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How To Break a Triangle of Tension

Chapter 14: Goodbyes

Tristan was the first to wake up, a permanent smile on his face. He studied Rory's naked body snuggled against him, the sheets having been pushed at the foot of the bed sometime while they slept. He began caressing her back softly and felt himself getting hard again. He kissed the curve of her neck and felt her slowly coming to consciousness. Rory opened her eyes still filled with sleep and whispered, "Good morning."

He moved his hands slowly to her ass, "Indeed it is."

Rory smiled, "I'm starving."

Tristan turned her on her back and climbed on top of her, "Me too."

She felt him hard against her and she asked surprised, "Again?"

He trailed kisses down her neck to her breast, "There's no better way to start the day."

Rory agreed by moaning as he sucked on her nipple.

Rory got up from the bed; cheeks flushed and lips swollen, "I'm going to take a shower."

Tristan walked up to her, "Want company?"

She shook her head in disbelieve, "Are you ever satisfied?"

He chuckled, "Apparently, not with you."

Rory pondered for a minute, kissed him softly, "As much as I appreciate the offer," she bit her lower lip, "I would like to take a moment by myself."

Tristan nodded in understanding, hoping at the same time she wasn't starting to regret her late night impulses.

They walked hand in hand toward the little dinner to eat breakfast. They would take this opportunity to bid their goodbyes to the town and escape as soon as breakfast would be done.

As they came inside the little dinner, they were met by Madison, Barbara, Blaire and Kenneth who were already seated at a table. Tristan chuckled, "Looks like they were waiting for us."

She shrugged her shoulders and whispered, "Noisy people."

As they sat, Kenneth winked at Tristan, "Looks like someone is in a better mood than last night."

Madison blushed as Blaire exclaimed, "Did you guys kiss and make up?"

Barbara slapped her brother playfully, "Grow up will you?" She turned to Rory, "So, I guess you will be leaving soon?"

Kenneth didn't give Rory time to respond, "Barb, it's your time to grow up. Do you really think that a couple of stranger who came into town by accident and got forced to get married would settle down HERE?"

Madison smiled shyly, "I would have liked that. I'll miss you Rory."

Barbara continued in her place, "This town can be so boring; it would have been great to have new blood around."

Tristan sat back on his chair and discreetly placed an arm over the back of Rory's chair as she replied, "You can always come to visit me in..."

She was cut off by Tristan, "Rory, are you sure that you are hungry?"

Rory looked at him questioningly before answering, "Starved!"

He grunted just as an overly chilled woman came over to take their orders. As soon as she left after serving coffee, Barbara whispered in Rory's ear, "You are glowing."

Rory's mouth dropped open wide as Kenneth said out loud, "I got to say, married life do you both well so far."

Rory closed her eyes while Tristan chuckled. Madison, not catching the innuendo pitched in, "So, apparently Miss. Betty talked to her sister this morning and she says that she thinks that she won their contest for good."

Rory choked on her coffee and with four pairs of questioning eyes looking at her, Tristan invented, "Coffee must be too hot for her."

Tristan heard her murmur in his ear, "That was a lame excuse, even for you."

Blaire changed the subject to something more practical, "So, do you guys know where you'll live?"

Tristan nodded, "Of course, we'll live in Hartford."

Rory shook her head, "Oh no! I won't stand to live every day in the snobby town."

Tristan kicked her legs lightly under the table, "Come on, we already have the house." He saw the waitress come over to them, "Look Rory, food!"

She gave him a weird look and stated blankly, "I do have eyes."

Barbara shook her head and asked, "Why is it that when a guy do finally get the girl, he act like she is an idiot?"

Kenneth asked worried, "Is that the way I act around you?"

She shook her shoulder proudly, "No, fortunately I have trained you well." She turned to face Rory, "If you need tips; don't be shy to ask me." She slipped her phone number in Rory's hand, "But don't try to call after eight."

Blaire muttered, "Of course, we wouldn't want the parental to find out you are not sleeping in your bed at night."

Kenneth chuckled, "Blaire, you know nothing."

Madison looked confused and whispered, "You sneak out of your house every night?" She looked hurt as she added, "And you don't bring me along?"

Barbara laughed loudly enough to receive disapproving glares from other customers, and then she muttered, "Idiot! I don't sneak out, I sneak Kenneth in."

Blaire became red in the face, "What?"

Tristan turned to Kenneth in disbelief, "Is he always..."

Kenneth nodded in approval as he continued, "Out of this world?"

Madison looked around the dinner and whispered, "Guys, maybe we should change the subject," she blushed and gave what she thought was a discreet look toward the other people, "they are curious."

Barbara nodded, "And that would be bad." She turned to Rory and Tristan, "So, are you guys still in school?"

Relief that it was now a subject she was comfortable talking about, Rory smiled between two bites of pancakes, "Yes, seniors. You?"

Blaire pointed to his sister and said as if disgusted, "Same. Barb is the Cheerleader captain, Ken is the Quarterback of the football team," then he added proudly, "Madison and I are both co-president of the chess club."

Barbara threw her used napkin at Blaire as Rory asked, "This town allow you to be a cheerleader?"

The blonde girl laughed, "I'm the best dancer this town has and I don't think my parents know what a cheerleader is." She saw Rory and Tristan doubtful looks, "I'm serious! They even asked me once when they would be able to attend one representation."

Madison added, "They think is ballet dancing."

Tristan swallowed his last bit of pancakes, "Don't they see you practice on Campus?"

Kenneth smiled, "The beauty of it all, this town has practically no teenagers, so we have to attend school in another town."

Rory finished her coffee and sat back in her seat, "This is so weird, I feel like I'm in a whole town of my friend's household."

Tristan glanced at his watch and squeezed Rory's hand, "I hate to be the one breaking the party, but Rory; we have to go." He saw that she was about to argue, "We have a long road ahead of us."

Rory saw in his eyes pleading for them to escape while they could, "Ok." She stood up, the rest following her motions.

As Tristan was about to take his wallet out, Kenneth waved him off, "Consider it a wedding gift."

Not five minutes later, the four teens watched the convertible car drive away. Madison scratch her red hair and asked, "Shouldn't have we told them?"

Barbara turned to her friend with a quizzical look, "Why?"

Blaire whispered, "Because it's cruel not to tell them."

Kenneth brushed them all off, "They are smart kids. They'll figure it out eventually." He turned to Barbara, "I was thinking that we could go practice for our biblical drama class."

Barbara winked, "Only if I'm Mary-Magdalene."

Blaire lighted up, "Drama club? Can I join?"

Madison kicked his leg lightly.

The drive back was spent in silence, both Rory and Tristan lost in their thoughts. They were halfway back to Hartford when Tristan glanced at Rory only to see unshed tears glistering in her eyes. His grip on the steering wheel increased enough to turn his knuckles white. He muttered a curse which brought Rory back to reality.

"Something wrong?" Her concerned eyes observing Tristan's posture, so rigid and tense that she felt panic rising in her chest. "Pull over Tristan." Her tone didn't leave any place for argument and did as told but he kept looking straight ahead in silence. Rory took his right hand in hers, "Tell me what's wrong."

Tristan decided to finally look at her when he simply said, "No, you tell me what's wrong." He gently whipped a tear away and with a sad smile, he added, "I guess it wasn't such a good idea after all."

She let go of his hand, intertwined her fingers on her laps and stared at her knees. Barely above a whisper, she stated, "You regret." The tears fell down her cheeks, "I'm an idiot." She shook her head as anger and sadness battled to be the strongest, "I should have known."

Not really certain what she meant and was saying, Tristan exploded, "Don't put words in my mouth, Rory." She turned to face him ready for a battle of wits but he continued, "You were crying, are crying and I can only imagine why." He took a deep breath and used a girly voice, "Oh no! I have hormones and urges and I gave into them… with Tristan! Of all the people, what are people going to think about me now?"

Rory chuckled, her eyes still misty, "Don't put words in my mouth either." She unfastened her seat belt and moved to sit on his laps. "Don't be silly, I took part of it all willingly." She kissed him softly. He didn't reject her but he wasn't participating either. "No regrets remember?"

He moved his hands up her legs, "Just explain the tears then."

She stared in his eyes, searching for deception but only found care and tenderness, "I was thinking about tomorrow and the following days, school…" She gave him a soft kiss, "I know that this week-end we succeed to break the tension, we dismembered the triangle and that with Paris, you and I, it will never be the same. I know that no matter what, she will be there for you or me. I just don't know what it means for you and I."

Tristan smirked and kissed her tenderly, "What do you want it to mean?" His hands moved up and down her back slowly. He saw Rory bite her bottom lip and hesitate which made him say, "It can mean anything you want Rory." He stole another kiss, "I'm ok with whatever you want, except going back to pawning over you and get rejected." Another kiss, "You want us strangers? Fine, I'll move on. You want us friends, it will be hard but I'll also move on." He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, "You want to date? Fine, as long as we're exclusive. You want the girlfriend title? That would be the best option for me."

Rory felt butterflies flying inside her body; she shivered and asked, "Can we keep it a secret?"

"This week-end? Yes, starting from tomorrow, no" Tristan trailed kissed her neck while talking in between kiss, "I want to flaunt it. I want everyone to know that you are with me and that you are not available."

She closed her eyes as he slowly worked on removing her shirt, "Do I have to choose now?"

Tristan stopped removing her shirt, "Yes, the not knowing ends now. For better or for worse."

Rory smiled as she placed her hands under his shirt, ready to take it off, "Why did you stop boyfriend?"

He wasn't sure what he felt upon hearing her words, joy, ecstasy, rapture; All he knew was that he finally got the girl and he would make sure he didn't ruin it. "I don't think it would be wise to continue this on the side on the highway."

She blushed as she moved back in her seat, "Right"

They arrived in Stars Hollow a little after lunch. The silence was awkward but not uncomfortable. It was new to them both.

"Do you want to come in?" Rory asked seductively.

Tristan unbelted himself, placed a hand behind her neck to get her closer, "I don't think that'd be a good idea." Their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Not ready to finish the week-end right away, Rory tried to convince him, "Why not?"

He smirked in the kiss, glad he wasn't the only who didn't want the week-end to end. "Because if I do, I'll eat you up and then I'll take you until you can't walk anymore."

Rory closed her eyes, surprised by the feeling of lust irrupting inside her at his words. "And that would be bad how?"

Tristan raised an eyebrow in surprise, "It's not the first impression I want to give your mom."

She blushed and got ready to get out of the car, "Right, and that would be very very bad. Raincheck?"

He got out of the car to walk her to the front door, "Absolutely."

Lorelai Gilmore entered her home, high on caffeine and happy of her week-end "Rory! You will never believe what I heard. It's kind of sad but it is also extremely funny. I found out that Miss. Patty has a twin sister, living in a town nearby. They spend their time competing on the events in their town." She looked around the living room filled with baskets of laundry ready to be fold. She thought it weird that Rory hadn't had time to finish but resumed her story while walking toward the kitchen. "Anyhow, in that town, they like to play pranks on strangers. Apparently they are really bored. So, Saturday morning, two rich kids from Hartford came into town for breakfast in a silver Porsche. Within five minutes, they had the whole town synchronised for their prank. They acted as if they were a bunch or puritans who had a law against unmarried displays of affection.

Rory came out of the bathroom, a towel holding her hair and a bathrobe, her face flushed, "That's weird!"

Lorelai busied herself to prepare a pot of coffee, while Rory went into her room to get dressed. "Anyhow, they forced the rich kids to get married. Of course the kids aren't really married but they will found that out soon enough when they go to the city hall to get it annulled."

From behind the closed door, Rory asked, "Did know who they were?"

Lorelai filled the water in the coffee maker, "No, it's unimportant, they probably gave fake names. But she did have a description. Apparently, both were too good looking for their own good. What was the most remarkable about them was their hair. He had blond hair with apple green streaks and she had long chestnut hair with blue streaks. They both probably came from Mars.

Rory came out of her room while Lorelai was retrieving coffee mugs, "Mom…"

Lorelai turned and upon seeing the blue streaks in her daughter's hair, promptly sat down and screamed, "YOU GOT FAKE MARRIED WITHOUT ME?" Feeling sad, she added, "I can't believe my own daughter, the fruit of my labor didn't even called me to her wedding."

Author's Note : Hope you enjoyed. Again, sorry for the 8 year delay.