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Dark Angel


Leaning against the tree trunk, Naruto waited impatiently for the person he was waiting for to show up. He rubbed his hands together and pulled his coat closer to his body as he shivered slightly, and wondered what had possessed him to come out on this cold night. But he knew. It was him. His eyes took on a dreamy look as he thought of the mysterious person he was waiting for. Yes, he knew that it was dangerous. He knew that he was risking his own life, and that he was just digging a hole for himself to fall through.

But... at least it was a risk he was willing to take. Even if that person killed him, he wouldn't mind. He knew that this couldn't last forever, and he wasn't as naive to believe in 'happily ever after'. But it was okay. Even if it was only a minute, it was okay. For as long as he was with him, nothing else mattered. They need not take responsibility for anything. Reasons and consequences be damned.

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts as he felt a hot breath on his neck, and strong arms pulled him into a tender embrace. He smiled slightly to himself; he didn't even need to look to know who it was.

Only Sasuke could smell so good...

"Waiting for me?" Sasuke whispered seductively, ghosting gentle kisses down the back of Naruto's neck. Naruto shivered slightly.

"Wh... why else do you think I'd be here?" he replied breathlessly. Sasuke chuckled.

"No, just felt like asking," he replied, nuzzling Naruto's neck tenderly. Naruto twisted himself around so that they would be face to face. For a moment, he allowed himself to take in the beautiful sight before him. With pale skin that glittered in the moonlight, the ebony locks of hair that framed a perfect face, mysterious onyx eyes that seemed to be endless, Sasuke was truly too beautiful to be human...

'But then again, he isn't...'

Naruto raised his shaky hands to Sasuke's face, allowing them to gently trace the high cheekbones, memorizing every single detail, loving how the skin felt soft as silk beneath his fingertips. Sasuke smiled slightly.

"Missed me?" he whispered, brushing his lips across Naruto's forehead gently. Naruto suppressed a light shiver.

"Yeah..." he admitted. "I..." Naruto wasn't given a chance to continue as soft lips descended on his own, stealing away his breath. Seeing that the blond needed much more air than he did, Sasuke broke the kiss reluctantly, and for a moment the forest was silent, save the panting sounds coming from the both of them.

"So how've you been?" Sasuke asked gently, brushing away a stray lock of hair that fell on his lover's face. Naruto leaned against Sasuke's hard chest.

"Missed you... so much..." he whispered, unwilling to raise his voice and break the peaceful aura surrounding them. He shivered again as a breeze blew past. Sasuke pulled him closer.

"Cold?" Without waiting for an answer, he pulled off his long overcoat and wrapped it smugly around Naruto.

"But what about you?" Naruto's voice came out barely a whisper, but Sasuke could hear it clearly. He smiled, and yet there was a hint of sorrow in his dark eyes.

"I'll be fine... People - no,creatures like me... we can't feel the cold... I guess that's what makes me a vampire... a demon..."

Naruto smacked Sasuke's head none-too-gently. "Don't you go degrading yourself like that! It's not like you!" Sasuke just smiled sadly. Before Naruto could say anymore, he noticed the sun peeking over the horizon.

"I guess you should go now..." he said reluctantly. Sasuke nodded.

"I'll be back..." he promised. And Naruto was suddenly left all alone in the forest, with only the lingering scent of his lover left behind, and the sound of his melodious voice ringing in his ears.

"I'll be back..."

End prologue

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