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Horses of Balinor

The sound of hoofbeats echoed through the forest.

"ROXY! Stop it you idiot – before I fall off!" Laughed Pippa, her golden hair flying all over the place as her ebony black pony pawed the air.

Amy and Avril laughed as Frankie, Toi and Vinny stared at Roxy in surprise. Pippa tried to keep hold of Vinny as she struggled to control Roxy. "Silly girl," she said as Roxy calmed down. "You need a personality adjustment!"

"What happened?" asked Amy.

"How should I know...whoah!" Pippa exclaimed as Avril trotted past on Toi and set Roxy off again.

"Maybe you should hop on Vinny instead," Avril called.

"Whatever!" said Pippa with a scowl. She jumped off, then mounted Vinny, her pretty chestnut mare. As soon as she was balanced, Amy and Frankie took off at a fast canter, the dun gelding bucking in excitement. "Last one to the cave is an evil pony."

"I already have an evil pony, you freak!" Yelled Pippa before galloping after her.

Avril, of course, won, on her speedy flaxen chestnut gelding Toi Toi. The three were best friends at school as well as at their riding school, Thompson's Riding Centre. Every chance they got they were there riding their ponies and having fun!

One of their favourite places to go was a series of caves deep in the forest. They often went there to have picnics and play games with their ponies.

After their race, they had lunch and dangled their feet in the river while the horses had a drink and grazed peacefully.

"So are we going to the caves today?"

"Do we have time?" Avril checked her watch.

"Yes – what was that?"

"What?" said Amy.




Suddenly, the ponies lifted their heads and strained at their tethers. Frankie broke free and immediately went to hide behind Vinny (he was notoriously a wuss). The girls got up and began to run over to them when the ground shook so hard they lost their balance and Amy fell over. "Ouch! Frankie, baby, are you okay?" (Both owner and horse are clumsy).

Then, as suddenly as it began, the shaking stopped. Frankie whuffled softly to Vinny. "Wuss." Pippa muttered under her breath. "And you too, Amy," as Amy ran over to her, shaking with fright. Pippa soothed the trembling Roxy (but, note, not the trembling Amy).

"What was that? An earthquake?"

"Well duh!" Avril exclaimed.

"I'm still going to the caves ... oh Amy GET A GRIP!" said Pippa, shaking the arm that Amy was clinging to. "You're cutting of my blood circulation!"

"Yeah Amy, come on, let's just forget about it! We can still have fun..look, the horses have calmed down already ... well, apart from Frankie!"

The dun gelding was still noticeably trembling.

"C'mon, Amy, you have to be strong for Frankie!"

"Okay, okay...Frankie, are you okay?" She went over to comfort her pony.

Avril and Pippa discussed what they should do. "I think we shouldn't let it ruin our day," Avril said. "Let's go to the caves but take the horses in too in case there's another earthquake."

"Well, that's decided. Now ... let's go tell Amy."

Within moments the girls were dragging Amy onto Frankie's back. "But I don't wanna go to the caves...what if there's another earthquake, what if there's a rockfall? And we all get trapped and die and ... AHHHH!"

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again...AMY, GET A GRIP!"

"Okay, okay ... but if we get hurt don't blame me!"

The three girls set off, Amy (reluctantly) riding Frankie, Avril on Toi, and Pippa riding Vinny and leading the excitable Roxy.

Once they got to the caves, they hopped off the horses and led them in. You know who Frankie went behind.

The caves were cool, in a creepy way. There were so many passages leading off the central one they had to be careful they didn't get lost. Amy especially was aware of this danger. She dug into her saddlebags and pulled out a ball of white wool. She rushed back to the entrance and tied the wool tight to a small tree.

"What are you doing?" Avril asked her, a confused expression on her face.

"I'm leaving a path of wool in case we get lost! I saw it in a movie once!" Amy replied.

Pippa and Avril shook their heads in despair. They continued on their way.

Frankie nudged Amy's shoulder. "What, buddy?" Then she realised how tightly she was holding his mane. "Oh! Sorry!" She loosened her grip.

Pippa swore at Roxy for wiping horse spit all over her jacket. "Silly girl ... keep your spit to yourself!"

Avril smiled sweetly at Pippa and laughed. Then her expression changed.

They were now in the deepest part of the tunnel they had ever been in. Amy whimpered softly as she noticed the glowing green fingers of light that were reaching down the tunnel towards them. "Uhh..guys? What's that?"

"I don't know Amy ... RUN!" Avril suddenly screamed as she caught a glimpse of a bloodshot eye floating in midair. The girls and horses took off, scaring themselves even more as they pounded along the rock tunnels.

"Where are we going?" Avril cried.

"Follow the string. Follow the string!" Amy yelled, over the pounding of the hooves and feet. But suddenly, the string stopped. "We're lost! We're lost!" Amy cried.

"Just ... stand still!" Pippa screamed.

Then the cave walls began to circle around them and then theground crumbled under their feet.

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