Green and Gold

Disclaimer: All of this is based upon the lovely J.K. Rowling's work.

Warning: Slight Language

He's crying, and I am sitting here with him in the dark. How I have failed him. And yet, somehow, he loves me still.

He was my student once… and I, his teacher. How long has it been?

Years… but still the guilt comes. I have failed him. Yet, deep down I know it is not my fault; so many things were working against us. Still, I should have tried harder.

I glance around the room as I hold him in my arms, trying to not focus my eyes on anything particular lest I start to cry as well.

Our quarters are a mixture of us, of our Houses, of our personalities. Green and gold. Slytherin and Gryffindor. Serpent and Lion.

There are pictures, nick-knacks, things everywhere that show our life together. I smile through the sadness looking at it all.

Our quarters are a mixture of us, and if a student ever saw them, they would faint dead away. Imagine the Head of Slytherin House living in room with Gryffindor colors.

Of course, the students would probably all die from shock if they knew the true nature of our relationship.

He should be a son to me, for I am well old enough to be a parent to one his age. Yet, he is not, and I am not.

He should be a son to me, not a lover. But he is, and I will never give him up.

We're married. But so very few know it.

Albus knows; he officiated the ceremony. His eyes twinkle fiercely every time he sees us together. He sends us joint Christmas gifts every year. Very suggestive gifts. Gifts that should not be opened in front of the students… or anyone under the age of thirty-five, for that matter.

Remus knows, though he wasn't there for the ceremony. He smiles whenever he sees us together, that little smile that shows how ironic he finds the entire situation.

Poppy knows; she thinks that it is the most romantic thing in the entire world. Something about people who should be passionate enemies being lovers just appeals to her.

Filius knows; he was the one that led me down the aisle for my wedding. He even picked out the flowers and charmed the piano to play for us.

Alastor knows; he has to fight back the laughter every time he sees us arguing over Quidditch matches.

Harry knows; he found out by accident, but he accepts it. I think that he finds it rather amusing and, at the same time, rather fitting.

I kiss the top of his silky hair gently as his sobs quiet. He sighs and drifts off into the world of dreams.

I merely smile and again glance around the room, taking in the green walls and the gold trim. Our rooms are a mixture of us and our life together. How I love him so very, very much. And how with this war no one can ever truly know.

If I could, I would shout his name from the Astronomy Tower, even though it would be highly undignified, and kiss him in public. And show those bastards who have tried to harm him, who have laughed at him, who have said all those horrible things. I would show them that he is worth ten times as much as them.

But I can't. Such a thing now would lead to a swift and painful death to one or both of us.

I can't kiss him in public. I can't hold his hand in public; I can't even wear my wedding band in public. It hangs around a charmed necklace and is only visible to those that know it is there.

It is gold with a single word written on it, aevitas… forever, and a single emerald in place of the dot for the i.

Gold and green.

Green and gold.

Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Severus and Minerva.

Ever Hopeful,