Prince Yuki

Chapter 1:

Kyou looked at Tohru's nervous form, walking in circles across the hall. It has been one whole week since Yuki ran away. It was after he found out from Shigure that Tohru and Kyou were now officially 'together'. Of course no one told Tohru in fear that she might feel guilty. 'Baka nezumi he's so stupid to have ran away! Baka nezumi!' he thought angrily, seeing his girlfriend worry so much about the rat.

"Tohru-kun, Tohru-kun, you should really calm down." Shigure said, patting Tohru's shoulders. "Yuki-kun is old enough now, he'll be fine on his own. Come on, eat." It's true; three days after Yuki's disappearance, Tohru stopped eating. She was so worried that she couldn't eat even when Hatori told her to. Akito didn't want for the others to look for Yuki so no one looked for him.

Except Haru, that is, who didn't stop looking for Yuki. But Haru was so stupid, he got lost in two days. No one knew where he was but he somehow got to Beijing…

"Demo, Shigure-san, I—" Tohru started with worried eyes. But before she could continue, Kyou already stood up, not taking anymore of this. The two looked at him.

"Alright, alright! I'll look for that damned rat! Just stop fasting already!" he yelled, still concerned with her health. She was a lot thinner and paler than usual…he didn't like it one bit.

Tohru looked up at him with admiration and appreciation, "Oh, thank you, Kyou-kun! Thank you!" Kyou saw the relief in Tohru eyes and smiled sadly, she was hopelessly too nice. He took her by the head gently and kissed her forehead, making her blush lightly.

"Ufufufu! Young lovers!" Shigure teased, causing Kyou to send him flying to the wall.


Later that afternoon, Kyou was in his cat form, running from rooftop to rooftop with a bag of clothes on his back. He was prepared for anything, absolutely anything. He started picking up an old scent and followed it, jumping from roof to roof.

When he was just about to jump to another room, he stopped when he saw smoke coming out of a window. He was…surprised to say the least.

It was Hanajima's room, she was looking out the window and it all happened so fast she didn't even have time to react! Yuki transformed back to his human form while Hanajima's back was turned to him and he quickly took advantage of it but hugging her from behind! He transformed so quickly that when Hanajima turned to see who it was, he was already a mouse!

Kyou's jaw dropped to the ground. Yuki…that damned rat…the Prince…did THAT!

Hanajima turned to look at who hugged her but found a small rat on the floor. She smiled, bending down and scooping him up in her petite and gentle hands. "Prince-chan, were you the one that hugged me?" she asked in her normally dead tone.

Yuki squeaked and cuddled Hanajima's thumb, making Kyou's eyes bulge out completely! He could not believe Yuki could do such a thing!

Hanajima smiled her soft, creepy smile again, "I thought for a moment there that someone actually was here. I'll go get some cheesecake, do you want some?" she asked, her tone never changing.

Yuki squeaked again, nodding in delight. "Stay here." Hanajima said, putting him down on her desk. When the door closed, Kyou quickly gathered his wits and jumped to the window ledge.

"You damned rat! What do you think you're doing!" he yelled, hissing at the shamelessness of him. At first Yuki had a horrified expression on his face, uttering his name in surprised. But then his face turned gloomy and he turned away.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, ashamed that the baka neko saw him in such a state.

"I'm looking for You you damn rat! Don't you think Tohru's worried about you!" Kyou tried his best to be calmer about things but Yuki was being selfish, running away like this.

"I'm sorry." Was Yuki's sincere apology, "But I won't go back."

"What! You're out of your damn mind!"

"I'm sorry, but I won't go back!" Yuki said, more sternly this time. "Hana-chan…she's…I like being with her…"His voice softened when he mentioned her name. Hna had taken good care of him since she found him on her porch, sick and weak. Ever since then, he had felt indebted to her. So he did what he could to help around the house without revealing his secret. And she had proven to be more normal than how people thought of her. She was kinder, less creepy and more misunderstood than she normally wanted others to see her as. She was more complex and yet simple at the same time. He wanted to learn so much about her.

"Stop being so selfish, you damn rat! Don't you know that Tohru hasn't eaten for two whole days because she's so damn worried about you!" Kyou finally released his anger and said everything he was thinking.

Yuki whirled around to face Kyou with wide eyes. "Tohru! Why didn't you make her eat!"

"She's too worried over you, you damn stupid rat!" he looked as if about to pounce but was quickly distracted by a click. They both turned to the sound and were wide eyes, their hairs standing on end at the sight of the dangerous shotgun in Hanajima's hands.

Hanajima readied the shotgun and Kyou jumped away in time before the bullet could hit him! Resulting in him falling from the second floor to the ground. Yuki was still in a state of shock while Hanajima put the shotgun aside and patted the mouse, saying, "Don't worry, Prince-chan, that orange cat can't eat you now."

Yuki stared on, still shocked. "We ran out of cheesecakes, Prince-chan. Megumi ate it all." She said, going to her closet. "I'll just change out of my school uniform." Before Yuki could realize what Hana just said, she was already I a state of undress! She was standing in her closet in her underwear, (which was actually lacy and black) and whoa! What a sight to behold!

As soon as he thought of that, he felt blood dripping from his nose and he quickly turned away, ashamed that he stared at Hana. He shouldn't have thought of what he just thought. And he shouldn't have seen what he just saw!

"Prince-chan…I'm worried about Tohru-kun." She spoke gently and yet tonelessly, as if lifeless.

Yuki's attention was fully on her but he stopped himself before turning, she might still be choosing her clothes.

"Ever since Yuki, the Prince I named you after, disappeared, she started eating less and less. She doesn't even smile anymore like she always does." Yuki felt guiltier now that the words were coming from her. She was sad because Tohru was sad, and she was sad because of him! It was his entire fault!

"I hate him." When she said that, Yuki froze. Not knowing what to think. She hated him. She said it herself. "He took her away from me. And now, he makes her suffer. I hate him…" she declared coldly.

Yuki felt like crap now, everyone hated him. And it was his entire fault for being so stupid and selfish. Kyou was right. And yet he still didn't want to leave Hanajima. But he had to make a decision before anything else went wrong.

That night, Yuki transformed into his human state again. This time, Hana was sound asleep in her bed. He watched her from where he stood, looking longingly down at her. He made his decision and he knew it was the right thing to do. But he would still miss her.

So he walked over to her, his and her form bathed in moonlight. He laid beside her and stared at her back turned to him. He sighed, for her sake, he thought. Slowly, almost painfully, he wrapped his arms around her sleeping form and tenderly embraced her, knowing that it would be his last chance. He transformed and sighed, staying a moment with her.

Hana groaned and turned to face him, seeking his warmth. But when she found no one beside her, she curled into a ball, hiding her face behind her knees. Yuki longed to hold her, to comfort her, to stay… but he couldn't. With one last look, he went to the window and ran to Shigure's house, never turning back.