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Sandy's eyes were beginning to blur as he looked at the word son the computer screen and at the words he haphazardly sprawled on a piece of paper in his cursive writing. He was tired of these petty Newport snob cases but he put up with it because he was still being what he set out to become. A lawyer, but not a high priced lawyer like he had become but a lawyer nonetheless.

Squinting his eyes and rubbing his temples he sat back in his chair sighing heavily. He quickly reached forward and saved the data in the documents he was working on. Taking a breath he swivelled around and looked at the view from his office. At least he could see the beautiful scenery that surrounds Newport and he could see a length of the ocean in the horizon.

Sandy swivelled back around to his desk and picked up his pen but as he went to write on the page his brain would not work so he began to tap the desk with his pen tapping a beat that he remembered but from where, he couldn't remember. He was simply trying to waste time. Time. 'What time is it?' he thought. He pushed back his shirt sleeve and looked at the watch Kirsten bought him for their anniversary. It shows it as twenty past one.

Twenty past one. He looked at the ornaments and other paraphernalia on his desk. Then his eyes settled on the framed photograph of his beautiful bride, Kirsten. It was his favourite photograph of her. Her blonde locks had been curled to perfection and she was wearing a scarlet dress which was tied around her neck and which exposed her perfectly toned back although you could not see it in the photo. Red was always her best colour, scarlet, ruby, maroon any shade of red. Kirsten's azure eyes looked innocently at the camera and smiled the smile that he always loved to see when he woke up beside her and after they make love. When she smiled he knew the world was a wonderful place and he fell in love with her all over again. Her special smiles were solely reserved for him and he loved that she was comfortable expressing her true feelings to him; the love of her life.

Sandy remembered that Kirsten said that she would be at home for lunch because she had some work in her study that she needs to sort out. He thought that she would be home by now or at least on her way. Abandoning his work he decided to surprise his wife at home and have lunch with her.

Quickly he closed his laptop computer and stood picking up his jacket at the same time. Gathering his keys and phone he walked out of his office telling his secretary that he was going home for a while. Just the mere thought of spending time alone with his wife made him walk even faster to his car.

For the first time in ages Kirsten decided to go home for lunch because she needed to collect some documents from her study and she thought there was no need to go out somewhere while there was food in the house and listen to her stepmother bitch about her father or someone else.

Pulling up in front of her house her turned off the range rover and climbed out. The warm California sunshine heated her skin and a light fall breeze blew her blonde her delicately as if afraid to break it. Kirsten then picked up her briefcase from the back of the car. She had no idea why she put it there but she just did.

After locking the car, she walked into the house while tucking stray strands of hair behind her ear. Work was again consuming her life and her dad was pissing her off but that was always how it was, all work and no plat makes Kiki a good girl, in her father's eyes anyway.

After entering the house she haphazardly dropped her keys on the table next to the door. Kirsten took off her jacket and draped it over the couch in the living room and then she made her way up the main stairs to her study, Sandy's study was downstairs and hers was upstairs. She quickly disposed of her briefcase on her desk and walked back out and down the stairs again.

She cut across the hall and walked down to hers and Sandy's bedroom leaving an echo from her heels resonating through the house.

As usual she stepped up the few steps to the bedroom and nonchalantly walked in but before she was two seconds in the room a hand tangled itself roughly in her hair and tugged her head back sharply with her body obediently following.

"Looky what I have here," the voice connected to the hand sarcastically spat as he threw her to the floor to his right, "Cohen's bitch!"

After he threw her like a rag doll her spine connected with the wall with a sickening snap. Instinctively she cried out in pain and her hand flew to her back. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth.

The strong being crouched down over her and again pulled at her pristine hair and ordered her to look at him.

Her heart told her not to look at this person but her instincts and fear of being hurt won over and she opened her eyes to look at her attacker.

He had sharp steel blue eyes, mottled black hair and stubble on his face. It was the first time she got a glimpse of her attacker who was staring her squarely in the eye. His gaze made her feel insignificant and pathetic.

"So . . . this is where big shot Cohen lives huh?" he said standing up looking around him. Kirsten remained on the floor but she manoeuvred herself so that she was sitting up against the wall her spine had bounced off moments before. The pain in her back coursed through her petite body.

Her attacker nonchalantly toured the bedroom picking up a random photo her and there and examined it with an eagle and hate filled eye. When he picked a picture up of Sandy and Kirsten off of her dresser, he looked at it sternly and his nostrils became flared and his lips thinned and tightened. When his rage came to a peck, he smashed the photo frame against the corner or the dresser causing Kirsten to flinch at the noise.

The glass shards littered the carpet and the broken frame lay on the floor whereas the photograph rested over the sharp edges of the glass that once protected the photo. The man spat on the glossy photo and covered it with his colossal foot and crumpled the once beloved memory.

The he turned his attention to Kirsten. She was bracing herself against the wall hugging her knees to her chest. His heavy shoes punished the carpet as an introduction to what he would do to her.

The dull thuds that approached her alerted her to her punisher. Unconsciously she looked away from him as he inched ever closer to her and Kirsten hugged her knees even tighter. In her head she was reciting to herself as a mantra, "Everything will be fine" over and over. But on top of that the frightened Kirsten screamed, "I want Sandy, please don't hurt me, he's gonna hurt, I want Sandy!" In merely a few minutes she had reverted from a strong independent woman to a scared girl begging for help curled up near a corner.

Forbidding her eyes to open, the man stopped abruptly in front of her and lowered himself down to her level. Seeing that she was not going to look at him, he placed his hand under hr chin and firmly motioned it up to face him.

"Open you eyes!" he demanded.

She refused.


Again she kept her eyes shut and looked at the insides of her eyelids attempting to block out his voice.

The next thing she knew was his strong fingers curled around her neck and he sharply tugged her head to his and bruisingly kissed her.

Kirsten's eyes flew open as his lips harassed hers and she was able to bring up her hands to push him away but his hand around her neck prevented her from removing the lips that had become welded to hers and the tongue that was persistent on entry. Her body continued to struggle and her fists pummelled his shoulders trying in vain to do some damage.

Laughing at her feeble attempts to repel him, he removed his lips from her slender and supple ones. A deathly grin appeared on his face as he rose taking her with him. He knew his unfaltering grip around her neck made her susceptible to any movement he wished of her. When she came to standing, he removed his grip on her throat but he struck her cheek causing her to falter.

"Aww did that hurt?" he asked sarcastically.

Kirsten's hand cradled her cheek as she looked at the maniacal glint in his eyes.

"W-what do you want?" she stuttered trying to piece the words of her question together.

"W-w-w-w-w," he repeated mockingly, "I'm here to do what I came to do."

As he spoke he backed her up against the wall and pinned her there.

Sandy pulled the Beemer up in front of the house beside his wife's range rover. As quietly as he could he got out of the car and softly closed the door behind him hoping not to alert Kirsten of his presence.

When he came through the front door he noticed that her jacket was draped over the couch. Forgetting the fact that he wanted to surprise Kirsten, he inadvertently closed the door as he normally would. Hearing the door close he cursed himself but he let it go and walked into the kitchen and looked for his beautiful wife. When he saw she wasn't there he followed the kitchen into the family room were she was not to be seen.

He quickly jogged up the main stairs to look in her study. Sand found the door open but the room empty. Instantly he thought of the most obvious place she would be if she wasn't in the kitchen, family room, living room or her sanctuary . . . the bedroom.

Exiting the room her retraced his steps down the stairs and followed the hall to their bedroom blissfully unaware of what had happened there and what was about to happen.

When the anonymous man pinning her against the wall heard the door being closed he clamped his hand over her mouth and pulled her away from the wall and held her close.

Inside she feared that it was one of her sons coming home for lunch because they forgot a book they needed for school. She knew that if they saw her car outside they would want to say "Hi", well Ryan would anyway.

With his hand firmly covering her mouth, they both waited to see if whoever was in the house would leave. He edged her further back from the door to where he lurked before attacking her.

Every second was excruciating for Kirsten because whoever it was knew she was home because her jacket was on the couch, her keys were on the table and the most obvious clue was her car outside.

"Kirsten?" she heard a voice call.

Fuck! It was Sandy. Her eyes widened in fear and her eyes darted from left to right and her breathing began to quicken as his shadow moved along the floor and the gentle tapping of his shoes became louder.

Kirsten wanted to more than anything to scream at the top of her lungs and warn Sandy to stay away but her restrainer sensed her tense and tightened his grip on her. She wished Sandy could read her mind but he can't.

His silhouette came ever closer and they moved further back out of view. Then he came into view and he walked normally into the room like he has done a billion times before.

"Sandy Cohen," the voice whispered sinisterly, "We meet again."

Sandy turned around towards the closet to pin point the voice. What he saw stopped his heart dead in his chest.

His wife was being held roughly by a man who was literally twice her size and a head taller with his over her mouth and his fingers embedded in the cheek he loved to kiss. This isn't how she should be held. Kirsten should be held like a Princess but more like a china doll because she was too precious.

"Who are you?" he asked trying not to sound petrified.

"Oh I'm disappointed counsellor."

Keeping his gaze fixed firmly on Kirsten, the unknown man moved into the light that flowed into the room. Sandy saw the fear in his wife's eyes and he wanted so much to take her into his arms and tell her that he would protect her from all the evil of the world or the rain if he had to. But he can't.

Sandy can't take Kirsten into his arms and tell her it was fine when she was on the other side of the room afraid.

"You don't remember me?"

"I don't I'm sorry."

"Maybe this will encourage your memory!" he spat as he pulled something put pf his trousers and placed it against Kirsten's head. It was a gun and the feel of the cold metal against her temple scared Kirsten.

"Oh god!" she could be heard crying from underneath his unrelenting hand. Her breathing became rapid and her blue eyes bulged at the feeling of the gun's barrel against her head.

"No!" Sandy begged stepping forward.

"Ah ah!" he said backing away.

"Let her go . . . she has nothing to do with this."

He paused and analysed his options, "No, I think I'll keep her . . . she's beautiful."

"Please don't hurt her."

"Please don't hurt her," he repeated in a high pitched moaning voice, "You didn't speak like that before you sent me to prison you son of a bitch!"

A light went off in Sandy's head.

"Jeremy Green."

"Ding ding ding we have a winner. Sandy's wife, let's tell this genius what he has won shall we?"

With the gun still against her head, she felt something revolting against her right cheek. Her captor had dropped his head to beside hers and licked her face.

Kirsten squeezed her eyes shut and tried to move her head but the gun barrel pushed her head towards him and his hand over her mouth moved to her opposite cheek and held her in position.

Sandy had to restrain himself from punching Jeremy from here to kingdom come for laying a hand on his wife. He is the only one allowed to touch her and more importantly Sandy is the only one she permits to touch her.

Jeremy's arms snacked around her waist while his other hand held the gun still against her temple. He bent his head down and pressed his cheek to Kirsten's and swayed them from side to side.

Sandy could no longer suppress his rage,

"Stay right where you are Cohen!" he said pointing the gun at Sandy as he stepped forward.

"Sandy please! . . . Don't," Kirsten begged.

"Ok, ok," Sandy replied raising his hands.

"You better stay where you are!" he spat ordering.

Sandy obeyed his orders for Kirsten's sake.

"She really is beautiful isn't she?" he whispered slyly as he curled her blonde hair behind her ear, "soft hair, great eyes, killer legs and delicate skin and totally fuckable body," he said as he walked his fingers down her neck and into her blouse. There he made a point to show that he had placed his hand in her bra and grabbed breast while pressing his crotch against her. Kirsten tried to block out the fact that it was not her husband's hand that was grabbing her breast and squeezing it as if it was a piece of clay and that he could mould it whatever way he wished.

Her face distorted in pain and disgust as he groped her and violated her body. She had only ever let two people touch her like that and she loved both of them. Now this bastard took it upon himself to grab her breast and press his crotch against her.

Sandy kept looking at his wife's face and not the hand in her blouse. When she opened her eyes he held them in desperation. When she looked at him, she looked into his eyes and saw the strength she needed and the undying love he held for her. She mouthed "I'm sorry" over and over again to him but all he could do was nod.

Jeremy quickly tired of manhandling his victim and relinquished his hand from her blouse.

"You lucky asshole, having her to fuck whenever you want!"

An unpredictable silence befell the room.

"I'm getting bored now."

With this he threw Kirsten to the floor which she hit with a loud thud, Sandy instinctively went to help her.

"Sandy!" Jeremy yelled, "Leave her!"

Cradling her wrist, Kirsten shakingly stood up but found herself in the middle of Jeremy and Sandy but not in the direct line of fire.

"I really am getting bored . . . but I guess I should do what I came here to do . . . and that's to kill you!"

Kirsten's eyes darted from Jeremy and Sandy and vice versa. She saw Jeremy's trigger finger tighten. She could not let Sandy get shot for she would never forgive herself.

Just before the bullet left the barrel and hit Sandy, Kirsten dove into its path and it sunk into her skin and embedded itself in her chest. Her crimson red blood flowed from her wound and she gritted her teeth and cried out in pain. Kirsten fell into Sandy's arms and he fell to the floor cradling Kirsten.

"Oh well, good thing I put more bullets in the g-".

Sandy held desperately onto Kirsten completely unaware of Ryan wrestling Jeremy on the floor next to him. Kirsten was shaking and the blood stained the carpet beneath her. Her breathing became more and more difficult.

Ryan forced Jeremy to drop the gun and was able to get his arms around his neck into what people called the 'sleeper hold'. After several seconds of struggling, Jeremy passed out.

Her eyes flew open but she was she finding it increasingly more difficult to stay conscious. The bullet lodged in her chest impeding her breathing and the hole in her back cause more pain that she had ever experience and she thought it was force than giving birth to Seth. Her body involuntarily moved as if the action would dislodge the bullet and the hole would seal itself immediately. But that didn't happen.

She cried out in pain and coughed and blood spewed out.

"Sandy it hurts, please Sandy make it stop!" she cried as her face contorted with pain and tears fell on her face.

Sandy held her. When he took his hand out from behind her back it was covered in blood . . . her blood . . . his wife's blood. His fear began to rise and her face begging him for the pain to stop tortured him for he couldn't make the pain stop. He couldn't protect her. She got shot for him. It was supposed to be the other way around.

Then Sandy became aware of Ryan.

"Ryan . . . Call 911!" Sandy whispered.

Ryan came to beside Kirsten and saw her eyelids flutter rapidly and saw Kirsten trying to keep her eyes open, "Hold on Kirsten," he whispered before he left to get help.

"Kirsten . . . baby . . . stay with me," Sandy begged as her eyes began to flutter and sag. Finally they no longer opened to reveal the eyes he loved.

"Kirsten!" he asked firmly, "Come on, baby open your eyes!"

He gently shook her.

"I'll call you Kiki if you don't open your eyes . . . I'll make the Nana like you if you open your eyes . . . I'll make peace with her father, just open your eyes please," Sandy cried desperately.

Then Ryan re-entered the room.

"The ambulance is on its way . . . the police will be here soon too for him."

"Kirsten . . . come on baby . . . you can't do this to me."

"Kirsten?" Ryan asked, "Kirsten . . . just hang on ok? You'll be fine."

Both men looked down at Kirsten whose hand had gone limp in Sandy's. Her head fell back onto Sandy's chest; she didn't move or make a single sound. They strained to hear her breathing.

All they could do was sit.

Sit and wait.

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