Title: Pulled in Two Directions

Author: Dragon Dung (Thirdly)

Dedicated to: Rabbid Rabbit

Pairings: W/Y, G/G...more to come

Warnings: Alternate Universe, M/M, general OOC, a few OC's (Demon King Razden, Varyx, the Kazieks), non-consensual moments.

This is a strange, slightly humorous, story interlaced with romance, drama, and dimension jumping.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyou Kara Maou or any of its characters, this is purely fanmade and I do not make any money from these writings.


Chapter 1: The Portal


Every story has two sides. The true facts tend to lie somewhere in between.

~~~~~~Hev Dilou lu Drow Neztirix (translation: The World of Wild Magic)~~~~~~

Dark darkness. Darker, darkest...faded and unfocused in the atmosphere.

On a throne made of black stone rested a figure that almost seemed to be carved out of marble himself. Large, but almost delicate fingers with sharp black nails held up a face that, though sharp at angles, was nearly flawless. Alabaster skin that seemed to glow in the surrounding darkness enhanced two eerie eyes with cat-like pupils...one blood red and the other a golden yellow. Such was the visage of the Demon King...a leader whose thigh-length black hair and rippling muscles made those of any orientation in their world swoon. Perhaps it was the way he seemed to tower over most men? Perhaps it was the fact that he barely wore anything at all. Regardless, when the man stood up and walked forward, even the particles of air seemed to part before him. The black satin blanket tied around the king's waist trailed behind him as he made his way to a woman who was reluctant to activate several symbols around a long mirror.

The Demon King's servant followed beside him before sitting down nearby. He was a man with black hair and dark blue eyes. His hair barely reached below his shoulders tied back, and his eyes held a strange gleam. He wore a sleeveless black shirt decorated with silver/green dragon scales and black pants made of dragon hide. His name was Raven and he looked at the mirror in mild curiosity while his master absentmindedly ran a hand over his head as one would treat a pet.

"Well, it's done," the woman next to the mirror announced softly. Her fingers hovered over her long, red hair in nervousness. Anissina had hoped that, by the time the mirror was completed, the Demon King would realize that it shouldn't be done. She hoped that he would not jeopardize their world for some kind of thirst for power, but any complaints she made were all in vain.

The Demon King was, what could only be described as, tickled. His eyes even glowed as a sign that he was rather excited. "Show me the neighboring world," the words were hissed onto the mirror in a Serpentine Dragon language.

Raven almost shivered under his master's intensity until his attention was veered to the mirror. No, it was no longer a mirror, but a portal fashioned of swirls of darkness and light. In the swirls of the portal was a reflection of another dimension...the 'neighboring world.'

A man from the neighboring world appeared in the reflection. His eyes were as blue as the sky and his hair was mahogany brown. He appeared to be talking to a young man with wild black hair and matching black eyes.

"Who is he?" the Demon King asked in wonder while motioning towards the blue-eyed man. Something about the awe in his tone made Raven a bit jealous.

"He must be the representative of their world," Anissina provided, revealing nothing. She frowned when she saw the evil smirk play across the Demon King's face. He was up to something.

"Bring him to me," the Demon King ordered. After a moment, he added. "Boy and all..."


Conrad was giving his Japanese godson a tour of America. The boy was almost eighteen and he had wanted to meet a pen pal overseas...a so-called Ken. Conrad was never more thrilled to spend more time with his godson. However, he was worried about the dangers that he knew existed. He was a security guard, at least in this world, and he had a strange feeling in his gut that something new was coming. He wasn't sure what was approaching, but he knew that it was something big.

"So, that's the empire state building?" his godson asked. What a sight he was, wearing a black sweater with pockets and khakis with three times as many pockets. In Conrad's eyes, his godson had grown so fast in so little a time. He remembered when he was small enough to hurl into the air. Now, young Yuri was turning heads.

"Right," he replied. "Tomorrow, we'll be on our way to the lower east coast, so, you might as well take a good look at it while you can."

"Conrad," Yuri began. "Do you think it will be like old times when we see Ken again? It's been so long..."

"I'm sure everything will come back once you two start talking again," Conrad explained. "Even if you both don't remember, new memories will take their place." That drew a smile from his godson and, for a moment, Conrad caught a glimpse of what he missed out on when he decided not to settle down with a partner and start a family of his own.

"We have a few more stops before then!" Yuri exclaimed before rushing forward, dragging his uncle by a sleeve. Ah, but at the time, Yuri was all the family that Conrad ever needed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Drow Neztirix~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Raven recognized his master's whisper in an instant. By the way that his name was spoken, he knew that his master...needed something. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of finishing off a project. He ignored the summons for as long as he could, writing out a few more sentences onto a sheet of paper on his desk.


A low growl escaped Raven's lips when he nearly knocked everything over with a start. The Demon King had materialized behind him and was running a hand up and down Raven's thigh. Raven forgot his anger at being interrupted for a moment when it came back, full force. "Master," He said in a low voice while turning around to face him. "You promised that you would let me do my work. It was part of our agreement."

"I know," The Demon King hissed, his nails scratching a path up the back of Raven's thighs. "But, I want you now..." The last word was emphasized with a blatant squeeze of Raven's buttocks. "Don't defy me." Without another word, The Demon King slid everything off the table. The objects floated and hovered around them as he shoved Raven down onto the, now vacant, table. "Did you think I would make a mess of your research?" He teased as his tongue licked a path down the back of Raven's ear to the collarbone.

"M-master," Raven's breath came in gaps as he struggled through his arousal. The king didn't make it easy for him to speak. "What do you find..." His breath hitched when the hands slid around and up his inner thighs. "So fascinating about that..." Another hitch when a hand slid down to cup his clothed member. "O-o-other-worldian?"

"I myself do not know." The answer came in hissed whisper.