Hey pig
Yeah you
Hey pig piggy pig pig pig
All of my fears came true
Black and blue and broken bones you left me here I'm all alone
My little piggy needed something new

Integral & Anderson: Mangaverse

"Mr. Anderson, what in God's good name do you think you are doing?"
"Weel, lass. Aye thought it'd be only proper that tae mend th' relationships between us Catholics an' you Angelicans tha' we do as God intended us tae do.."
"...And God intends you to pull down your pants."
"Weel, aye and nay. See, I was visited by th' good Saint Matthew.."
"..Another 'Vision', Anderson?"
"Yes ma'am."
"...Ever considered maybe your visions could be... well... just maybe a side-effect of whatever god knows the Vatican did to you?"
"Ah, naye."
"What about that Schizophrenia you were diagnosed with?"
"Come on now, Sir Hellsing. Ye and I know both that I wasn't diagnosed wit' anything."
"Than what do you call these extensive medical papers concerning your Mental Illness, Mr. Anderson?"
"A wee misunderstandin' by th' medical folks who confused my bein' touched by God fer a slight case of insanity."
"But by any means, th' Good Saint Matthew begged tha' I do God's good work by bein' wit you."
"...That makes no sense, Mr. Anderson."
"I do believe it does, Sir Hellsing."
"No. It doesn't."
"Weel, if God intended it, it certainly must..."
"Listen, Mr. Anderson. You are a Catholic. Even if you work for me, you are still a Catholic. And by creed, you cannot act sexually in any way what-so-ever."
"It doesn' have te be Sexual, Sir."
"...I don't see how procreation can't be sexual."
"I doubt Eve enjoyed herself much, Sir."
"I doubt she didn't!"
"God intended women tae Multiply, so they shall. God wants us to Multiply, so we shall. It's a mission, it isn't for pleasure."
"Anderson... What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Don't ask me. Ask Saint Matthew, he's th' one rattlin' off in my head when I'm jus' tryin' tae take a piss."