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- - - -

How To Break a Triangle of Tension

Chapter 1: Tension and Twisted Revenge

- - - -

Rory was opening her bag of Cheetos when someone sat beside her and said, "So, tell me my love, what we are doing this Halloween?"

She stiffened slightly, put down her bag on her tray and glanced in the direction of the serving area to see if Paris was looking her way. Just Paris' back could be seen, she turned to face her new companion with a face reflecting pure annoyance, "As I've told you for the previous month, I'm not available, Tristan."

Tristan smirked and passed his hand on his hair leaving it even more disheveled than originally, "My, you hurt me." He placed his hand playfully over his heart, "You know I'll disguise in anything you want." He sighed and dropped his smirk as he watched Paris approached, "I guess now would be your cue to restate how infuriating I am and how much you dislike me." He stood up, faced Paris, "Have a great afternoon ladies."

Paris sat in front of Rory, "What was that all about?"

Rory picked up her bag of chips and shrugged her shoulders, "Same as always, he tries so hard to get me to hate him."

Paris snorted, "And now that Dean is out of the picture he'll try even more." She stood up and left her plate untouched, "I'm not that hungry after all."

Rory was left alone to watch Paris leave and slam the cafeteria door. She sighed and took out a book from her bag.

- - - - -

Tristan watched from across the library as Rory study, ever since their little talk on Monday, she had been a pro at avoiding him. He felt eyes burning through the back of his head and didn't need to turn around to know that Paris was sitting somewhere behind him, all he needed to confirm this was Rory's sad eyes looking over his shoulders. He was getting sick of this tension, ever since he came back nearly two months ago, that's how it had been. Him trying to get closer to Rory, Rory always checking for Paris and Paris glaring his way. His father had let him come back under certain conditions, one of them was to participate in any and every charity events held or supported by the school. While it seemed quite easy to achieve, it was a little complicated for the fact that Paris was the student counsel president along side Rory who was her vice and they were head of every charity. How those two became civil and even voluntarily worked together in the short span he was away was a complete mystery to him.

The angry glare directed at his back almost burned holes in his jacket, he turned around to wink at Paris and she hurriedly went back to her book but not before he could see the blush covering her face. He shook his head as the weird conception that maybe Rory and Paris was an item playfully raced around. He hid his face in his book trying to repress the imagery in his mind for a split second before images of the two girls in compromising situations popped into his head. He groaned in frustration, wishing he could really witness his fantasy, and sat up straight just in time to see Rory exit the library. He grabbed his books and followed her out.

- - - - -

As Rory rummaged inside her locker, she heard the familiar sound of Tristan's body leaning against the cold metal beside her. Without looking, she asked, "What is it you want this time Tristan?"

"Many things that I'm certain you'll decline. And you know why I know you will?"

Amused, Rory retrieved her head from inside her locker and asked, "Why don't you enlighten me then?"

He neared his face to hers until he saw her squirm uncomfortably and whispered, "Because I know your secret, your farm boy is just a front because you like girls."

Her eyes opened wide as she choked on her saliva. His incessant yet gentle tap on her back brought her back from her stupor which caused her to scream, "WHAT?"

He rubbed her back and she moved out of his reach, "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." He smirked and added, "I would have never figured Paris to be your type though."

Rory was boiling as she jabbed a finger against one of his shoulders and yelled, "Well you are wrong," tap on the shoulder a little harder, "Whatever gave you that wrong assumption," tap, tap "But you are wrong." Tap, tap. He breathed in relief as she turned white and received a new tap on the shoulder, "Whew! You just," Tap "put" tap "a very" tap "nasty" tap "picture in" tap "my head."

At that point, Tristan laughed a real laugh and grabbed her wrist to prevent her from more tapping on his shoulder. "Okay, I get the idea, you and Paris not an item."

Rory freed her wrist and let herself fall back causing her shoulders to collide with the lockers. "What gave you this absurd idea?"

Tristan slid to sit beside her, "Well, every time I talk to you, you are searching for her and she always sends me those angry glares when I look at you. You know, it's weird, I thought we were ok when I left but I come back and you're all jumpy." His eyes lightened up while he passed a finger on her jaw line, "Or maybe I'm just making you sense that sexual tension between us."

She pushed his hand away, "Maybe in your dreams, yeah."

His face serious, he asked softly, "Then tell me why you won't even talk to me."

She bit her lower lip, "Because you've always ruined things between me and Paris."

Tristan chuckled, understanding exactly what she meant but having too much fun, "So, there is a Paris and you. It's okay, I understand, I'll back off."

He got up and reverenced before turning to leave. Rory was up and grabbed his arm in an instant. "No, it's not what you think…" He turned around and cornered her against the lockers, "… Paris and I are… we are…" He leaned over her, one hand close to her head, the other one rested on her hip. She blushed and babbled, "…friends… that's all we are. Well, we're mostly enemies that ally together instead of hating each other but we are… friends… very platonic friends."

Rory tried to back down against the lockers to put more distance between them but Tristan just approached even more, his eyes misty and voice husky, he asked, "Then why can't we do something together, you and me, to break the tension."

Rory pushed him forcefully away and turned to finish packing her book and let out, "Fine, be a jerk, think what you want, I don't care."

Tristan rested a hand on her shoulder, his voice serious, "I'm serious. We should break that tension between the three of us."

She turned to face him, "Why do you even care?"

He sighed, "Because I have to be a part of every charity held in this school and it won't work if you and Paris don't let me. I just don't want to be shipped away again."

Rory smiled softly, "What did you have in mind?"

Tristan shrugged his shoulder, "Hang out together, have fun. But it'll have to be tonight... or tomorrow... because Chilton's Halloween formal for Chilton pre-prep is in two days."

Rory smirked mischievously, "So, you need me to save your ass." She feigned to think, "Tomorrow is Halloween and you already said you'd dress as anything I want."

He smirked back, "I'll even be your little piggy if you want."

She giggled, "That would be fun to see, but unfortunately I wouldn't want you to scare the little kids off while we trick or treat." She laughed upon seeing his horrified look as he shook his head no. She decided to play daring and placed both of her hands on his chest while advancing her face close to his, "I'll even let you be 'Captain Crash'."

Tristan gasped, "What would you be?"

She licked her lips, "The beauty Queen from Mars."

He grabbed her hips and brought her closer, "I'll be 'the beauty queen from Mars' if you want."

He was about to kiss her when the sound of Paris' voice echoed, "What is going on here?"

Rory squirmed in delight and joined Paris in a second. Paris glared at first but her eyes became misty as Rory spoke softly, cutting him off from the conversation.

- - - - -

Thursday afternoon after the last class Rory was at her locker and soon met by Paris and Tristan. She faced them in delight, "Ready to get ready to trick or treat?"

Paris yawned, "I wasn't when I was in kindergarten, and I think I'll just let you two go by yourself."

Rory's face fell, "But you said you would! Come on, it was Tristan's idea... to break the tension."

Tristan shook his head 'no', "Nuh-uh, I suggested we do something fun, not act as kids."

Rory played her Bambi's eyes, "You said you would?"

He smirked, "I got better plans, why don't you two ladies come over at my place for a week-end of fun?"

Paris snorted, "And let me guess, we'll play hooker all week-end long waiting for our turns to be served?"

He feigned to be hurt, "Is that really what you think it would be?" He breathed hard, "I would never do it unless you suggest it."

Rory groaned, "So? No trick or treat?"

Tristan smirked, "Will you stay platonically over for the week-end?"

Rory placed her arm around his waist, "I will if you'll be my beauty queen."

Tristan placed an arm around Rory's shoulder and the other one around Paris' shoulder. "You're in Paris?"

Paris glared and then forced a smile, "I don't have any other choice, and someone has to supervise you two."

- - - - -

Tristan was sitting in his pool house where no one ever went, and looked at both girls, "You can't be serious!"

Rory drank another sip of her coffee, "We are staying here for the week-end, and you have to let us get ready. Strip!"

He was stunned, "Naked?"

Paris came out from the kitchen with a bowl containing a green mixture and a big spatula; she exclaimed exasperatedly, "He's not ready yet?"

Rory shrugged, "He doesn't want to strip."

Paris rolled her eyes, "That's a first!" She pointed a finger at Tristan while holding the bowl in her hand, "This stuff is really hot, strip NOW!" She fought her laughter upon seeing Tristan's horrified face, "Do you want me to strip you?"

- - - -

He started to undress at a lost for words, wondering if inviting two crazed girls over for the week-end was such a good idea. He was about to take his boxers off when Paris almost shrieked, "That'll be enough! I certainly won't do your bikini!"

Tristan tried to grab his pants but they had disappeared, Rory pushed him on the couch that she had covered with a blanket, "Come on Tristan, you wanted to be friends, I'll let you wax me later." She sat on his stomach as she pushed him further down, "But right now, be a real beauty queen and let Paris wax you."

He struggled to get away and Paris exasperatedly yelled, "Rory! Do something to make him stay quiet!"

Rory did the only thing that came to her mind, she kissed Tristan, and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back, holding her close. He felt something warm on his legs but didn't care about it. He felt a sharp pain taking his concentration away from the lips over his and bit the lips, "OUACH!"

Rory slapped his shoulder, "You bit me!"

He pointed his finger at Paris and screamed as she pulled off another piece of wax, "SHE's WAXing ME!"

Rory laughed and kissed him softly, "What kind of beauty queen would you be if you shaved?"

Tristan clenched his teeth as Paris pulled on another slice of now cold wax, and muttered, "I'll wax you both this week-end."

- - - - -

Tristan sat relaxing on the couch as Paris rubbed cream on his legs, that part of waxing he liked, he enjoyed it immensely. Rory came back in the room, "Ok, Beauty Queen, sit up straight." She held up a bra but under his confused gaze, she asked, "You do know what a bra is, right?" He nodded but didn't move. Rory took one of his arms and leveled it to pass a strap when she noticed his arm pit. She cleared her voice, "Paris, I think we need the wax again."

Tristan stood up instantly, "No! Never again. Can't I wear a long sleeve shirt?" Both girls negated with their heads so he added, "Its cold outside." The girls glanced at each other again and he pleaded, "Please?"

Rory asked Paris, "You're okay with doing his breast? I still have to do his nails and make-up."

Paris pointed the couch to Tristan, "SIT."

He let out a sigh of relief as Rory passed her slender fingers through his hair and Paris started stuffing his bra. Not too long after he felt Rory move over to his hands and began giving him a manicure. He felt so relaxed that his body soon gave in to temptation and he fell into a light slumber.

- - - - -

Tristan was jerked awake by Paris dressed in a biker suit, her hair tangled and greasy and a beard covering her upper lip. His eyes lingered down to her stretched leather pants, which she had even stuffed in the right place. His glance kept going higher until it rested on her breast, he smirked, "This certainly won't work."

She ignored him and said, "Did you hear what I just said? Dress up?"

He examined the clothes she had sent his way, "What is this?" He showed her a pair of nylon socks.

Paris made an innocent face, "Socks."

He stood up angrily, "I know those are socks but why did you need to wax me if you knew I was going to wear socks?"

She shrugged, "We realized after you told us it was cold outside that you would freeze to death in heels without any protection for your legs."

She quickly left the room as Rory came out of the bathroom; dressed in tight black leather pants, a little black leather jacket that left little room for anyone's imagination of what was under it. Her hair was redder and she had black make-up around her eyes. He blinked; even her eyes were red as if she had smoked drugs. "Who the hell are you?"

She smiled, "Captain Crash"

Tristan took the sheet covering up the couch and wrapped it around her shoulders, "Well, doesn't mean you have to get high and show off to be him!" Then he walked closer to her as she walked back, "Of course, you're welcome to show off for me anytime you want."

She pushed him off and took the blanket off in one movement, "It's Halloween!" She walked over to the couch and sat down; she took the silky socks and started to roll them, "What do you say we get you dressed?"

He asked, "Why don't we dress YOU up?"

"Don't be silly Tristan, 'Captain Crash' dresses like Ziggy, and Ziggy dresses like this." She crossed her arms expecting his answer.

"But couldn't you wear another outfit of that Ziggy character?"

Rory laughed, "Ziggy is a character, Ziggy Stardust. Never heard of him?" Tristan only shook his head no, "Well, let's just say he was interpreted by David Bowie and he had no shirt at all." She stood up and feigned to take her jacket off, "I can take it off to trick or treat if you prefer."

Tristan grabbed both sides of her jacket, feeling her breast a little in the process and changed the subject, "Why don't you show me how to put those on." He pointed to the pantyhose that were draped over the sofa's arm.

- - - - -

Five minutes later, Rory was strapping roller skating pads on Tristan's legs. "You're all ready now." She took a step back, "You're only missing one last item!" She walked to her backpack in search of something. "Hahaha!" She hid the object behind her and said, "Close your eyes." She put something on his head and whispered, "Perfect!" She ran to the bathroom and knock on it, "Paris! Open the door, Beauty queen has to see herself then we're off!"

Paris opened the door just as Tristan joined Rory by the bathroom door and burst out laughing as she watched the couple in front of her, "You two are the perfect match!" She let them walk inside for Tristan to finally see his reflection. "I'll be in the living room."

Tristan saw himself in the mirror, black silky socks in high heels, and a pink mini skirt with a black shirt. His hands involuntarily reached for his breast as he saw the big pair of boobs he had but Rory slapped his hand away, "It's stuffing, you don't want to ruin it." He looked higher and finally saw his face, he looked girly with the entire make up, and then he looked at his hair and screamed, "You painted my hair GREEN!" Then he asked, "Why do I need the roller-skating pads? They clash with my outfit!"

Rory gently turned his face to look at her, she had her big Bambi eyes and a sweet smile, "But that's why you are my beauty queen for MARS." Then she laughed until she saw him try to strip and head to the shower, "It's fake, if you wash your hair a lot this week-end, it'll wash out by Monday."

He grabbed both of her wrists, "Swear it on your virginity that it'll go away."

She was stunned, "WHAT?"

"Swear or I'll make sure I get rewarded by your virginity."

She laughed, "I swear."

Tristan let her go and smirked; "Now we have two tinny details to deal with." He stormed out of the bathroom.

- - - - -

It had been fifteen minutes since Tristan had stormed out of the pool house and Paris was getting impatient. "Where the hell is he?"

Rory turned the TV on and said, "Well, his hair is green, he's dressed as a girl and freshly waxed, my guess is not too far."

Paris tapped her foot on the floor, "Can we get out of this stupid costume thing? It was fun to dress up but we aren't going out dressed like this."

Rory shifted the channel, "Oh yes we will!"

Tristan came inside the room and pointed to Paris, his eyes filled with mischief, "YOU, take your top off."

Paris' jaw dropped and Rory started to laugh bringing Paris back to reality, "Are you crazy?"

Tristan winked and took a girly voice, "What can I say, I'm the beauty queen…. From MARS! Now, take your top off." Paris crossed her arms in front of her and Tristan kept his girly voice, "Come on Mr. Biker, you're everything but attractive with the shape you have and boobs."

Paris' jaw moved but Rory laughed and asked, "Should we strap her?"

Tristan held out elastic bandages while Rory went to Paris to undress her shirt. "Gilmore, there is no way I'm taking my shirt off in front of him."

Rory refrained from laughing more, "You can't strap yourself."

Paris pointed to Tristan, "OUT!"

He smirked, "But if she does it alone it won't be as good as if we're both doing it."

Paris dropped her head between her knees, "Why did I get big ones?" Then she looked at Rory, "Can you be up front?"

Rory felt like teasing and asked, "I'm the guy for tonight, and I might get tempted, willing to risk it?"

Paris turned her back on Tristan and started to take her shirt off, "Whatever Gilmore."

Tristan coughed from behind and said, "You have to take the bra out to be strapped."

Paris turned crimson but took her bra out. Rory gasped, "Are they real? Can I touch? How can they hold that well?"

From behind Paris, "Can I see? Please? I'll be an angel? Can I see?"

From in front Paris, "Can I touch to see if it's different from mine?"

Paris saw the hand extended to her breast and yelled out, "FOCUS!" She slapped Rory's hand and threatened, "If you as much as feel me while strapping me you're dead!"

- - - - -

Paris sat on the couch, "I can't breathe with that thing!"

Tristan sat in front of her, "Can I have your foot milady?"

Half conscious from the strapping, Paris gave him her right foot and focused on Rory, "Do you really want to walk and ring bells? I can't breathe."

Tristan asked her, "Next foot."

Rory smiled and explained, "Come on Paris, you needed me. Imagine what it'll do to all of our grades if we can do the events smoothly."

A dreamy look appeared on Paris' face, "Harvard."

Rory smiled and extended a foot to Tristan as she heard him ask for it and replied to Paris, "Yes, Paris, Harvard." She gave her other foot to Tristan, "We'll ignore each other there, a big campus and all." She extended her feet in front of her while Tristan sat in front of them, "We'll be whatever we want to be."

Paris looked at Rory, "Yeah, wouldn't it be great, I can't wait to get my response to know what I'll do."

Tristan stood up, "Okay Ladies, I think we are ready to go 'trick or treat""

Rory exclaimed, "Yeah! Finally!" She tried to stand up and rolled back to fall in Tristan's arms, "What are those?"

Tristan smiled, "We'll trick and treat roller-blading."

- - - -

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