DD: Yuri, one of the readers wants to see you as a dragon. How would you imagine yourself to look like as one?

Yuri: *holds his chin with a hand, a grin forming on his face* Tall, dark, and majestic...wearing a baseball cap on backwards with a huuuuge wingspan and sharp spikes on the end of a long tail-

Wolfram: *covers Yuri's mouth* Nonsense! He'd look like a flying worm with long, treacherous whiskers and no wings or hind feet! Conrad's informed me that you slept on the same bed as Ken, you cheat!

Yuri: *muffled* VAT? Dat wus bek wenai wus fiiiibe! (WHAT? That was back when I was five!)

DD: ...it is safe to say that, even if Yuri were to ever transform into a dragon, Wolfram would never let him be seen in public. Do forgive, and let your imagination run wild with how Yuri would look like as a dragon in your mind.


Chapter 9: Leaving a Mark


His master wanted the brown-haired other-worldian. Raven could sense that the King was rather attracted to him. Whenever he was given leave of his master's chambers, it was because the King was surely pleasuring himself while spying on Conrad. Though most of him was rather bothered by the fact that he was being replaced by mere images, a smaller part of him questioned why. The further that his master shoved him aside, the further Raven's dreams of blonde siblings invaded his mind. He categorized the visions as 'dreams' because they couldn't have possibly been actual memories...could they? Perhaps Conrad's distractions were a hidden blessing for Raven. The more time he had to himself, the more he could sort out his dreams and his true feelings.


"You wanted to see me, your majesty?" Conrad asked as he warily entered the Demon King's chambers. He felt that his wariness was justified as soon as he realized that there was no one else in the room other than the king and himself. Why did he have such a bad feeling about this?

"Sir Conrad." The words were spoken in a husky purr. King Razden had the decency to at least wear a jet black silk robe before attending to the half-demon. He wanted answers. He wanted Conrad. Was there a reason he couldn't have both? "I assure you," He said as he closed and locked the door behind Conrad. "This should not take too long."

Conrad hadn't noticed how dark the king's chambers really were until the door was shut. The only source of light came from a candle settled on top of a night stand. He began to step backwards towards the light of the flickering flame when the Demon King neared him with glowing bi-colored eyes. The vibrant red and yellow hues began to captivate him and his feet stopped back-tracking.

When the man stopped in his tracks with newly vacant eyes, Razden licked his lips in anticipation. Contrary to the rumors that circled around him, the Demon King did not have a forked or elongated tongue. But, it was certainly proportionate for his size. And, it tried not to salivate as Razden freely looked the man over without any interference. "These days, there is hardly a demon that is of pure blood," He commented aloud. "Even I have mixed roots...a serpentine dragon, amongst them. I inherited this Transfixing gaze from that part of my blood."

Razden closed the distance between them, burying his nose in the crook of Conrad's neck. "You seem to have both human and demon blood in you," The king's tongue traced a long line up the side of his neck.

"I've had many a halfling in the past, but for some reason, I am more strongly drawn to you than those before you."

Conrad's body kept perfectly still, as if he were made of stone. His eyes remained vacant, as if he were sleep-walking and was fully lost in a dream.

"Lay down on my bed. On your back with your arms lifted over your head and your legs spread," The king ordered and watched intently as Conrad did as he was told. Razden's long fingers quickly got to work undoing the man's pants and tugging them down along with his underwear. As his hands slid along the skin, he began the questioning. "Our young Representative...why did he grow up on Earth? Was it you who brought him there?"

"I was tasked..." Despite the glazed eyes and detached voice, Conrad's breath hitched in response to the king's touch. "With protecting him in the other world."

King Razden frowned, but his hands continued their movements. He wasn't asking the right questions. "What did he need protecting from? Who ordered you to protect him?"

"To protect him from himself and all the powers that dwell inside him," Conrad replied breathily in the same unified tone. "The Lady Ulrike claimed that it was the will of the cosmos and of the kings of the Past."

"The kings of the Past?" Razden hissed, retracting his hands from Conrad as if burned. They were also referred to as the Elders of the End. The spirits of the dead never truly interfered with the work of the living, but when they did, it was always in conjunction with tremendous and chaotic events.

Razden's eyes narrowed as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart. "The kings of the Past...and one of them has left his mark on you." He clarified with a long sigh. "It's no wonder that I've been drawn to you like a magnet. Your patron Elder has been flirting with me." The king glanced around him as if he were searching for the Elder. "Tsk-tsk! If you like me so much, you shouldn't send me notes through a messenger. Hand them to me yourself," He spoke out loud. Though Razden had put out the taunt in the first place, he was still a little surprised when he felt the presence of an Elder actually manifesting in his chambers. His surprise turned into outright shock when his gaze fell upon the piercing blue eyes of the original demon king. "Shinou...?"

"Only a king like you would have the gall to hand over one of my descendants as a gift to your own successor," The smirk on the blonde's face was full of mockery and secret knowledge.

Alabaster hand clenched into fists. "What do you mean by 'successor'? That snot-nosed brat raised in another world was meant to replace me?"

"No king is meant to rule forever," Shinou replied calmly. "You are not exempt. Yuri has been chosen and, when the time comes for him to rule, you will step down." The words were clipped and sharp in their orders, as if he dared Razden to do otherwise.

"How is it that the kings of Past interfere with the living whenever they want? Have you forgotten what it was like to be flesh and bone?" Razden growled in a rebellious manner. "Before I die, I will not only leave my mark on this world, but on other worlds as well."

Shinou's eyes took on a dangerous icy hue as he took on a solid form. He waved his arm over Conrad's dazed form, transporting him out into the hallway fully dressed, awake, and confused. "Do as you wish," Shinou's whispering was so sharp that the current king nearly flinched. The blonde pinned Razden to the bed, much like the raven-haired man had done with Conrad moments before. He straddled him, grinding down hard against him before lowering his lips to the mixed demon's ears. "But, if too much harm befalls my descendant and the other-worldians, do not doubt that I will be forced to leave my mark on you." He then planted a harsh kiss on slightly open lips, slipping his tongue inside to taste and claim. One of his hands slid easily inside the silk robe to tease whatever he pleased. Shinou swallowed the groan that Razden offered him and faded away with a smug smirk on his face.

The Demon King's mouth was still slightly open long after the original king had left. What he could only describe as the blonde's aura still lingered over his body. He felt a tingle trail over his skin as if it mourned the loss of Shinou's touch, and an angry growl resonated from the back of his throat.



Conrad was still feeling confused as he walked in the direction of Gwendal's quarters. He remembered being summoned by the Demon King. He remembered walking to the king's chambers and he remembered seeing the door open...but, he recalled nothing else. And, to top it off, he felt a strange tingling in his left arm...which he normally only when he was in the presence of the original king.

"Is something troubling you?" Gwendal asked from behind his desk as he carefully observed his younger half-brother.

"I have a feeling that I may have missed something very important," Conrad replied.

"I have something very important to discuss with you as well," Gwendal began. "Mother has returned. Have you seen any signs of Murata, Yuri, our younger brother, or the dragon turned demon at all today?"


'All the times I asked her about my father, she could have at the very least told me he was a dragon!'

Yuri thought it was amazing how sarcasm and disdain could bleed through telepathy. He was walking side by side with the white dragon, absently scratching the back of his webbed ears or touching his neck, but always keeping some sort of physical contact. He kept telling himself that it was to give Wolfram some comfort, but in reality, he couldn't help but like this side of the blonde as well. "It figures you'd make as gorgeous a dragon as you do a demon," He mumbled quietly to himself.

'I heard that,' Wolfram replied, pleased. 'I guess that's one good thing about this form, all of my senses are keener.'

The two of them were following the path of a stream towards a city in the distance. They were separated from Ken and Varyx, but Yuri actually preferred having Wolfram as his walking companion than the other two for the moment. Every now and then, he caught the white dragon flexing and stretching his wings, as if he were itching to try them out. "Hey Wolf..." He began. "You don't know when you'll get the chance again, so why don't you try taking off to the sky?" An elegant snout turned to look him in the eyes...at least, that what Yuri saw from his low angle. Wolfram would have had to lean down to actually be able to look him in the eyes.

'I can't tell if you're mocking me or if you're genuinely suggesting that I leap to my death,' Wolfram drawled.

"Why does everything new have to be so difficult for you?" Yuri replied with a chuckle. He figured out a way he could possibly goad Wolfram into flying. "You know what? Forget I said anything. It's not like you could figure out how to fly so quickly. I'm sure even Varyx took a while to learn, and he's loads smaller in his dragon form."

'What was that?' Came the dry response.

"I'm just saying that you don't have to do anything you don't want to..."

All that Yuri saw was a blur of white scales zoom past him as Wolfram took off ahead of them at a run. For a moment, Yuri was mesmerized seeing the patterns glinting off the back of his wings as he began to spread them open. And then, Yuri panicked when Wolfram curved around and began to gallop towards him. "W-Wolfram, what are you doing? WHOA!" And, just like that, they began to ascend into the sky. Yuri was held carefully in the dragon's forearms, the wind whipping at his short hair. "Ha ha! Wolf, you're amazing!" He shrieked his praise. They would certainly arrive at the city in the distance a lot faster by air.


Varyx awoke with a strong pull from his stomach. "Uh..." He groaned as his hand reached out to try to squeeze the organ through his outer flesh. The grumbling was loud enough for even Ken to hear the second time around. "Perhaps I should have had a meal before we set out for the orb chamber." He admitted sheepishly as he pulled himself to a sitting position. He was only able to enjoy seeing Ken's smile for a brief moment before they were cast in a shadow that soared above them. With incredulous eyes, Varyx gazed up at the formation of dragons that flew overhead. He rapidly rose to his feet and looked around wildly. There! In the distance, he could see the city. His city. His home. "Am I dreaming?"

"Do you need me to bite your hand to test that theory?" Ken countered with a little smirk.

"Ken! Varyx! There you guys are!"

Ken and Varyx looked at each other for a brief moment before turning around in a circle to look for that familiar voice.

'Oh, for crying out loud, doesn't anyone ever think to look up?'

Varyx visibly stiffened before slowly turning his gaze upwards. "I can scarcely believe my own eyes."

"Find a few answers; end up with even more questions." Ken muttered as the white dragon landed on shaky legs, Yuri in its grasp.

"Long story short, Wolfram was like this when we came to. Where, exactly, are we?" Yuri asked.

"Lugoz Wimlos," Varyx replied. "The land where I was born."

Silence greeted that statement until Wolfram decided to break it. 'Didn't you tell us that your home world was destroyed a thousand years ago?'

"Exactly," Varyx responded. "This plane shouldn't even exist. And there is only one person who can give us answers. Julia."