Episode #2-4

Broken Mirror

Aftershocks, Part III

"Well, that is interesting." Xanatos had sighted Goliath really fast, seeing him on the way back to south Manhattan. But it wasn't the huge leader of clan Wyvern, who catched his interest. It was the female gargoyle beside him.

Dispite the fact that he was unable to get any details, he definitly knew that it was a female because her recognized the body shape when comparing it to Demona's. Also Goliath was, as far as he knew, not gay, meaning that he would never hold hand this way with a male. But this female was not Demona, because her skin color was brown, and her hair black.

Looks like Goliath has managed to get himself a girlfriend. And they are even the same species. I wonder what the good detective thinks about this, since she seems to be really protective of him. Well, that will be even better than I have planned. Goliath is too easy to tease.

"Let's see if I can get him angry and get a good view of his new item." Activating the engine, Xanatos took course directly towards Goliath.

Goliath had enjoyed the glide back to the clock tower so far. Now that he was aware that Elisa was attacted to him in a way, her tightly holing his arm made much more sense. It was more than her just being scared of falling. She wanted to be near him, but obviously had no clue about her own feelings towards him. And he would not press the matter, it should evolve on itself.

Suddenly he noticed a noise becoming louder. He very well knew what this noise was, and cursed that Xanatos had picked up a very bad moment to bother him. "Elisa. Either Xanatos himself or one of his robots is chasing us. I can't get rid of him while in the air with you holding on me. We must land."

"Damn Xanatos! Why does he have to bother us? Can't he just stay home and scew his wife like all of these married, rich yuppies do at night?" Elisa hissed, her eyes taking a slight red color. "I don't want him to see me, get down on a roof with some cover!"

Goliath knew why. Elisa not wanted that Xanatos knew of her transformation yet. The less he knew, the better. Descending on a roof, Elisa jumped away from Goliath, behind a water tank. Just in time because Xanatos already descended on the roof, looking towards the giant gargoyle.

"Well Goliath, I would have never thought that you would get yourself a girlfriend, especially from your own species. Is she shy or why doesn't she want to show herself?" Xanatos tauted him, hoping that Goliath would do something stupid or that his girlfriend would snap and come out of hiding.

He grinned when he heared the female growl from her hiding place, but she not showed herself and Goliath also seemed to try to stay calm. "Just leave us alsone Xanatos. We are in no mood for your games tonight."

Xanatos was disappointed. "Oh, I'm hurt Goliath! No time for your ol' buddy Xanatos? And I thought of you as reliable."

When Goliath not answered, Xanatos added: "Is she really so ugly that she wants no one to see her?"

That did it when suddenly he was thrown down from the side by someone he hadn't seen before. To question a woman's beauty was always the best way to make them angry. "About time! No woman regardless if human or gargoyle, likes to have her beauty being taken into doubt." He then looked at her to see what she looked like. And he was surprised.

The female looked like a gargoyle version of Elisa Maza. Everything from her face over her coloring down to the clothing style. Xanatos remembered the strange dream he had two nights ago. He dreamed of gliding with Fox through the skies on gargoyle wings.

Either this happened by a strange chance, or there is somehow more to the dream than I thought. Maybe it's no wonder that the detective had vanished from the face of Earth, if that is her standing before me, growling and eyes illuminated blood red. Xanatos thought, while getting up.

"One more word Xanatos..." the female threatened. Even the voice matched perfectly the Detective's. Xanatos had no doubt now, that this was indeed Maza standing there before him.

"Oh, God fobid! I wouldn't dare, Detective. Nice new look you got there..."

"Watch your mouth Xanatos, I had not chosen to be like this! So move your sorry ass away and leave us alone!" Elisa threatened. She had no idea that she could get this agressive. Maybe gargoyle females had more hormones that made them easier angry?

Xanatos simply activated the engine. "If you wish it this way... I already got what I wanted, this information can be very useful in the future! Good night!" Then he left them with high speed.

Elisa's eyes lost their glow. She herself was quite shaken that she had let herself become angry so fast. "I think I need more self control... It was as if something in me screamed to simply attack. Is this part of what you are?" She asked while picking up her cat.

"We always have to control ourself, because our ancient nature is very easy to anger and thus leading to agression. What happens if someone has no such control... Demona is a good example. But considering that you still held back a great deal, your self-control must be quite good already." Goliath gently explained to her while he led her to the end of the roof.

"You mean that only growling when angered is a sign of holding back? God, I not want to see one of you guys really over the edge." Elisa added in thoughts, that she also not wanted to see herself getting over the edge as well, because she feared she would do unspeakable things.

...on the way to the Eerie building...

Xanatos tried to puzzle together the information. Maza was definetly a gargoyle now, but how, that was still the question. Since Sevarius had never managed to make a mutation fromula to mutate a human into a gargoyle, it had to be magic which did this to her.

Which magic could be stong enough to do this? To permanently change someone into something different?

When he landed in the countyard, his wife already waited for him there. "That was fast! Was Goliath not in the mood for a little brawl? Or is he still looking for the Detective?"

"Nothing of this." Xanatos said while taking off the helmet. "I left on my own, and the Detective was with him, but she had a new look. The wings-and-tail-look, to be precise."

"You are joking, right?" Fox asked. But when her husband said nothing, she saw that he was serious. "Had she said how this had happened?"

"No, but I guess it was magic. But come now. It is late, and both of us will have a long day tomorrow."

Both of them left the countyard, not saw that Owen had watched them. His forced permanent spell already had made quite a impact on Maza's life. But for now he had other worries. Fox's pregancy to be precise.

The 1000 years were almost over. In this year to be precise. He just hoped that Oberon would not get any ideas concerning the child. Also, his queen was around now a lot, and he had to hide his presence even more. He not wanted to imagine her reaction if she found out that the secretary of her daughter's husband was in reality Puck the trickster.

No, Queen Titania would not be amused. Better she would never hear of it.

...in the 23rd pecinct...

Matt Bluestone was worried. He had just returned from a week of vacation, only to be told that his parnter had vanished from the face of Earth without a trace. Nobody knew what had happened to her.

Walking to the ladder to the upper stories of the station house, the stair leading to them was removed already years ago, he wanted to ask the clan if they had any information they wanted to share about this. Finally he reached the ladder and climbed up into the dark rooms of the old library.

These rooms still looked like they did when the old library was converted into a police precict years ago. The stair was removed, and the rooms not touched since then. Thick layers of dust covered the rows of bookshelfs, the room oly lit by the pale moonlight through the big windows. Walking up the stairs to the clock tower, he entered the home of the clan.

"Hey guys, have you heared..." He stopped in mid-sentence, when he saw who was with the clan. A brown-skinned, black-haired female gargoyle clothed in jeans, t-shirt and red jacket, that had a striking resemblance to Elisa. "Elisa?"

"Oh, Matt, I..." Elisa had no idea what to say. She had forgotten that he would have been back from vacation today, so she had not thought how to tell him what had happened to her.

To her relief, Brooklyn jumped in to answer. "Yes, it is her. Something had happened to her two nights ago, involving magic, and it can't be undone.Meaning that she will be like this for the rest of her life. I think I not need to mention, that this causes serious problems for her."

Matt still stared at his transformed partner, trying to imagine away the wings and tail so that he could connect this gargoyle with his memory of the human Elisa. "Magic...? You mean real magic?"

"Brooklyn, I think we should explain it to him right from the beginning, or we will only confuse him." Lex commented from the side. "Hell, even for ourselves that night was really confusing."

...twenty minutes later...

"Just where the hell is Bluestone? I want him in my office, and he can't be found dispite the fact that he had clocked in!" Captain Chavez was not in a good mood. She had wanted to tell Matt what had happened and that he would do solo duty from now on. But no one in the squad room knew where he was.

Walking through the corridors of the building, she searched for him, asked anyone if he or she had seen him. Finally she got somewhere. "Walked down there." One female officer said and pointed to a corridor to her right.

There are only two things there. A storage room and the broom closet. Why would Bluestone go this direction? Walking down the corridor Chavez saw that the door to the broom closet was open and the ladder pulled down. What the heck could he want up there?

Climbing up into the abbonded library rooms, she had no problem seeing a literally track where no dust was on the floor, too clean for only one person passing there. Following the trail, she arrived at the stone stair leading to the clock mechanism. She heared voices from up there.

"...and that's the situation in which we are now. She is stuck like that and we still have to decide what to do now..." It was a male voice she had no idea who it was.

"...oh man, I really pity you Elisa. I would down in dispair if this would happen to me..." That was Bluestone, mentioning Elisa!

"...thank God that I have friends that hold to me. Still we have to work out the details..." And that wa Elisa!

She was UP THERE? There whole time! Did she want to make us look like fools? Without hesitation she ran up the stairs. Maza was in for it now, for playing such a prank and letting other people into this restricted area.

"Damn Maza! What were you thinking by hiding up here and making as all worry about..." she stopped cold when she saw who was there. Beside Matt there were six beings with wings that looked like these statues on a church. Only that there were flesh and not stone. Beside them was something that remotely resembled a dog, but looked like some kind of beast.

Chavez then saw it. One of the beings looked like Elisa with wings and a tail. She looked in shock at one of her detectives who now looked like a creature from one of these fantasy comics.

"Eh, captain... I...I can explain! As...as.. you can see, I had... very good reasons." the changed Elisa stuttered. But Maria Chavez not heared it, because she already had fainted.

...meanwhile in Destine Manor...

Demona looked through the papers on her desk with annoyance. Even opening a strawman business required a mountain of paperwork being done. She had never thought that it would need so much time. Nonethless it had to be done.

Tomorrow she would offically register it in the responsible office in the city hall. Her informants had let her know that already this had leaked through and the press would literally wait to have a statement from her and catch the first picture of the up to now very withdrawn living millionaress.

Picture hungry Human vermin... She ranted in thoughts while signing another form. She would not do them the favor of answering their stupid questions. The limosine was already rented for tomorrow, so that she could arrive at the city hall with style.

Looking on the next form, she had the think of a name for business. Out of a mood, she decided, and wrote "Nightstone Unlimited" on the form. She could still change it if she desired to do so.

Putting the pen aside, she decided to stretch her wings a bit before filling out the rest of the forms.

Well, in a week I will have much fun, so I shouldn't complain. She thought when she looked to the page of the Grimorum she had torn out months ago. Xanatos would be in for a real surprise then. A ugly surprise.

...in the clock tower...

Maria Chavez felt like her head would bust every moment. After she was woken up she still had to face these strange beings...no they were called gargoyles. Matt had assured her that they were totally harmless to her and that they also protected the city from the scum.

And then Maza had started together with the other gargoyles to explain her everything in the fast version, because she would be missed if away for too long. Wikings, magic, fey, cranzy billionares, robots, a psychopatic gargess. She felt flattened by so much information. It was so much to take in.

Good thing they had offered her a black coffee, because she needed one now. She still had no idea what to think of them, but their demanor had made it clear that they not meant harm to her. "So, do I get this right Maza? This psycho wanted you dead, but because of bad wording, you ended up like this, and it can't be undone?"

"That's how it looks like captain. I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life." Elisa said whle carressing Cagney.

Chavez drew in a deep breath. She would need time to really understand all what she was told in less than half a hour. Things she thought of as fantasy only a hour ago were now reality, and her head hurt. "I hope you understand that I need time to get used to that."

"People are always first scared by us. Only these who really know us don't fear us anymore. So it is only natural that you need time. We understand that." said Lexington.

"We are harmless to the ones who are not hostile towards us. What you can't say about the scum of this city." Broadway added while remembering something. "Goliath, shouldn't we start our sweeps of the city now?"

"You are right, it is time. I want that you go together as a group. That way Brooklyn can learn something about how to lead a group of warriors." Goliath then turned his attention to Hudson. "My old friend, I will be quite occupied with teaching Elisa how to use her wings. Can I put it into your experienced hands to teach Brooklyn what he needs to know about leading a bigger patrol group?"

"N' problem lad. Ye can be assured that I will give him everything he will need to know." Hudson replied then looked to Bronx. "Sorry ol' pal, but I can't take ye out tonight."

"I think... I should better get back downstairs. I hope you can tell me this all in more detail when I have more time..." then Chavez left them, while the patrol group exited the clock tower also, leaving Goliath, Matt and Elisa alone with Bronx.

"I think she is still in shock... To see me like this. That's really much to take in." Elisa was not sure if Chavez would get over it fast. More likely it would take a while.

"Well, it is not something that happens every day. But since she is a friend of your family, I don't think she will suddenly start to see you as some kind of animal." Matt commented while checking his wristwatch. "I must go downstairs too. See you at the end of my shift!" Then Matt left them too.

"Looks like we are on our own... and now you can help me finally get used to these wings. I still not really have a clue how to use them properly." Elisa decided.

...the next night, near midnight...

The interitor of the clock tower looked different now. Elisa had told the clan which things they should get out of her apartment and bring over. Every thing that they could carry and was useful or had some sort of sentimental value for her. While they did that, Elisa had finally found a sultion to the food situation together with her parents. While they would buy it for them, the money would come from what was in her account and selling stuff she would not need anymore.

It was a good thing that everything concerning her 'disappearance' landed on her captain's desk. That way it was much easier to deal with these remains of her old life that needed to be made into money. That included the money she had put into a retirement plan she now not needed any longer.

Now the clan was in the clock tower, taking a meal break before they would start patrols and Elisa again her gliding lessons. Last night's lesson had scratched her pride with her falling like a rock for at least seven times. But she not let herself disencouraged by it. She had managed to glide on her own for some times and she would manage to do it again.

Also she was reliefed to hear that there was a restroom in the old library part of the building that still was in working condition, which the clan used. To actually ask if there was some kind of restroom was actually a question that had cost Elisa some nerves. She not wanted to imagine doing her business in some dark corner.

"Lads! Lass! Ye should see that!" Hudson suddenly called while he saw the midnight news. Going to the television, they stopped when they saw the report.

"...Dominique Destine, muli-millionaress from France had visited the city hall of New York to register her new business in New York, the 'Nightstone Unlimited'. Destine, who up to now had been living very withdrawn, had denied every interview."

The television showed a red-haired woman in a red business suit leaving the city hall, walking to a limosine, literally besieged by the press. "No comment!" she said before entering the car.

"Also we not yet have recieved comments from the other two big players of economy in New York. Neither David Xanatos nor Halcyon Renard had told their opinion on Nightstone yet..."

All of them had recognised her dispite her human apperance. Her voice was also the same. "Demona..." Brooklyn hissed while the others were silent. It seemed that Puck had done more than they thought.

The End

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