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Harry lay in bed staring at the ceiling. This was nothing new since he hadn't really moved from this spot since he had arrived at the Dursley's the day before yesterday. He hadn't even mustered the will power to go downstairs to get himself something to eat. It didn't matter though, he wasn't hungry and the Dursley's wouldn't notice or care if he starved to death, they were perfectly happy to have him never leave his room so they could all pretend he wasn't even in the house.

And Harry was contented to be ignored since he had zero desires to leave this room, in fact he never wanted to leave this spot on the bed. Because if he did, he might have to think. He didn't want to think about what had happened, he didn't want to think about how his actions had caused the death of his Godfather, he didn't want to think about Voldemort, and he really didn't want to think about the prophecy that was to be his destiny. He was numb and all he wanted to think about was how the stain on the ceiling of the smallest bedroom of number four,Privet Drivelooked like a bunny rabbit eating an ice cream cone.

In the middle of contemplating whether or not he should name the ice cream eating bunny, Harry heard a familiar tapping at the window. He sighed and clenched his eyes shut for a moment in a futile attempt at hoping the owl would go away if he just ignored it. He wasn't ready to rejoin the rest of the world, even if was only through mail. Of course, no owl worth its keep would give up that easily and the tapping only became more insistent, so with another audible sigh he swung his legs over the side of his bed and shuffled over to the window to let the bird in.

It was Pig and he was carrying three letters and a small package that was as big as the pintsized owl, making Harry feel guilty for taking so long to let him inside. After Harry relieved him of his cargo, Pig fluttered around the room, took a drink of water, after a disapproving hoot from Hedwig of course, took the treat that Harry offered and took off back out the window. Harry watched Pig absently until the miniature bird was no more than a little speck on the horizon before he turned from the window and sat down to attend to his mail.

He could tell by the neat script on the envelope that the first letter on the pile was from Hermione. He stared at the letter for a long time, even putting it down on the desk several times with intentions to leave it for later, before finally resigning to get it over with. Quickly breaking the seal on the envelope, like ripping off a plaster, he withdrew the inner parchment and began to read.

Dear Harry,

I hope that you made it to the Dursley's safely and in one piece. I also hope that after the warning they received, that the Dursley's don't give you a hard time this summer. My parents had to go see my great aunt who had another attack of gout, and I am staying with the Weasley's in the meantime. So, if you want to talk/write or otherwise get a hold of me, you'll know where to reach me.

As far as what happened in the Department of Mysteries, I know what you must be going through and I want you to know that it's not your fault. Nobody blames you so you shouldn't blame yourself. It's okay to be sad and to mourn, but please don't torture yourself. I know that Sirius would not want…

Hermione went on in much the same way for another six inches and as this was exactly he didn't want to want to hear or think about right now, Harry put the letter aside and picked up the second. It was from Ron.

Hey Harry,

I know that Hermione is writing you to, so you probably already know that she is here with us at you know where. Mum thought that we would all be safer here after what happened. I hope the Muggles aren't too awful, has Dudley gotten fatter? I bet he has. So, I asked Dad if you could come over now, but he said Dumbledore said you can't yet, but I promise that I'll keep bugging them until they cave.


At least Ron didn't mention Sirius or ask him to talk, Harry thought to himself. Not that he really expected him too, that wasn't really his best friend's style. Setting Ron's letter down, he stared out the window for a minute before remembering the third letter and the package. Curious as too who they were from, he picked up the letter but didn't recognize the handwriting automatically as he had with Ron and Hermione's letters. Opening it up he quickly looked down to the closing and was surprised to see it was from Ginny of all people. But he hadn't the foggiest as to why Ron's little sister would be writing him.

Hi Harry!

You're probably wondering why I'm writing you, but I wanted to send you some of the cookies Mum baked last night…

Well, that answered that question, Harry thought as he glanced at the brown paper wrapped package he had tossed on the desk. Popping open the tin that was inside, he grabbed a cookie and started to nibble idly as he continued to read.

as I'm sure the Dursley's don't have anything close to this good. They're Snickerdoodles, my personal favorite so I thought you might enjoy some too. Hermione just got here this morning and she's already fought with Ron, twice. So, to find some peace and quiet I've been exploring the backyard. It's really much larger then you would think. I'm writing to you from up in a tree actually, there is a great little knothole to put my ink in. So I thought you might get bored being all by yourself and all so here's a riddle. How do you make a tissue dance? Try to figure it out and get back to me okay? Oh and on the second piece of parchment I thought we might play a game of hang man. Guess a letter and send it back and I'll fill it in and send it back to you…

Harry looked and sure enough there was another page with Ginny's hidden message"-/ - -/ - - - -/ - - -/ - - -/ - - - -/ - - -/ - - -/ - - - - -/"

Hope to hear from you soon.



Harry smiled to himself as he imagined Ginny sitting in a tree with her quill, ink and parchment trying to think of a hang man message. He was then taken aback and found himself feeling guilty when he caught himself smiling.

He wallowed in his guilt for a few minutes until Hedwig gave a doleful hoot and gave Harry a neglected look from her perch in the corner. Knowing what she was asking for Harry gave the owl the last bite of the cookie in his hand while he was up to get his writing supplies from his trunk. Reaching into the tin for another cookie he sat down to reply to his letters. Since he knew that Ron and Hermione were together he decided to write them a joint letter. He didn't know what to say, he didn't really want to say anything but he knew they would worry if he didn't reply.

Dear Ron and Hermione-

I'm fine don't worry. Ron, yes Dudley has gotten fatter. Hermione, don't worry about the Dursley's I haven't hardly even seen them since I got here. And guys don't worry about bugging Dumbledore I'm thinking that I might just stay here at the Dursley's all summer.


He knew they were not going to be happy with his reply, but he couldn't find it within himself to write more. He was not going to write about what he knew they wanted him to write about. He wasn't ready to talk about Sirius or what happened that night in the Department of Mysteries and at this point he felt like he never would be. But he didn't want to think about that, instead he took on the much less upsetting task of answering Ginny's letter.

Dear Ginny-

I don't know, how do you make a tissue dance?…

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