Professor Charles Xavier sat across from his old friend, the two were engaged in a game of chess, and at the current time, the game was, at best, a stalemate,

"Why did you attack New York, Erik?" Professor X asked,

"I didn't, Charles, I would've thought you would've known that by now." Magneto replied,

"Then who did?" Professor X asked,

"Someone that we both know, all too well, you remember the last time he showed up." Magneto replied,

"Only one person would ever make you run, and hide, and he's not on Earth anymore." Professor X commented,

"Not yet, Charles, but Havok, and Avalanche uncovered evidence that he's returning." Magneto replied,

"Oh, God, just what we don't need at the moment." Professor X replied,

"Yes, I know, he would destroy all that both of us have worked so hard for, for years." Magneto said,

"It looks like The Age of Apocalypse is coming again." Professor X said, speaking what both men were thinking.

Stay tuned for The Return of Apocalypse, the next installment of this trilogy.

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