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After the cot incident the night passed almost peacefully. James didn't kill the man who brought their four loaded trays of food into the room and he didn't make Remus eat the bull penis.

James slept on the red couch, Sirius on the pullout couch, and Remus in his bed upstairs. Sirius didn't terrorize James and everybody was alive in the morning, it was considered a success. However that morning was a different story.

"Jammmmmesssss I'm booooooooored." Sirius wined. He was plopped on the counter in the kitchen watching James attempt to cook. "No! Whisk the eggs…I said whisk not maim!"

James shot the smaller man a glare before carefully maneuvering the whisk in the eggs. "Happy?"


He gave an exasperated sigh before turning away from Sirius' smirking face. "Sirius I don't think your cut out for this type of body guard work."

"Why'd ya think that?" Sirius growled. "Now add some sour cream." He instructed.

"Sour cream?" James asked, never the less getting the sour cream.

"I saw it on the food network." Sirius said in a matter of fact voice.

James shot him a deadpan look before sighing and adding a dollop of sour cream to his finely whisked eggs. "You've got such a terrible case of ADD, the thought of you stuck in a room for weeks boggles my mind."

"I'm going insane and it's only been two days." Sirius sighed. "And I do not have ADD."

"Fine, but you don't have the longest attention span." James negotiated.

"I have a perfectly fine attention span! I'm just a creature of the wilderness who likes to keep on the move." Sirius shrugged, he said it as if it made perfect sense.

"You know I've just learned to ignore those sort of comments." James sighed, pouring the eggs into the frying pan with a sizzle.

"That's okay…the invisible people around us appreciate my humor." Sirius said, again perfectly serious.

"Are you serious?"

"Who else would I be!" Sirius burst into peals of laughter while James glared at him.

"You are in dire need of funny lessons." The taller man sighed. "Now I think it's healthy if we get you out of the room, Remus too. God knows he's going insane."

"Somebody's out to kill him." Sirius deadpanned. "How the hell do you propose getting him out of the damn room!"

"Simple, toss some shades on him, dress him up a bit and give 'em a gun." James yawned. "I've done it before. If we don't let him out he'll get out on his own and that will not be fun."

"Can you stop talking about me like I'm a dog?" Remus growled.

Sirius smiled at him. Remus's hair was mused from sleep, he was dressed in black jeans and an oversized turtle neck. "Nice turtle neck, did ya get a hicky last night?"

Remus shot Sirius a frown, "If I got one it was from you sneaking into my bed, sexual fiend."

"That's the way you like it baby." Sirius purred.

Remus cuffed him on the back of the head before turning back to a shocked James. "What?" Both Remus and Sirius asked in unison.

"Remus can I talk to Sirius alone?" James asked.

"If you need to say something then say it in from of Remus." Sirius snapped. His hand twitched as if it wanted to wrap itself around Remus' shoulders. He didn't understand how, but in the two days he'd known Remus he felt a magnetic tug to the werewolf. Then again whenever Sirius fell in love it was fast, hard and bloody. Despite how many times he seen his lovers bleed, be tortured, suffer, and die, Sirius still couldn't keep himself from falling for people.

James saw the twitch in Sirius' hand and the look of protection in Remus'. He sighed exasperatedly. "Sirius have you ever heard of a professional relationship!"

"Yes, I'm conducting one with Remus right now." Sirius sniffed, shoving his nose into the air, stubbornly.

"Oh yeah, flirting is perfectly professional." James snarled sarcastically. "Sirius don't be an idiot. Remus is still a target. He might die, then where the fuck will you be?"

Sirius didn't say anything. He just starred at James, his gaze was clear and level. James' was stormy and angry. Remus was confused, shocked, and angry all wrapped in several bursts of gold in his eyes. "It's just flirting." Sirius finally whispered.

James' anger immedietly vanished after he heard Sirius' broken voice. He'd pushed Sirius to much. He shook his head as if to clear his enraged thoughts. "I'm sorry, I over reacted…besides…It's just flirting."

Sirius gave a frail nod and murmured something about a shower. He walked out, leaving James and Remus alone. The eggs were burnt and smoky. James sighed and grabbed the pan and peeled the blackened egg form the bottom of it. "Remus?" James asked. He knew Remus was too polite and proper to rant without permission.

"What the hell, James! He didn't do anything wrong, we didn't cross any boundaries!" Remus waved an arm angrily, pacing across the tile floor. "And what the fuck is wrong with you?" Remus adjusted his voice so it was high and mocking, "He might die, Sirius," his voice returned to normal and he continued. "Why did he just stop like that! He was livid and then he just mumbles about a shower and walks away. What did you do to him!"

James heard Remus fall into one of the chairs around the dining table they never used. Remus sighed and James assumed that Remus shoved his face into his hands as he always did when he was upset. He let Remus simmer down for a moment. "I'm over reacting Remus, I admitted that. Why the rage?" James finally asked softly. He looked almost sadly over his shoulder at Remus.

"Because…He…You," Remus fumbled with his words and in that moment James knew whatever twisted feelings Sirius had for the small werewolf Remus reciprocated them completely.

Sirius was a playboy, a cheater, and a fast and furious lover. He wooed them, bed them, and left them, sometimes all in the same night. James had been there when Sirius' brash love affairs had gone to the dogs, he'd seen Sirius fall completely apart in rebuild himself in a matter of hours. James had seen Sirius suffer from nervous breakdowns and yet the next day emerge from his house looking perfectly normal.

"I don't know." Remus finally spat. "But I'm angry."

"I'm not trying to question you Remus." James whispered. The two of them sat in a silence. It wasn't awkward or comfortable. Both their minds were on other things. "I try to help Sirius." James said, his voice was soft and yet it carried perfectly through the air. "I've seen him fall apart because relationships don't turn out well. He doesn't even fall apart, he completely breaks down, he becomes unable to function."

Remus said nothing. He shifted his gaze from the tiled floor to the window. "I know your just trying to keep us from…hurting ourselves. But don't okay?"

"So I should just sit here and watch while you two fuck this entire job up?" James growled.


"Good luck then." James walked out of the kitchen and into the back room, shutting the door tightly behind himself. He didn't sound angry, he was nervous, painfully nervous. Remus could smell it.

The blonde sighed and looked back at the kitchen, he heard the bathroom door open and almost in spite of himself walked to the bathroom. Sirius was ambling out of the doorway.

There was no friction or words between as Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius' neck and let Sirius' arms enveloped the smaller werewolf. Remus nuzzled his face into the hollow of Sirius neck and Sirius let one hand lace itself in Remus' hair.

"Rem-" Sirius started.

Remus cut Sirius off by pressing his lips chastely against Sirius'. Before Remus could pull back Sirius' lips were now attacking his mouth. Sirius tongue slithered across his lips and Remus opened his mouth to let Sirius deeper. The werewolf curled his hands in Sirius' luxurious dark hair and kissed him passionately.

In Remus' mouth Sirius could taste mouthwash and mint, but beneath all that he could taste the warmth that was simply Remus, his Remus. They kissed and kissed until finally Remus pulled back. The taller man nipped Remus' lip playfully and was rewarded with a blinding smile.

Sirius leaned back against the wall, holding his werewolf close to him. Remus' head just hit the top of Sirius' collar bone, the blonde was just high enough to plant a kiss on Sirius' beck. "I guess James told you about how fucked up I am?"

"A little bit." Remus nodded carefully. He felt Sirius stiffen and he shook his head passionately. "But I don't care…I love you."

"You can say you love me after knowing me for…what two days?" Sirius laughed harshly.

"Whatever the reason, I feel like I know you better then I do…I feel like I can trust you with my life." Remus murmured. Sirius' hear thumped painfully in his chest as the knowledge of what his mission was flooded back into him. "I feel like you could never hurt me, I feel like I could spend forever right here."

Sirius' eyes glazed over as he looked over his werewolf's head and into the golden sunlight pouring into the room. Remus belonged to the sunlight, he deserved as pure as he was to love. Sirius was a monster, a killer. Sirius belonged to the darkness. Once he was a creature of the sun…he'd been an angel just like Remus.

All Sirius could hear was people calling him an angel, his mother, lovers, multitudes of lovers, faceless and nameless. Angel, they said. He wasn't an angel…angels don't deserve to die.

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