Hey everyone! I'm back... lol... I'm putting His Lies, Her Pain on hold right now because my computer just got rebooted which means everything I had saved on here was deleted and stupid me doesn't write anything on paper doesn't know what to put on the next chapter but I will have one soon! Sorry anyways this chapter is going to be short because it's like all the information of all the characters. This story is OOC!

Kagome Higurashi: 15, Very shy and not so outgoing. She is Sesshomaru's best friend since the day she was born (literary). She also is in love with him and is jealous of Kikyo. And she is the sister of Kikyo and Souta.

Kikyo Higurashi: 16, Very popular and outgoing. Goes out with Sesshomaru and has been in Japan for only about a month. She is the sister of Kagome and Souta. She in love with Sesshomaru, but not in love. (You'll see... hehe).

Sesshomaru Taisho: 17, Very popular and outgoing but not too much. Goes out Kikyo and is best friend with Kagome. He's been going out with Kikyo for a month and loves her but not that much. (A/n he is still not sure bout his feelings because it's only a month since he dated her so he can't really be sure of his feelings for her).

Koga Wolf: 16, He is really outgoing and has many friends. He is in love with Kagome and is trying to make her return those feelings.

Souta Higurashi: 10, Very energetic and loves video games. Brother to Kikyo and Kagome. He is closer to Kagome.

Miroku Monk: 17 Very perverted and has a big wandering hand problem. He is best friends with Kagome and Sesshomaru. He is in love with Sango.

Sango Hirastu: 16, Very strong and serious. She is best friends with Kagome, Miroku, and Sesshomaru. She is in love with Miroku but too shy to admit her feelings to him.

Well these are the characters you're going to see in the next few chapters! By tomorrow or Tuesday I will have chapter one done. R&R! Thanks till next time, Ja! Byebye!