Title: Thursdays
Author: Lokaia
Rating: PG for sexual suggestion.
(A/N): Written as a challenge on LJ. Give me a pairing and a theme. This was Tobias/Rachel fluff. I failed on the fluff bit, though - it's somewhat angst-ridden.


On Thursdays, Rachel's mom works late, Sara has Girl Scouts and Jordan has soccer practice. On Thursdays, Tobias flies through her window to perch on her desk, or the chair, but no math book is open, no notebook laid out.

On Thursdays the lights are off by seven and he joins her in bed, early as it is. Skin tight morphing suits are shed - more comfortable, but more revealing. It's all right. On Thursdays they can reveal themselves to each other, wrapped in blankets on her bed.

On Thursdays, they are not the same people. Rachel is soft and gentle; Tobias is hard and a little rough. It's all right. On Thursdays, Rachel doesn't have to be a killer; Tobias doesn't have to feel helpless. On Thursdays, they are not soldiers, she is not a warrior and he is not a mistake of technology. On Thursdays he is a man and she is a woman.

Afterwards they lie together, not one against the other's back, but facing. Pressed together, arms around each other, she likes to press her ear against his chest and hear the heart that beats there. He likes to press lips to her hair and marvel that he has them, that he's able to.

On Thursdays, he doesn't remind her that he only has ten minutes left. On Thursdays, she doesn't ask him to leave it all behind and make every day a Thursday. They are not Tobias and Rachel - they are a man and a woman, in love.

He waits until she's asleep to draw away, another kiss to her hair, tucking covers around her and touching her face with human fingers. The morphing suit is put back on, skin to feathers, feet to talons, lips to beak. He looks back at her once before taking off.

He doesn't tell her he leaves so he doesn't forget what he really is.

She doesn't tell him she's never asleep when he leaves.