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RECAP: So our story picks up the summer after OoTP while Harry is dealing with all his teenage angst and guilt over Sirius's death. Ginny reaches out to him through letters and they become penpals and later best friends as Ginny helps prepare Harry for the final battle. Fast forward, Harry's been having precognitive dreams so he knows exactly when the fight is going to go down but doesn't know if he'll live so he writes letters to all his friends including one to Ginny where he pours his heart out to her. He defeats Voldie but it puts him in a 2 month long coma only to wake up and find out that Ginny refused to read his letter because that would mean accepting that he wasn't going to wake up, so they remain best friends for Harry's final year at school.

Fast forward again, and Harry decides to forgo becoming an Auror and become a Quidditch star instead and lets the fame and fortune go to his head and dives head first into his new lifestyle, causing him and Ginny to grow apart. They spend the next three years not really talking, Harry dating a whole string of women and Ginny getting engaged to Harry's Quidditch rival Mauricio Giona, until Ron and Hermione's wedding throw them back together in the form of dance lessons.

Once they start talking all the reasons they stopped talking don't seem to matter anymore and they quickly rebuild their friendship. After observing them dancing together at the wedding Mauricio realizes that they love each other and after a big fight breaks up with Ginny. Not knowing where else to go Ginny shows up on Harry's doorstep and she moves in. They spend the summer in France volunteering at a Quidditch camp and one night run into both of their ex's at a night club. They pretend to be together in front of their ex's which leads to much drunken making out which leads them back to the hotel. Before they go any further, Ginny confesses that she can't sleep with Harry because she's in love with him and it would kill her to just be another one of his flings. Harry retrieves the letter he wrote to her before the final battle and she finally reads it learning that Harry has been in love with her all along as well. They're finally together and everyone is happy.

Fast forward one more time, Harry and Ginny have been together for seven months and Ron and Hermione come over for dinner and Hermione goes into labor. They all rush to the hospital and that is where we left off….

Oh goodness I'm nervous... but I hope you enjoy!

With Ginny's connections in the hospital, Hermione was quickly admitted into a private room on the maternity ward and the Healer in Residence came by to check on her as soon as they were settled.

"Well hello Mrs. Weasley," the Healer greeted brightly as he entered the room pausing to wash his hands at the sink in the corner, right as a contraction rolled over the woman in question. "I heard a rumor we're having a baby tonight."

"This is the maternity ward so it's not exactly a mystery," Hermione ground out as the contraction passed.

The Healer just smiled, not at all affected by her sarcasm, this wasn't his first trip around the block. "I assume you've all checked your wands at the mediwitchs station?" he asked the others as he began a cursory examination.

"Yeah, why'd we have to do that anyways?" Harry asked, never having had any reason to be in a delivery room before.

"Except for potions, this is a magic free ward," Ginny answered, aware of hospital policy even if she didn't really ever have cause to spend time on this particular floor.

"The process of giving birth takes a lot of energy for our mothers and sometimes that manifests itself magically, same with the babes, the event of being born can sometimes trigger their unrestrained magical potential, and if there is magic being cast from an outside source sometimes they can interact in unexpected ways," he explained. "So we just err on the side of caution when at all possible."

"Basically crazy shit has been known to happen," Ginny summed up.

"What she said," the Healer grinned as he finished up and took a look at her chart, noting that her contractions were still 12 minutes apart when she was checked in. "Well Mrs. Weasley, it looks like we've still got awhile before it's baby time, so why don't you all just settle in, get comfortable and try to get some sleep while you can. Especially since in your chart it says you've opted for a potion free delivery. It's probably going to be a long night. I have to get going, since we have a full house, it being a full moon and all, but a mediwitch will be in periodically to check on you."

"Settle in he says. Get comfortable he says. Try to get some sleep," Hermione grumbled once the Healer was gone. "I'd like to see him try to sleep."

"It's good advice Mione, you might not be ready to push until the morning and you don't want to be exhausted," Ginny mentioned, receiving one of Hermione's patented death stares for her troubles.

"What did he mean about the full moon?" Ron asked as he paced the length of the room wringing his hands, not comfortable with anything that had happened since they had arrived at St. Mungos. "What do werewolves have to do with babies?"

Ginny couldn't help but laugh at her brother. "The full moon is the busiest night of the month in the hospital," she explained, as she personally took the healer's advice and claimed the comfy chair by the window. "Especially the emergency ward and labor and delivery. But it has nothing to do with werewolves."

"Oh," was all Ron said as he continued his repetitive trek up and down the length of the room.

"Ronald!" Hermione snapped, her husband's pacing already grating on her nerves. "Weren't you going to pop home and pack a bag for me?" she asked sweetly.

"Right! Packing. I can do that," he said eagerly, thrilled to be given something tangible and constructive to do. "So you're going to need… a jumper?" he ventured a guess.

Hermione inhaled and exhaled slowly, the tension visible in her body as she tried not to yell at her well intentioned husband.

"I'll go with him," Ginny volunteered before Hermione could speak gaining a grateful look from her brother. "I know what you'll need. And while we're at it we'll send word around that we're here to the family."

"Actually…." Hermione started hesitantly. "Do you think Mum would kill us if maybe we didn't… well, that is to say, that we maybe wait until the baby is here before we tell everyone? It's just well, your family is so big and overwhelming sometimes and we don't even know how long were going to be here for and I don't want to inconvenience everyone-" she explained in an apologetic rush.

"Say no more," Ginny cut her off before she could continue, "I understand completely. I'm sure Mum will huff and puff but then she'll be so distracted by her newest grandbaby she won't even care anymore. Now, Harry will keep you company while Ron and I get your things, and we'll be back before you know it," she said decisively, standing up and crossing over to the bed to give her sister-in-law a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Ginny," Hermione said gratefully, reaching up to return the hug.

"That's what family's for," she replied waiting for Ron to say goodbye to his wife before they left on their errands.

"So, you're about to be a Mum," Harry said sitting down on the bed by Hermione's hip, once the siblings had left. "Wow."

"I know," Hermione agreed. "I can't hardly believe it myself. I mean I've had nine months to come to terms with the idea of it, and intellectually I know we're having a child. But it's never really sunk in that there was going to be an actual baby going home with us when we leave here."

"You're going to be a great mum," Harry said, giving her belly a rub to say hello to his god-child.

"You really think so Harry?" Hermione asked, suddenly looking very unsure of herself.

"Of course," he assured her confidently. "You've been bossing me and Ron around since we were eleven. If that's not what it takes to be a good mother I don't know what is."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Harry's answer but couldn't help smiling all the same. At least until another contraction swept over her body. "Ohhhhhh…."

"What can I do?" Harry asked a panicked glint in his eye wondering why he was left alone with the woman in labor and not her husband who was responsible for the state she was in, or her sister-in-law who was attending school to be qualified to handle these exact occasions.

"Nothing," she grit out between clenched teeth. "Just, just talk to me."

"Oh umm…" he cast around for a conversation topic. "So have you heard that Puddlemere is looking to do a player swap with-"

"About something other than Quidditch!" Hermione snapped.

"Ron and I lied!" Harry confessed desperately. "We didn't put the crib together ourselves, before you got home, we paid the delivery guys to do it for us and then took the credit!"

"What?" Hermione exclaimed through the pain.

"I'm sorry, don't be mad," he practically begged, his eyes wild.

But instead of more yelling like Harry expected, Hermione started laughing as the pain passed.

"Harry, I already knew that," Hermione giggled.

"You knew? Ron told you?"

"No, but I got a clue when the furniture store called me the next day to make sure I was satisfied with their delivery and assembly service," she revealed.

"Oh," Harry frowned. "Why didn't you say something?"

Hermione just shrugged enigmatically.

The pair continued this way for the next hour or so, Harry talking Hermione through her contractions until an unexpected flush of water made them both pause mid sentence.

Hermione's eyes widened to almost comical proportions as she looked at Harry who was looking down at the fluid that was seeping into his trousers.

"Hermione," Harry whispered, "you're my best friend, and I'm not judging, but did you just wet the bed?"

"No you git!" Hermione shouted, smacking his shoulder. "My water just broke!"

Harry didn't say anything for several as he absorbed this new information just what was soaking into his new jeans. "Oh," he said calmly, trying not to let his face visibly show just how icked out he was, his upper lip twitching in his effort to keep it from curling back. He really was not equipped for this sort of thing. "I'm just going to get a mediwitch. See about you getting fresh sheets," he said softly, standing slowly as if he made any sort of loud sound or quick movement, some new fluid was going to come pouring out of his pregnant friend. "And maybe some new pants," he added under his breath.

Stopping at the mediwitch's station to let them know about Hermione's… predicament, he then went off in the search clean pants, figuring that by the time he was cleaned up, Hermione would be too. Now if he could only figure out where his quest should start. He knew there had to be clean clothes somewhere because Ginny came home in different robes than she left home with all the time, usually with terrible stories of what happened to her first set.

He was poking around what appeared to be a linen closet when a voice sounded from behind him.

"Looking for something?"

Whipping around, ready to explain that he really wasn't about to steal 50 hospital bottom sheets, he instead grinned when he saw his old healer and Ginny's mentor Healer Ravolopologous.

"Hey Dr. Sean," Harry greeted the healer. "What are you doing on this ward?"

"I saw Hermione's name on the admissions list and I popped down to say hello," the older man explained. "What are you doing in linen cupboard?"

"Oh, I'm looking for clean pants."

"Righto…. May I ask why?" Dr. Sean asked confused.

"I was sitting with Hermione and well, her water broke and there were… fluids," Harry explained, his feelings on the matter clearly displayed across his face.

"Well, that explains the damp spot on your trousers then. I was wondering."

"What did you think it was caused by?" Harry countered, his brow furrowed.

"I'm just here to heal," he held his hands up in a gesture of amused surrender. "Not to judge."

"Thanks ever so," Harry deadpanned.

The healer barked a laugh, before walking down the hall, gesturing for his ex-patient to follow him. "Come on mate, let's hunt you down some dry clothes."

Dr. Sean took Harry to the healers' locker room and grabbed a pair of the lime green bottoms that all the healers wore underneath their robes out of the laundry. Harry wasted no time in stripping out of his damp jeans and pulling on the fresh clothing and chucking his soiled jeans into the trash.

"I know you're a famous Quidditch star and everything," the healer said with a bemused grin, "but most people wash and reuse their clothes, instead of just wearing a new set every day."

"What? Oh, no," Harry corrected a bit chagrinned as he looked back at the rather expensive designer jeans he had just thrown away like yesterdays garbage. "I just know I wouldn't be able to wear those again. Even after they had been washed I would know what happened to them."

"Is this a bad time to tell you that far worse has undoubtedly happened to the pair your wearing now?" That was why, after all, that the hospital kept a closet full of spare robes for its healers to change in to at a moments notice.

Harry looked down his legs, and yes while he knew this intellectually, at least he didn't know the specifics. "Ignorance is bliss, mate."

"I never thought I'd see the day that Harry Potter was so squeamish," Dr. Sean said once he stopped laughing. "You best be leaving the healing to Ginny."

"That's the plan."


"Hey honey, sorry we took so long," Ginny said reentering the hospital room, with a couple cups off coffee and Hermione's bag slung over her shoulder. "First I had to talk my brother off the ledge of a panic attack and then Ron couldn't find where Hermione stores their luggage so I had to go home and get some of ours. He's at the mediwitchs station getting a progress report," she said in one breath explaining both their prolonged absence and where her bother was now. "I see Hermione is finally getting some sleep."

"Yeah, she decided against the natural birth after all," Harry commented. "She's sleeping the sleep of the heavily potioned." When he had come back from getting changed, there had been much yelling and the threatening of lives and manhoods until Harry tracked down a Healer to get Hermione some painkillers. After that it hadn't taken long for Hermione to drift off, only rousing when a mediwitch came in to check her progress.

"Turns out the way women have been doing it for millennia is overrated?" she asked with a smirk, having heard her sister-in-law's opinions on the matter more than once over the past couple months. "I'm telling you now, that when it's my turn, I'm going to be all about the potions, what ever the strongest thing that they can give me is, I'm taking it."

"I'll keep that in mind," Harry said with a stupid grin on his face at the idea of Ginny having his children. They weren't anywhere near that stage yet, but he didn't hate the idea of it.

"So what's with the wardrobe change?" she asked having already noticed that he was taking a page out of her usual fashion book.

"Hermione got her baby juice all over my jeans."

"What?" she exclaimed, spitting her coffee half way across the room.

"Her water broke while I was sitting on the bed with her," he explained further.

Ginny held her stomach as she laughed silently as to not wake Hermione up. "Baby juice?" she repeated breathlessly, tears streaming down her face.

"Well I don't bloody know what it's called," Harry replied defensively, not exactly thrilled that his girlfriend was taking so much amusement at his expensive.

"It's amniotic fluid," she informed him, before breaking out into another fit of quiet laughter. "Baby juice. Oh I am telling everyone about that one."

"I really wish you wouldn't," he responded dryly.

"But you know I'm going to anyway," Ginny grinned impishly.

He let out a defeated sigh, "Yeah…."

"So the healer thinks we've probably got another six hours before she's ready," Ron announced reentering the room much Harry's relief.

"Well then it's a good thing I thought to grab our books while I was home," Ginny said pulling hers and Harry's from her purse.

"I don't have a book," Ron said with a frown, when his sister failed to produce one for him as well.

"I told you to get something to pass the time while we were at your flat," she reminded him unsympathetically. "If you didn't listen that's not my problem.

"Oh yeah," he pouted. Looking around the room idly, searching for something to spark his interest, his gaze landed on his best friend. "Hey mate, why'd you change?" he asked curiously, his confusion only growing when his sister practically fell out of her chair laughing and his friend simply turned the page of his book with a huff.

"Here." Ginny tossed Ron a deck of cards that she had picked up from home just for him since she knew her brother well.

They all kept themselves preoccupied with their quiet pursuits while they played the waiting game so that Hermione could get as much sleep as possible until she woke up on her own a few hours later.

"Oh I think my potion is wearing off," Hermione groaned as the pain of a contraction jarred her up from her nap.

"When did you have a potion?" Ron asked for the first time, not seemingly having found it strange that his wife had neither mentioned nor complained about the pain in hours especially considering how vocal she had been about it when they had first arrived at the hospital.

"While you and Ginny where gone."

"But I thought we decided on a natural birth?" Ron made of the mistake of asking. An error he realized when he saw the death glare his wife was leveling him with.

"Then you can have a natural birth when you deliver the next one," Hermione said tightly as another contraction ripped through her body. "I really want another potion," she breathed. "The last one was so nice."

"It depends on how close you are to delivering," Ginny told her sister-in-law. "You need to able to feel the contractions so you know when to push."

"I want to push now," Hermione moaned.

"I know 'Mione," Ginny said sympathetically, walking over to her friend's side. "But soon enough you can and then this will all be over with."

"No, really," the older girl replied. "I feel like I need to push."

Ginny's brow furrowed, the last time the mediwitch had come in to check on her about an hour ago she had said that Hermione still probably had a bit to go before she moved into transitional labor.

"Do you mind if I check on you?" the redhead asked nodding towards her legs.

Hermione sighed in defeat. "Why not, everyone else and their mother has already been down there tonight."

Peaking underneath the sheet Ginny gasped and quickly reemerged. "Hermione, what ever you do, do not push. I'll be right back," she said already heading to the door. "In fact why don't you just keep your knees together." She paused again when she hit the hallway and poked her head back in to add, "Cross them if you want. Just… don't push." And with that she was gone.

Ginny was gone for awhile considering her urgent departure and her insistence that Hermione not even think about pushing, leaving the trio plenty of time to panic over Healer-In-Training's reaction. Finally the red head came back with the mediwitch who had come to check on Hermione's progress the most and neither of them looked terribly happy at the moment. The fact that Ginny had put on Healer's robes over her jeans was also an ominous sign.

"Okay I've got some good news, some bad news and then some more good news," Ginny said with a forced smile. "Good news is that it's baby time and you're ready to push. Bad news is that we were already full moon busy combined with the fact that the knight bus crashed about 20 minutes ago and they're triaging in emergency, there isn't a single available healer in the building, let alone the ward and you don't have enough time to wait for someone to finish up or to page someone from home. But the good news is that I'm going to deliver your baby! Along with the very experienced Mediwitch Janice of course," she added gesturing to the older witch standing next to her.

"What?" Hermione cried as the strongest contraction she'd had yet hit, looking back and forth between the mediwitch and the red head, "You cannot deliver my baby!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Mione," Ginny said rolling her eyes. "But your baby is ready to come into the world whether you think so or not."

"You haven't even graduated yet," the brunette pointed out.

"I graduate in three months, I assure you that I am completely capable of delivering your baby," Ginny assured her sister-in-law. "Honestly, with how crazy it is here tonight you're lucky that I haven't already been pulled to work already."

"Yeah I'm feeling really lucky right now," Hermione replied dryly. "Have you ever even delivered a baby by yourself?"

"Well, no," she admitted, "obstetrician isn't my specialty. I'm in diagnostics, a little bit of everything, but we only deal with the interesting and tricky stuff that nobody else can figure out. Pregnancy is routine and boring, we know what's wrong with you and how you got this way."

"There is nothing wrong with me and excuse me if I'm boring you," she said, her voice deceivingly calm. "But pushing something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a grape IS NOT EXACTLY ROUTINE FOR ME!"

"Same here, which is why we're having this discussion," Ginny replied pinching the bridge of her nose.

"You're not really helping," Harry muttered to Ginny as Hermione fumed furiously.

"Yeah I noticed," Ginny muttered back, "but she was the one who said I can't deliver a baby."

"Please just say something encouraging," he requested under his breath.

"But I have seen deliveries and of course I've read all about them," Ginny offered thinking that might make the consummate bookworm feel better.

"You can't learn everything from a book," Hermione spat as another contraction wracked her body.

If she had not been in so much pain, she might have noticed that her husband and two best friends were starring at her in open mouthed shock.

"It must be the pain talking," Harry said to Ron and Ginny, almost as if he was trying to reassure them that Hermione hadn't gone crazy.

"Hermione, dearest," Ron said once the pain of his wife crushing his hand subsided enough so that he was able to speak again. "I'm sure that Ginny will be able to deliver our baby with no problems. And wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell our child that he was delivered by his god mother?"

The idea, having not thought of it herself, brought tears to Hermione's eyes. "Ginny, you have to deliver my baby," she said reaching out for her hand. "Please tell me you will."

"Of course I will Hermione," Ginny said giving her friends hand a reassuring squeeze. Relieved that Ron had finally managed to say something right tonight. "And I promise nothing will go wrong. Besides you do all the work, all I have to do is catch."

"I would appreciate it if you did not refer to my child as if you were talking about a Quaffle," she snapped, her mood switching dramatically once more.

"Who says we deliver this baby!" Ginny said enthusiastically clapping her hands together with an almost desperate smile plastered across her face.

"Are you sure about this?" Harry asked his girlfriend sotto voce.

"Not at all," she replied in the same tone, but keeping the grin. "But there is literally no other option."

"I'm just going to go upstairs for some tea then," Harry said making for the door, having no desire to be in the room for the actual delivery. There was some things that he just did not need to know about his best friend.

"Oh no you don't," Ginny exclaimed halting his progress as she and the mediwitch bustled around prepping everything for delivery and helping Hermione get into position. "I need you here."

Harry turned around doing his deer in headlights impression. "What…why?"

"I need Janice to help me, so I need you and Ron to help hold Hermione's legs," Ginny ordered, in full healer mode.

Hermione moaned. "But I haven't shaved my legs in days!"

"Well let's just forget this whole baby business altogether," Ginny said throwing her hands in the air in defeat. "I simply can't work under these conditions." When Hermione stared at her wide eyed, she giggled. "Relax, Hermione. No one here cares about your stubble." She waited until Ron and Harry took up the positions they were told to and then turned back to her friend. "Go ahead and start pushing when the next contraction hits."


"Push for me, Hermione honey," Ginny coached.

"I AM!" she snapped back. "What do you think I'm doing, running for Minister of Magic?"

From where he was pointedly looking at the ceiling, Harry couldn't help but come to Ginny's defense but was careful to keep his voice calm. "She's just trying to help, Hermione."

"Then hand her some of forceps or stay out of it!"

Harry was properly chastened but Ron had to ask, "What are forceps?"

"So not the time Ron," Harry hissed over Hermione's spread legs, quickly diverting his attention back to the ceiling before there was a chance that he might catch a glimpse of something that could not be unseen.

Another contraction hit and Hermione couldn't hold back the scream while she pushed.

"You're doing brilliantly Mione," Ginny encouraged as they continued the cycle. "You're almost there. Just a few more and you'll be holding your baby."

"Just keep breathing," Ron attempted to be encouraging, but he knew he should have kept his mouth shut when the look on her face made him really glad that they had had to check their wands when they arrived.

"I AM, you utter git!" she ground out. "Like I'd just STOP?" She would have kept yelling but another strong contraction required her full concentration.

"Keep going Hermione!" Ginny cheered excitedly, "The baby's crowning."

Now when Harry heard that there was absolutely nothing that could convince him to stop counting ceiling tiles, but apparently Ron didn't feel the same way and made the mistake of looking down.


"What the hell was that?" All thoughts of pushing and pain fled as Hermione sat up straight to find the source of the loud noise.

"Your husband fainted," the heretofore silent Janice announced. "It happens all the time with Dads. Don't worry about him, you just concentrate on pushing dear."

"HE WHAT? No! I'm not pushing anything. Not until someone wakes him up."

"Hermione, there isn't time," Ginny said incredulously. "This baby is coming whether Ron is conscious or not."

"No absolutely not! I will push this baby back in if I have to. I'm not doing a damn thing until he's awake!"

"For Merlin's sake," Harry muttered, deciding to take matters into his own hands. Being careful not to look at what was happening between his best friend's legs, he walked around the bed to where Ron was splayed out on the floor. Crouching down he slapped Ron across the face, hard.

Ron came to flailing. "Arghh! What the... bloody hell?" He felt arms hauling him up off the floor as he shook his head, trying to make sense of where he was until he was plopped into a chair by Hermione's head. Rubbing the goose egg that was forming on the back of his head, he asked, "What happened?"

"You thought you could get out of this by passing out on me, that's wha-ow-OW-AAAHHHHHH!"

"That's it, that's it, that's it," Ginny cried, encouraging her. "Don't stop, keep pushing."

That brought Ron back in a hurry and he reached to clasp Hermione's hand, the knock to his noggin forgotten while Harry stood in the corner looking awkward. This was so not how he expected his evening to go.

Hermione gave one last effort before collapsing back against the pillows, but it was enough as a high pitched cry filled the room.

"It's a girl! And she's perfect," Ginny announced happily as she and Janice quickly went to work on cleaning her new niece/god-daughter up enough to hand over to her parents. "You did it Hermione!"

"I did it," Hermione cheered weakly, absolutely exhausted but eager accepting her daughter when Ginny handed her over.

Finally Harry felt that it was safe to come out of the corner and meet his god daughter. "Hello little girl," he cooed, smiling when he noticed that she already had her father's bright red hair and blue eyes. "What's your name?"

"We decided that if she was a girl we were going to name her after Mum," Ron answered for his daughter, from where he was sitting next to his wife, his arms around his newly expanded family. "Her name is Molly. Molly Jane Weasley."

"Mum's going to be so happy," Ginny said misting up a little. "We'll give you guys a few minutes before Janice takes Molly to get checked out."

Peeling off her gloves she dumped them in the trash and headed out into the hall, Harry only a half step behind her. Once she was out sight she collapsed against the wall, sliding down until she was sitting on the floor.

"I was not prepared for that tonight," she admitted. "I was terrified that I would mess something up or something would go wrong."

"But it didn't and you didn't," Harry said reassuringly, joining her on the floor. "You were amazing love," he added looking at his girlfriend with new eyes. "I've never seen you in full Healer mode like that before. All take charge like that. It was kinda sexy."

"Yeah well that was how Hermione got into that mess," Ginny couldn't help but joke.

Harry laughed too and went to hug her until he saw the state of the front of her robes. Birthing was a messy business "I'll wait to hug you until after you change," he said looking a little green.

Ginny looked down at herself, sure she wouldn't hug herself either right now. But it wasn't as bad as all that. "I've never seen you so squeamish over a little blood before," she said looking at him curiously. He had certainly had and seen enough injuries over the years and he'd never had quite this reaction before.

"It's not just the blood," he explained. "It's blood and other stuff, and it came out of Hermione." He lowered his voice and leaned in closer so no one would over hear. "From down there."

"I love you Harry James," Ginny said through her laughs. "You go call my parents. I'm going to go wash up." Leaning over, she planted a kiss on his cheek before climbing to her feet and heading towards the locker rooms, her laughter following her down the hall.

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