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The Winds of Change

Chapter 4

A Formula to Top All Others Pt 1

"Let us see friend Kitten, I believe our first class is in room 18. A Mr. Mitch's World History Class, I presume?"

The blonde slowly glanced at her slip of paper stuck to her notebook, then down the hall. She smiled at Kori "Cody has that class too. Let's go try to get a seat by him. I know how much he hates being alone in front of Mr. M."

The red head glanced at her friend curiously. "Why is that?"

"There are rumors going around that the sophomore history teacher is a total perv! We better watch out with these frickin' short skirted uniforms, don't you think?"

"Um... alright," Kori said. She followed Kitten, who was mumbling something about Japanese schoolgirls, down the hall to room 18. There was a sign that said "Bring your books" in front. Fully prepared, the girls walked in.

"Cool it guys! It's- Kitten!"

The class looked up from their books and then resumed throwing airplanes and wads of paper at each other. Kitten laughed as she ran over to Cody and hugged him. Slowly, the tall girl walked to the desk where her friends sat.

"What's going on in here? You guys having a party?"

"Ha! Pretty much. Still, I'm worried that the old fart will come in any second-"


Cody looked at the door and cast his eyes down. "Great..."

The other students froze instantly and sat down in their chairs as Mr. Mitch strode to the front of the room. He adjusted his glasses and sat down in a huge chair in front of the class, picking up a large text book from a decorative podium to his left.

He cleared his throat. "Now then, please turn to Chapter 3 and scan over the list of key terms in the right hand margin..."

As she opened her book, Kori felt something hit the back of her head. She glanced behind her to see Kitten waving and pointing to the folded piece of paper on the redheads book. She picked it up and began to read:

Hey Kori-

Snooze fest much? Haha! History is so boring. Tomorrow we are so ditching!

Kitten (write back)

Kori took out her favorite purple pen and began scribbling a response back to her friend. A few seconds later, she folded it back up and tossed it to Kitten. The blonde opened it carefully.

Friend Kitten-

We shouldn't be passing notes in class. I am very sure that the teacher would not approve of it, or the "ditching" thing of which you speak. Plus, the French Revolution isn't that boring. Why, I didn't know that Napo-

Kitten yawned and crumpled the note up. She could tell that the young Ander was about to get wordy. She looked over at her friend who was staring intently at her history book, smiling gayly. She shrugged and took out another slip of paper.

Hi Cody-

Kor's totally into that crap coming out of Mr. Mitch's mouth. Let's chat for a bit...

"So class, if you mix the sodium alloy with a bit of filtered chlorine, what do you get?" the tall Caucasian man said pouring the beaker's contents into a small bowl. Only one student raised his hand.

"Yes Mr. Stone?"

Victor smiled. "It's easy, you get table salt."

"Very good Victor. Class, you should pay more attention to the resident genius. If you keep up, you might learn something," he droned sarcastically. The girl sitting next to Victor lowered her sunglasses and smiled at him.

"Nice Stone. It's good to see that someone's paying attention."

He blushed. "It was nothing, my parents are world renowned scientist after all-" He stopped. " I'm sorry, I tend to brag sometimes..."

"Well, why not? It's only natural," she replied moving some of her dark brown hair out of her olive green eyes. She laughed a little and picked up her pen to take down some notes that were shown on the overhead.

Victor smiled at the girl. She was pretty, not to mention smart. It seemed she was the only other person that paid any attention in class besides himself. 'I wonder...'


"Heh, time flies when your taking notes about salt," She said jokingly. Stone laughed and grabbed her hand.

"Um, if I may ask, what's your name?

"I'm Celia, Celia Blackman. Here." She handed him a piece of paper before running out the door. He put down his books and unfolded the slip.

Hey Sparky, call me 247- 8501


"Come on, it's a locker room."

"NO WAY! I don't want to change in front of people!"

"But, it's a room full of guys!"

"... and your point is?"

Josh sighed. "Come on Garfield. What? Are you worried that another guy will look at you?"

"... I didn't say that..."

The brunette dragged his dishabiliophobic friend back inside the room. "Come on man! There's nothing to be afraid of. Really, no one's going to look at you unless you start freaking out."

"Well, then," he said snidely. "I guess there's going to be a LOT of people staring."

The boys walked into the room where about 30 others were changing. Josh led Garfield to his locker. He reached inside the bent up compartment and took out an old sock. "EW..."

Garfield reached into his gym bag and pulled out a pair of silver basketball shorts with the school name on it and a green T-shirt that had something resembling the Pices sign on it. Then he carefully began to take of his shirt, glancing around first to make sure no one was looking, until he saw Josh's face right in front of his.


"I'm glad to see you feeling a bit more comfortable." He took his own PE shirt out of his bag. "Eh, I hate physical education uniforms, they're worse than our normal ones!"

Garfield smiled and picked the sock back up, tossing it at Josh. "No kidding!"

"Alright kiddos!" a short man in black shorts and a white muscle tee shouted happily. Slowly he breathed in and exhaled smiling. "What a crisp morning."

"I'll say," a boy whispered to Josh. "I'm freezing my f-ing butt out here!"

Josh and Garfield laughed a little as the rest of the class got up. They went out into the field chattering.

Josh walked over to the teacher, a confused look on his face. "Um, what are we doing?"

"Oh hello! I'm Mr. Feely! Today's a cardiovascular we're going to run four laps in twenty minutes!"

Garfield looked out at the field. He couldn't even see where it ended from the locker room. "You mean, we have to run that!"

"Yep," he said smiling.

"But, but the field is like two miles long!"

Mr. Feely frowned slightly and pushed the two boys forward. "Then I suggest you start now if you want to finish on time!"

The boys looked at each other and gulped before getting pushed down into the dirt. They scrambled to their feet and looked up at two guys giving each other a high five and laughing insanely before running of into the field.

"Jerks...," Garfield said brushing dust off his PE shirt.

"Oh God, that was Logan and Nick. They're some of the worst jocks at the school."

The tan boy looked at his friend sadly. "Just our luck."

"Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti Do," the teacher sang evenly. The girls in the room clapped. Rachael elbowed her brother in the ribs.

"Come Rae, I'm the only guy here. And everyone knows I'm so not enjoying this."

"Well, try!"

"Ahem," she said, peering over at the twins. "Rachael, would you like to sing a song for the class, since you obviously think you can handle thins better than me?

She looked up at her teacher and smiled. "Why not?" Rachael stood up and walked to the front of her class then took out a case form under the teachers desk.

"Um..." Mrs. Calloway began. "What is that?"

"My baby."

"Your what!"

Rachael laughed a little and took out a double necked guitar (Like the awesome one Sky Sweetnum uses, except its black with blue flames). She tossed the cord to her brother. "Plug this in, will ya Rick?"

Rick caught it, smiling evilly, and plugged it into the amplifier behind him. He looked at the teacher slyly, then back at his sister, how breathed quickly and began to sing..

"It's too bad, it's to bad

Too late, so wrong, so long

It's to bad we had no time to rewind

Let's walk, let's talk..."

The class cheered as she continued on, the teacher absolutely blown away by the blasting guitar chords. Richard looked at his sister and smiled. "Maybe... just maybe... everything will turn out all right this year..."