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Last time on My Hidden Love- The new lifestyle

"Inuyasha wait till we leave, you will not be sleeping in house anymore" Kagome said

"I'm sorry babe but I couldn't resist" Inuyasha said

"Pardon the interruption but you two live with each other" Sesshomaru said.

"Yea because I live in a house that has 6 bedrooms and tons of other rooms and I don't want to stay by myself so I asked Inuyasha with me" Kagome said.

"We need to talk, Kagome"Sesshomaru said.


"This is going to be a long night" Kagome muttered to herself. But what she didn't know is that Sesshomaru was keeping something from her.

This time on My Hidden Love- Her breakdown

"Well Kagome while you were away, you missed something really important" Kagome's mom said.

"Oh, what happened" Kagome asked.

"Sesshomaru proposed to Kikyo" Her mom exclaimed.

"Wow, Congratulations" Kagome said putting her fake smile. Inside she was dying.

"Yes, thank you" Kikyo said.

"When is the wedding" Kagome asked

"Actually it is two days from today" Kikyo said with a big smile on her face.

"Oh. That's cool" Kagome muttered.

"Well I got to go now" Inuyasha said.

"I'll walk you to the door" Kagome said while walking him to the door.

"Wench, wait till you we get back. You're in for a big surprise" Inuyasha muttered and hit her on her face. (A/n I know you may all be surprised but there is more drama!)

Kagome just walked back into the living room.

"I'm going for a walk. I need some fresh air." She said and just walked outside.

"Please excuse me, I will be joining her" Sesshomaru said as he followed her.

Kagome couldn't stand it anymore. She finally broke down. She hid all her feelings for so long, she couldn't hold them any longer. After all the years she left she has still loved Sesshomaru and now she found out he was getting married to Kikyo who she knew didn't even love him. And then with Inuyasha and how he beat her since he claimed she was always doing something wrong, when she did nothing. It was all unbearable but Kagome tried to stay strong, but she finally broke down. Sesshomaru finally seen her on the curb crying her eyes out.

"Kagome, what is wrong" Sesshomaru asked Kagome.

"Nothing" she snapped at him

"Yes. There is or else you wouldn't be crying" Sesshomaru demanded.

"Nothing is wrong" Kagome said

"Yes there is now I demand you tell me" Sesshomaru said

"Fine. Do you really want to know what is wrong" Kagome said standing up and facing him.

"Yes I do" he said.

"Me n Koga ran away and moved with my aunt in California. My life has changed. I went into choir they thought I had an excellent voice so that's how I became a singer. Koga finally met someone and is engaged to a wonderful woman named Ayame. Then life started to get better until I met Inuyasha. Inuyasha and I started going out. It only ended out getting worse. Inuyasha comes home drunk and starts to beat me telling me how much of a worthless piece of crap I am and stuff like that." Kagome said while crying her heart out.

Sesshomaru was shocked beyond words. 'Kagome loved me. Inuyasha beat her' his thought kept running on. But he got angry 'why did she leave or at least call and tell us'.

"Why did you leave" Sesshomaru said trying to hold his anger inside him.

"I left because of you" she yelled at him

"What are you talking about" he asked

"I loved you so much. And to see you love someone else was to unbearable for me to take so I left hoping to forget you. But I didn't it only made it worse" Kagome said.

"Why did you come back" Sesshomaru said while trying to calm down.

"Why did I come back? I don't know" she yelled!

"If you didn't bother to write in six years or at least call why come back now. Did you think if you came back for a week or so everything will be alright when it never will? Do you even know how much pain you caused everyone? Or were you to selfish to see it" Sesshomaru yelled at her he couldn't contain his anger anymore.

"Me selfish, how dare you say that to me." Kagome said while crossing the street without looking to see if there was a car coming. Then all of the sudden a car comes and all you heard were a bang and a scream.

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