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Chapter 2

"Toi?" Avril murmured. Her eyes opened slowly and she was dazzled by bright sunlight. Sunlight? She thought. Weren't we in the caves?

"Avril? Avril, buddy? Are you okay?" A unfamiliar voice said in her ear. Toi's little whiskery nose touched her face. She blanched as she realised that it was Toi who spoke. How could this be she thought WHERE ARE WE!

Alarm bells rang in Pippa's head as she awoke. She was immediately on her feet, looking around cautiously. Roxy and Vinny were grazing near-by, occasionally looking up to check on her. They wandered over when she stood up. Roxy pranced around her. Pippa scowled at her until she halted next to Vinny in front of her. "What am I going do with you, Roxy?" "I don't know...feed me more!" Roxy replied in a hyped up vioce, then laughed hysterically. Pippa looked very faint for a moment, then managed to regain her cool. Vinny shook her head at the young mare.

Amy was lying on the grass, her eyes tight shut. "Bring the string back, bring the string back!" She cried, rocking back and forth on the ground. Frankie looked at Vinny and said, "I think she's a bit unstable...emotionally, you know? I thought she'd have a mental breakdown if I talked to her just yet."

Pippa knelt down next to her.

"Amy...Amy, it's all right now."

Avril whispered to Pippa, "Maybe we should book her into, some sort of ... clinic when we get – home. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask – WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?"

Avril's yelling seemed to snap Amy out of her trance.

"Hey, guys, I thought I heard Frankie and Toi talking!" Amy laughed.

"Weird eh, kinda like that time I dreamed I was running round naked at school!" (laughing hysterically).

Avril nudged Frankie.

"Umm – Amy, I was talking," Frankie stuck his nose into Amy's face.

"OHMIGOD MY HORSE IS TALKING TO ME! AHHHHHH!" Suddenly Amy went limp and fell back down again.

Frankie looked reproachfully at Avril. "I TOLD you it would be too much for her!"

Avril felt stupid. "Well, at least we don't have to worry about her wandering off now!"

"Okay. I think we should try and find some people." Pippa, ever the practical one, was taking charge.

She and Avril heaved the limp Amy onto Frankie's back. "You be careful with her, you hear?" Avril said to Frankie.

"She is MY human, you know," Frankie huffed.

Then Pippa caught sight of a strange growth on Roxy's forehead. "Roxy, what's that on your head?"

Roxy went cross eyed trying to see her forehead, and nearly fell over. "I should have known better than to ask you!" Pippa exclaimed and went to have a look.

"Avril, if I didn't know that unicorns weren't real, I would swear that our horses WERE unicorns!"

Avril looked at the others' foreheads. "Pippa – they all have horns. I think they really ARE unicorns!"

"We definitely need some answers!" She hopped onto Vinny and Avril got on Toi, then, the other two horses following, set off down a path – which they hoped came out of the forest they were in.

Two hours later, Amy had woken up – and seemed a bit less traumatised than before. At least she wasn't still screaming everytime one of the horses cum unicorns spoke.

"I'm actually quite enjoying being able to talk to Frankie. I don't have to talk to myself anymore!"

Frankie rolled his eyes good-naturedly. He really loved Amy but she could be a bit much sometimes!

Suddenly Roxy started passaging and leaping around. "A village! A village! I can see it with my supersonic eyes!"

Pippa looked at her. I mean, really LOOKED.

"Well, I don't really have supersonic eyes," Roxy said hastily.

"Do you even know what supersonic MEANS?" Pippa asked her.

"Well, no. But it sounded cool! And I CAN see a village!"

Pippa shook her head in despair. She seemed to be doing that a lot these days.

They came to the outskirts of the village. Avril and Amy hesitated, but Pippa and Vinny walked boldly forward.

"Come on, Roxy. We need to find out where we are! And we need to find somewhere to stay for the night. They'll have nice warm stables – and FOOD!"

The young black mare seemed suddenly very eager to come with them.

Avril suddenly pointed towards a sign.

"What does that say?"

Amy trotted over to it, and then went pale.

"It says 'welcome to Balinor'. Where the HELL ARE WE!" She yelled.

"Balinor, duh...wait, I've never heard of Balinor before!"

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