Rating: G / K
Characters: Rude, Reno.
Words: 470

Reno can be argumentative at the best of times, never mind those when the world is going to end. Rude is never surprised by him, and knows that whatever he says next will get torn apart; but lately Reno has been insisting that they should stick together for however many days they've got left, the last Turks on the planet after Elena gave up. Rude feels it's a thought that needs to be discussed. Reno's never been one to talk about anything important.

"Shouldn't we…?" Rude falters, unsure of how to express the thought. The sky seems heavy with the weight of so many stars and, though it's dimmed through his glasses, if he wasn't convinced that they was going to make it Rude would have thought that maybe it was one last, glittering show of sympathy for their suffering planet.

"They caused the deaths of both our Presidents," Reno says swiftly, and Rude can sense that something bigger than just that bitter sentiment is bothering him. "They killed Heidegger, butchered Tseng, wiped out a whole sector of people because they've got a grudge against the company. These guys are filthy, ruthless terrorists, Rude. You know that." Reno stops, mid-thought, and points in the vague direction of north. "You think they're gonna let us go because we never quite managed to wipe them out?" He sighs and scratches the back of his head, collecting his thoughts. "They might be tryin' to save our lives from that jackass Sephiroth, but only because they have to. I'm tellin' you, their friends'll come finish what they started soon enough. We'll be better off as two sets of eyes."

Leaning back again, Rude gives a swift nod. He knows that Reno's right, of course he does, he'd do the same in AVALANCHE's position; but something about Reno's actions doesn't seem to fit. Maybe it's the strange mood he's been in, Rude thinks, one hand lifting to hang rather uselessly at his side. Brooding. Maybe that's why he doesn't feel right about laying low with Reno for a while, renting out chocobos in the country until things blow over.

There is a bright flash of light from above, angry red simmering behind a new veil of green. Rude listens to the wind pick up, sees Holy's path through the sky behind him reflected in his glasses, and turns to look at Reno. The redhead is staring at the Meteor with the same wide-eyed disbelief he'd first given to Elena - looking at something that he knows, through experience with first impressions, is good, but can't quite bring himself to believe.

And with a faint smile, "You've been a Turk too long," Rude murmurs, rising to his feet, and he sets off from the crowd of crying spectators that gather to watch the destruction of the Meteor.