Forgotten Memories

Harry Potter wakes up in Grimmauld Place the summer before his seventh year with no memory of the year before. He knows that something happened, something that everyone is reluctant to talk about. Nightmares of a time forgotten plague his soul. Can the man that hates Harry help him? Snape-mentors-Harry. No slash.

Seventh Year Fic

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Chapter Eight: It's Over (the epilogue)


Life resumed for Harry much as it had left off. He discovered that the Dursleys had been arrested for giving him to Voldemort. He also learned that he was Sirius' sole heir. He also discovered that no matter where he went, he would always have someone with him. It was as though they were afraid to leave him alone for one second. But still, life went on.

After they left Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione each went on to careers that suited them. Ron played professional Quidditch and Hermione found work with the Ministry testing new spells. But Harry couldn't seem to find something that was right for him.

Knowing that his parents' gold would support him for a long time, he bought a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere, where no one would ever find him. He ceased contact with everyone, save for one person. Severus Snape. The bond that they had formed continued to exist even while Harry hid from his former life.

Snape kept Harry up to date on everything that was happening. Ron and Hermione's first child, Fudge's resignation, and the passing of the greatest wizard who had ever lived, Albus Dumbledore. Harry didn't attend the funeral. He knew that the world would be different now, and he wasn't certain he ever wanted to return.

More years passed, with Snape dutifully sending information. Births, deaths, and anything deemed to be of importance. As the lonely years passed, Harry realized that more and more wizards of his generation were dying. Soon, he would be the only one left. Finally, some fifty years after he had left the wizarding world, the news stopped coming.

After a week of waiting, Harry cracked open his old school trunk and took out a softly shimmering cloak, one that hadn't been used in over fifty years. His dad's old Invisibility Cloak. He shook it out and draped it over himself before Apparating away.

He reappeared outside The Leaky Cauldron, the one place he was certain he could get information. He quickly cast a Metamorph spell and then removed the cloak.

When he entered the pub, he saw that Tom was no longer the bartender. Some other old wizard was wiping down the counter with a rag.

"Excuse me," said Harry as he walked up to the bar.

"Whaddaya need, sir?" asked the man.

"I'd like to enquire if you know anything as to the whereabouts of Severus Snape," said Harry.

"Severus Snape?" asked the bartender in surprise. "Well, you're a week too late. He was buried a week ago."

"Where?" asked Harry. The bartender gave directions to a cemetery on the outskirts of London.

"Thank you," said Harry as he left the pub and Apparated away again.

He reappeared outside a wrought-iron fence that was rusting badly. The gate squealed loudly as he opened it and entered the cemetery. A small sign with peeling paint greeted him.

'Here lies our war heroes,' read the sign.

Tears prickled at his eyes as he recognized names on many of the crumbling stones. When he reached the newest mound of earth, he dropped to his knees.

'Here lies Severus Snape,' the small granite stone read simply.

Harry bowed his head and wept. He cried for all of the forgotten heroes. His friends' names surrounded him and it seemed that everyone had forgotten them, all save for two people, one of which now lay dead.

How could everyone had forgotten so quickly? How could they have just forgotten what all these people had done for them?

Tears poured down his face and he wanted to scream in rage, anguish, and even fear. He was all alone now, the last of the survivors.

Feeling as though someone had ripped his heart out, he stood and exited the cemetery. He Apparated home and returned to his lonely existence.


I Two days later the Boy-Who-Lived was found dead in his house by two wizards who had gotten lost in the woods. Harry was buried alongside Severus Snape in the cemetery he had visited only two days before.

The last of the war heroes had finally gone to join his friends. It was all over.

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