Their set was about to begin. He was replaying their songs over and over again. It was always nerve racking before the show began He took his straight blonde hair out of its holder and let it fall to the middle of his back and curtain around his face. He could hear the crowd pulsating to the beats the DJ was playing. His silver eyes followed the lithe movements of his lead guitarist and co-singer. Waves of jet hair fell from his head, going all the way down to the hollow of his back.

Draco looked at Harry as he strapped on his bass and Harry his guitar. They both gave knowing smirks to each other, knowing how the crowd would respond to them. The drummer, a nonchalant guy by the name of Chase came and sat down at his place. "One minute" came the guy who did all the behind-the-scenes stuff for The Haven, Draco and Harry nodded in response and took their places. Draco close to center stage, but not quite, Harry closer to the side but still near Draco with Chase in center back.

Draco felt the crowd still as the owner of the club came to say a little bit about their band. And then the curtains went up and the owner left the stage. Draco stepped in front of the mic. All of the doubts left him as he felt the crowd look up at him in wonder.

The hard sounds of Harry's guitar were soon followed by Draco's own bass. Draco just let the words flow from his mouth.

I'm losing sight

Don't count on me

I chase the sun

It chases me

He remembered all of the long nights he had stayed up because he didn't have the warmth that his mate could give him. It had taken him what seemed eternity to find his other half, and now he knew that he could never live like he had again.

You know my name

You know my face

You'd know my heart

If you knew my place

I'll walk straight down

As far as I can go

He sung of the times he never wanted to be in. When he had to live behind his name because no matter what anyone said, it was all he thought he had. And then he found the part of him that was missing

I'll follow you if you follow me

I don't know why you lie so clean

I'll break right through the irony

The words flowed through his lips like intoxicating ambrosia. It was addictive. He and his mate shared a look that spoke of the ugly past and the promising future.

Denied in me

Reveal my faith

Just cut these strings

That hold me safe

He watched his dark haired angel loving stroke the vibrating metal strings. No, he could never go back to the way his world used to be. The colors never used to be as bright.

You know my head

You know my face

You'd know my heart

If you knew your place

I'll walk straight down

As far as I can go

Cure this wait

I hate this world

The last sounds of Chase's drums and Harry's guitar rang through The Haven. The crowd ready to hear more. Draco pulled his microphone free of the stand. The music that was his voice penetrated the crowd, "If you haven't figured this out yet," Draco smirked at the crowd, "Then allow me to enlighten you. We're the Fallen Boy Wonders and that was Follow." They played four more songs.

Draco picked up the microphone one last time then chanced a glance at Now Harry," he said to the audience as he pointed to the slightly blushing black haired beauty, "has a song to calm you for the last time this night, but you can see us again next week, same time same place. Would you care to hear it?" he asked the crowd and was immediately assailed with cheers to continue.

To long leg stools were brought out along with Draco's acoustic. The two microphones were placed in front of the stools and they each sat down.

Harry looked to Draco who gave a slight nod of encouragement. Harry let the world fall away to only remember the looks that Draco gives him when no one else is watching. Draco could always calm him.

Harry leaned a bit forward, "Well, it's still a work in progress, but I think Draco here," he gave the blond a wink, "Just wanted to see how much he could embarrass me."

And then Harry was lost to the music.

Severus Snape had been searching for his godson for over a year now. He and Harry Potter had both disappeared before even the Daily Prophets head lines could read "Dark Lord's Demise." He was finally on his last lead. Someone had reported two male veelas that fit their description in New York City of all places. He had been there only a week when he decided to stop for a drink at a popular underground rock club. When he looked up to see what band was playing, he couldn't believe his luck.

He watched as the dark and light veela sat in what looked to be their own created world as the dark haired veela's melancholy voice permeated the smoke filled atmosphere of the club.

He listened to what he now knew was Harry's voice. His drink completely forgotten.

I try
to be the man I am
in times of broken lives
and shattered dreams and plans
standing up to fight
the pressures and demands
staring at the knife
and holding in your hand
what used to be your life

this world is crazy, crazy
my dreams are fading, fading
I want my life, I want my life

you fight
your fucked up holy wars
fire anti-Christ
Jesus will come down
and help us win tonight
now how should I feel
I think I feel alright
so tell me where to aim
I'm blinded by the light

this world is crazy, crazy
my dreams are fading, fading
no one can save me, save me

I want my life
I want my life
I want my life
I want my life

and when I wake up you'll be here
and it will be the way it was

I want my life...
I want my life...
I want my life...

Harry kept his eyes closed throughout the entire performance. Then as Draco struck the last note he opened his exquisite green eyes to meet those of his mate. Draco's eyes flickered to him and then to a dark man at the bar.

A/N: first song written by Breaking Benjamin (Follow). Second song written by Smile Empty Soul (I Want My Life).