Title: Opposite Directions
Summary: How much of it was him and how much of it was her?
Word Count: 400-y haha
A/N: Pretty long for a "drabble" but I don't think it's strong enough to stand on its own. Heck, I'm not even sure it's "strong" enough for Musings… :-/ Another oldie. The meaning behind this one's more obvious, for those in the know of what was going on in my life a few months ago. Hah. Why was (is?) my fanfiction becoming so personal??


I haven't seen him for so long…I know he got back from his mission five days ago—Tsunade had me go over his cell's medic's report. Why is he suddenly…Did something happen? Before he left, maybe?

Sakura closed the filing cabinet she had been sorting and leaned back in her chair.

But…everything was fine before he left. Not perfect, like it used to be but…fine. Fine enough for me to get by. Why can't I cope with it the way it is now? He…He can't be trying to push me away…Can…he?

"I can't even say his name…" She laughed at herself.

He probably doesn't even realize he does this to me…or care…But...certainly he cares…He's always…cared…in his…own way…

"…How pathetic." Sakura stood, rolled her chair beneath her desk, and walked out. The office door locked with a solid click, and she started off down the hospital corridors.

At least a phone call…He doesn't know I've read those reports—He can't know. At least to stop in, let me know he's made it home safe…Let me know that he's actually okay

Sakura felt no rush to get home to her empty apartment, and her empty stomach did not hunger for the three-day-old leftovers that were waiting to be reheated again.

He has to know that I care enough to know that he's alive after an unranked—He can't…He can't hate me for it, at least. He can't want to push me away for—

"Ah. Sakura…"

Sakura snapped out of her trance and turned to the man that had addressed her. It took her a moment for her brain to process the picture before her: his tall, lean and sleek body, slightly slouched, turned towards her, ever so slightly; his unruly mess of silvery hair contrasting starkly with the dusky sky above; his tattered orange book open in his gloved hand; his single dark eye watching her with an unnerving intensity; his headband set askew, hiding his deadliest weapon; his mask, concealing any other expression he could have been wearing as he surveyed her with his disarming gaze.


"Nice seeing you, again." His eye creased, indicating a smile, and he continued on his way, in the opposite direction of her destination.

Opposite directions…He…doesn't…

Sakura hesitated a moment, and then continued on, towards her apartment.