ears like his wife's black mass of locks. She turns back to the stove and wipes some sweat of her brow.

There is a small sound of feet running down the stairs. A little girl runs down, screaming her head off.


Marie extends her arms and scoops up the long haired girl. Her pale blue eyes are filled with tears.

"What's wrong Sandy?"

"G-garf-field took Mrs. Sweet Cheeks from me," she whispers sadly.


Another person comes down the stairs. A tall boy with olive green eyes smiles innocently at Marie. "What's up Mom?"

"Young man. I have told you time and time again to stop picking on Sandra. She's your sister for God's sake. Just because she's younger doesn't mean you shouldn't show her respect!"

"But she was throwing the stupid teddy bear at me while I was trying to do my homework!"

The woman blinks and looks at her daughter. "Is that true?"


The teen laughs. "Ha! See?"

Mark lowers his paper and looks sternly at his children. "You two need to stop fighting. It's driving me up the wall!"

"I don't know Dad. Wouldn't up be up there by now?" Garfield jokes, looking at the ceiling.

"Very funny, mister. You two go upstairs now. Sandy, you have to stop annoying your brother if you want Mrs. Sweet Cheeks back, ok honey?"

The girl looks down at her feet. "Fine."

Her brother smiles triumphantly and turns to the stair. Garfield Logan was a joker. It was his nature. A pain in the ass to his family and a class clown at school. Maybe that's why his grades were dropping. His parents have been disappointed with Gar's test scores lately. It would be a shame for him not to become a zoologoist like his parents. He was set on acting though. Garfield Logan had always been an acting type, pretending every minute of his life like a sitcom. Making stupid puns and acting dramatic, as he explained to others, was his way of preparing himself for the hardcore critics of Sunset Boulevard.

Now then, you must be wondering why we are focusing on these certain families. The reason is that they all have one very important thing in common: that soon enough, each of their lives will change forever. The Logan's, Ander's, Wayne's, and Stone's lifestyle will take a turn, for the what seems to be the worst...