Chapter 3: In Your Mind

The demon carried the girl in his arms towards the tiny town that is cave was near. He looked down at her, now unconscious. She was a very beautiful creature, with long dark brown hair. Her face looked peaceful and her young chest raised and fell evenly with the beat of his wings. He stared at her body, still wanting to taste it again, but he knew he would have to wait. He did not want to ruin the chances for the next generation.

It was close to dawn, as the sky began to go from the deepest black to a dark gray. He flew faster to reach his destination before the sun came up. Moving upward over a group of trees, he saw a small house with a large garden coming into view. He screeched and lowered himself to the ground, taking the young woman's body and placing it on the ground. With a loud roar and screech into the air, he rose off the ground and tore into the night. The lady who came out of the house did not see the creature, but let a loud gasp as her eyes fell on the body of Maria Adams.

I can talk to you now; I have words only in mind. My body cannot support vocal cords anymore to talk aloud.

Who are you?

I am old as time. I am death. I am born from humans and I devour humans. Many call me "The Creature", but I am known as a Temlarium Demon, a race of immortals that was cursed to the human realm and must feed on humans to survive. Our immortality was stolen and we have had to live this hideous life, eating humans to replace that parts on our dying bodies to continue to live. Most of my kind have allowed themselves to die. But I, I have found a way to beat the curse.

What do you want from me?

You are the one that is going to save my race. You are the one that is going to make us invincible again. You are going to give is our immortality…

No, Leave me alone!

I have chosen you to be my mate. I will be connected with you until you die. You can never escape me. You will be with me until I return to my world. Your life is mine.



Maria opened her eye and screamed. She thought she was still on the table and HE was with her. But as her eyes focused, she noticed that she was in a large bed with light blue sheets and large pillows. She looked around the room. It looked as if she was sleeping in an antique store. Looking down, she also noticed that she was now clothed in a long red cotton nightgown.

"Well, I thought I heard a scream from outside…"

Maria turned toward the door of the room that was now open and a pleasant looking woman stood inside it. Her face was rosy and her silvery hair was pulled back in a soft bun, making her look like a very loving grandmother. Her light blue eyes sparkled cheerfully as she walked over to Maria who was at a loss for words at her presence.

"My name is Elsa Daniels, retired Nurse. And you are my dear?"

Maria found her voice and spoke almost in a whisper. "M….Maria. Maria Adams. My name is Maria Adams."

Elsa sat on the bed beside her. "Such a nice name. Now, what on earth happened to you my dear? Do you remember anything?"

Maria felt tears beginning to form in her eyes. She let out a sob as she held her hands to her face. She felt a small hand touch her shoulder.

"It's alright deary. You don't have to tell me a word of anything. After all, you only have just met me. But I know one thing, until you get your strength back and are able to cope with all that has happened to you. You may stay here as long as you want. I am sorry to say I have no phone out here, but the town is but a short walk away and when you are able, you can use the phone there. I will notify the police when I go into town today that you are here."

"Thank you Elsa. I don't want to be a burden. I…..I….." Maria broke down again as she felt her body ache and quiver under the warm blankets.

"There, there honey. Do you want something to eat or drink? I am sure you are hungry, you have been asleep for almost the whole day."

Maria nodded slowly and Elsa left the room, smiling as she shut the door. She felt actually comfortable here, but she knew she had to get away from this place, away from Him. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, but couldn't hold that position because immense pain begin to throb in the her back and legs. She was still very sore.

"Why…….." she kept saying over and over. Why had this happened to her? Why had he released her and not killed her? And was the conversation in her mind just a dream? Maria thoughts battled so hard in her mind that she didn't notice Elsa return with a tray of homemade chicken noodle soup some biscuits. Maria returned to her senses as she felt the tray place in front of her.

"I hope you like this my dear, it's my mother's recipe. I brought you some cool water and some peppermint tea."

"Peppermint tea?"

Elsa smiled and chuckled. "Oh yes! Picked fresh from my garden. I tell you nothing makes me feel better than a glass of steamy peppermint tea. But, you can be the judge for yourself if you wish my dear."

She smiled again and left the room. Maria took up her spoon and sample the soup. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Of course it was the best now for she had been so hungry it wouldn't have mattered what it was. She buttered a biscuit and placed it to her lips, taking in its strong hearty smell. The taste was even better, fluffy and moist. She devoured the delicious meal, which took her mind away from the thoughts that haunted her so.

When she finished, she was again very tired. The demon had definitely taken its toll on her. But she knew she had to go to the police very soon.

"Like they will believe me anyway…." she groaned to herself. She knew from the stories of traveler's past who claimed to have seen the 'Creeper', were disregarded by the police as hoaxes. They don't believe he exists and probably never will.

"Maybe if I show them all the marks, then they will!" She said coldly as she tried to get up from the bed. But as soon as her feet hit the floor, she became so tired and dizzy; she collapsed back on to bed, her head spinning wildly.

"My dear! What were you trying to do? Hurt yourself more? Honey, you can get up in all good time!" Elsa had came into the room to see Maria fall back on to the bed. She shook head, helping Maria back under the covers. Her eyes began to close, she was so exhausted.

"Sleep my dear, regain your strength and you will be fine. I will go into town and contact Deputy Binns to come and speak with you later."

"Yes, I want to….police…..tell…"

Elsa turned off the light as Maria fell fast asleep.