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Jonouchi Katsuya should never smirk. Especially not in that 'I-know-something-you-don't-HA!' way that makes Otogi Ryuuji want to run far far away. Screaming like a little girl. With much arm waving.

But a certain Honda Hiroto's arm is slung casually around Otogi's neck, with his other hand poised to muss Otogi's perfectly sculpted hair and the glares from Otogi's fan club rolling off of him like water. All muscle, tan, boyish grin and scarred knuckles, and it's all Otogi can do to hold on to Honda's arm for dear life lest he melt into a little puddle of happily burbling Otogi-goo.

Then Otogi notices that Jonouchi is still smirking in that scarily Kaiba-esque way.

'In fact,' Otogi thinks, ' The smirk has widened quite a bit.'

Otogi is torn between running away and letting Honda manhandle him some more. Otogi straightens, just as Anzu draws Honda's attention with a question, causing Honda's arm to drop to Otogi's waist. And stay there.

Otogi's face now closely resembles a tomato.

Otogi attempts to leave, only to be squeezed absentmindedly, and resigns himself to being smirked at.

He barely notices when Kaiba walks behind Jonouchi and brushes against him slightly. Otogi does notice when Jonouchi jumps a good half a foot, squeaks and blushes.

Otogi's the one who's smirking now.