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A/N: Kim Possible meets the X-Men? Nah, Kim Possible becomes an X-man? Oh, yeah, along with Ron, Bonnie, Brick Flagg, and Monique, each with their own mutant powers, what are they, read, and find out.

Mutants Among Us


Kim Possible


The X-Men

Kim, Ron, Bonnie, Brick Flagg, and Monique are in for a real surprise, after an attack on Middleton by Sentinels, the four find out they are mutants. Unsure of what to do, or where to go, the four bid goodbye to their families, and begin wondering the country, not staying in one place too long, until they are finally cornered in New York by The Brotherhood, it's there, that the four meet The X-Men, and are recruited into their ranks, what happens next? You need to read in order to find out.


Kim Possible was preparing to meet her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable, at Bueno Nacho today. As the two of them had planned an entire day in each other's company, they didn't want to miss anything, so, meet at Bueno Nacho, then a trip through the park, just the two of them, no Drakken to worry about, no other enemies trying to kill, or capture them,

'How sweet it is.' Kim thought, as the freckle faced form of Ron Stoppable came into view,

"Hey, KP. Ready to hit it?" He asked, a smile on his face,

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Kim Possible, and her loser boyfriend." came a voice from the door, it was Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's jealous competitor from the cheer squad, and ever since graduation, a major pain in the back.

Bonnie had been spiked by her then boyfriend, Brick Flagg, for another of Kim, and Ron's friends, Monique Jackson, who Kim could see just over Bonnie's shoulder,

"You know, Bonnie, you might want to get out from in front of the door." Kim said, an evil smile on her face,

"Why?" Bonnie replied, her trademark smirk in place,

"Because some of us might want to leave." came Brick's voice from behind Bonnie, he was standing, hand-in-hand with Monique,

"Where are you two headed?" Monique asked, as Bonnie stormed off,

"The park." Kim said,

"Wanna make it a double date?" Brick asked,

"I'm game for it." Ron replied, making Kim smile. The two had grown rather attached to Brick over the last few months, and had come to enjoy his company.

Despite the fact that Brick was a jock, he had a very high intelligence, one that didn't go unnoticed by either Kim, or Ron. Monique had figured it out early, and had reassured him that it wasn't the reason she fell for him,

"How could you not?" had been her reply.

At Middleton Park:

The two couples were having a wonderful time, eating the picnic lunch that Kim and Ron had brought, when something caught Kim's ears, screaming, coming from the direction of the park entrance,

"What is that all about?" Kim asked, standing,

"Right behind ya, KP." Ron said, jumping up from his seated position, and running after his girlfriend, Monique and Brick followed, hoping to get a glimpse of the action.

As the four made it to the entrance, they were greeted by a sight that made them shiver, several giant robots were wrecking the park, creating widespread mayhem in their rather large wakes. The robots were at least thirty foot tall, and purplish in color, they had three fingers, and an opposable thumb, they seemed almost human, if it weren't for the fact that they were as tall as they were, and had steel grids across their mouths,

"Mutant DNA identified, primary objective activated, destroy all mutants." One of the machines said, turning to the four friends,

"What?" Kim said, standing, rooted to the spot in shock, it was Brick's voice that brought her back to reality,

"Sentinels, move it!" He shouted, pushing the three out of the way,

"What are they?" Kim asked the former quarterback,

"They're Sentinels, mutant hunting robots, once funded by the government to 'fix' the mutant phenomenon." Brick said,

"And how did they 'fix' the problem?" Kim asked,

"By killing all mutants they laid eyes on." Brick said,

"What was it talking about, 'mutant DNA identified?'" Ron asked,

"That's how it identified mutants, by analyzing their DNA." Brick said, now grabbing onto Monique's hand, and pulling her away from the edge of the treeline, and deeper into the woods that surrounded the park,

"So, who among us is a mutant?" Kim asked,

"I am." Brick said, hanging his head,

"No way!" Ron said, looking at his friend,

"Yes way, Ron, but it wasn't after just me." Brick said,

"What do you mean?" Kim asked,

"All four of us are mutants." Brick said, making the others jump.

At that time, a Sentinel had smashed it's way through the treeline, and located the four teenagers, Kim, Ron, and Monique had never been so scared in their lives, they were facing off against a killing machine, with a small arsenal at it's disposal, and they had nothing.

It was at that time, that Kim felt something weird happening to her, suddenly, she could feel a vibration in her body, as though an earthquake was building up from inside of her. She looked at the huge robot in front of her, and concentrated, from out of nowhere, an enormous shockwave erupted from Kim, making contact with the Sentinel, and blowing it to peices,

"Woah, did I do that?" Kim asked, looking at the destruction that she had caused, trees were smashed flat for several yards around her, and the small greenhouse that bordered the park had looked as though vandals had broken out every window, not just on the sides, but the glass roof as well.

She didn't have time to think on it, though, as another of the thirty foot killers were bearing down on them, this time, it was Ron who reacted. Kim watched, awestruck, as electricity crackled at Ron's fingertips, in one swift motion, Ron threw everything he had at the oncoming robot, it halted, and shivered, as electricity arced over it's metal casing, causing it to cease operation.

Meanwhile, Brick seemed to have tripled his height, and weight, knocking over two more Sentinels as they made toward them,

"Hah, batter up," Brick said, swinging a tree like arm at the huge robot that was making a beeline toward him, "ooh, home run." he added, as he took off the robot's head in one swing.

Monique looked petrified, as she had yet to show any mutant talent, then, out of nowhere, a huge mallet appeared in front of the next Sentinel that bore down on her, knocking it to the other end of the park, reducing the killer robot into scrap metal,

"Wh-what just happened?" Monique stammered, looking around at them all,

"Our powers just became active." Kim said, looking over at Ron, who still had sparks of electricity coming from his fingertips,

"You mean?" Monique said, looking frightened,

"Yeah, there's a word to describe us now," Ron said, then taking a deep breath, he said, "mutants."

"If they're here after mutants, then that means that Bonnie's in trouble too." Brick said,

"What do you mean?" Kim asked,

"Bonnie's a mutant too." Brick said, in a monotone.

At the home of Bonnie Rockwaller:

Bonnie was still seething about the comment that Kim had thrown her way, when there was a rumbling outside,

'Sounds like rain.' Bonnie thought, as she looked out her bedroom window, that's when she saw it, a thirty foot robot on her front lawn,

"Mutant DNA identified, primary objective activated, destroy all mutants." a robotic voice boomed,

"WHAT!" Bonnie screamed, running out of her bedroom, and onto the front lawn,

that's when she got a good look at the thing that was occupying a huge portion of the front yard,

"Oh my God." she managed to squeak out, before the robot lifted it's foot, to attempt to bring it down on her.

In seconds, Bonnie's body was consumed in a huge fireball, with all of her strength, she hurled the ball of flame at the Sentinel, melting it where it stood, just as Kim, Ron, Monique, and Brick came around the corner,

"Come to see the freakshow?" Bonnie asked, not looking at the four new arrivals,

"Not hardly, Bonnie, we were attacked in the park." Kim said, making Bonnie jump,

"What?" she asked,

"Yeah, all four of us are mutants too." Ron said, making Bonnie finally look at the group,

"You know what this means, don't you?" Bonnie asked,

"Yeah, we do." Kim said, knowing where this conversation was heading, they had now become outcasts in human society, now, it was a fight for survival.

There was only one thing to do, they would need to run for it, not just for their safety, but the safety of the city as well.

There's the opening, hope you like it, I thought of this one not too long ago, and my mind just took over from there, it took me a while to hammer out the details, but in the end, to should blend in seamlessly. This story is a little different from the other KP/X-men crossovers that have followed it, for starters, I got Kim AND Ron as mutants, not just one of them, I've even taken it a step further, and added Bonnie, Monique, and Brick Flagg, and as you can see, each one of them has a unique power, Kim is able to produce sonic pulses, Ron is able to produce electricity, Brick has the ability to change his body to any weapon he needs to finish a job, Monique has the ability to make anyone's dreams, fantasies, and nightmares, become reality, and because of that power, she is also telepathic, and Bonnie is a little firebug, able to create and control fire.

Chapter 1 will take place eight months after the prologue, a few mentions of what the five did before ending up in New York will be explained, but not in great detail, as it has no real bearing on the story.

This takes place in the Ultimate X-Men universe, so you will get to meet the usual suspects, i.e. Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Professor X, and Rogue, but you will also get to meet Colossus, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Psylocke, and Emma Frost and from the New Mutants Universe, you'll get to meet Magma, sorry, no Shadowcat.

btw, this story takes place after So The Drama, there will be a few spoilers in it, just as there were in the prologue, the mention of Birck, and Monique dating, that was my little spin on what happened after the prom.

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