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Summary: The story takes place at the end of "The incredible Shrinking Lorelai" when Lorelai and Luke are on the bench.

"Shhh… I'm here". That's the only words Luke could say as he was holding a shivering Lorelai in his arms. He had never been comfortable with a woman in tears, but with Lorelai, things were different. He wanted to crush down what was hurting her so much, he wanted to soothe her pain, and he wanted to comfort her until she felt good again.

All day long, Lorelai had held back her tears in front of her family, but after a disastrous diner at her parents and with Luke being so concerned by her up-and-downs, she could not stop the tears from falling, those tears that had been trapped in her eyes. She was now crying her eyes out; she could finally let it out in Luke's arms. She felt so comfortable, so safe, surrounded by all of this friendship. He had always been there when she needed him and he always knew when she needed him. Dear God, Luke was the best friend she'd ever had.

When Lorelai finally stopped crying, she realized she was desperately hanging on to Luke's jacket. She craved to feel his body near hers. This show of warmth was pleasing her after being humiliated by her grandmother.

Luke, realizing that she had stopped crying, lifted up her chin and looked into her eyes. "How about I give you a ride home?"

Lorelai nodded back, her eyes red with tears. They stood up, Luke kept his arms around her shoulders and it felt natural.

The ride home was quiet; Lorelai tried to hold back her tears which were about to run again, but could not. Luke drew her by his side and kept driving with one hand. Lorelai put her arms around him and laid her head on his shoulder. When Luke pulled up in front of the Gilmore's, Lorelai dried her tears while he was softly caressing her hair. She was starting to feel better. She even started to feel something completely different from the sorrow she had given herself up to all evening long. She felt... desire.

Luke got off the truck and went around to open the door on her side. Lorelai was checking her make up in the mirror suddenly aware of Luke's presence.

When Luke realized she was still feeling sad, he offered to make coffee and she willingly agreed. All those mixed feelings were hard to handle and she definitely needed a good cup of coffee, especially Luke's.

They went into the house and Lorelai took off her pink coat before heading to the kitchen where Luke was making coffee. She looked at him, a man, sometimes brusque, sometimes gentle, but always focused on what he was doing. It was hard to believe how considerate this man could be, considerate with everything he'd done: making coffee, running a diner, and comforting a hurting friend. At this moment, all the painful memories of the day came back to her and a lump grew in her throat. She looked up to prevent the tears from running but in vain; soon her cheeks were wet and an uncontrollable sob got the upper hand on her body.

Although she had turned around to hide the tears from him, Luke was not fooled. Seeing her like that broke his heart and he did not know what to do anymore. He turned to her and gently put his hand on her shoulder to pull her towards him just like he had done twice earlier that evening. Lorelai welcomed the hug as if her life depended on it. At first, Luke was surprised by Lorelai's reaction, but he hugged her more. He had wished it so badly, he could not back out, now that he had finally the occasion and almost felt guilty to take advantage of her frames of mind.

Slowly, Lorelai started to calm down and her tears dried leaving marks on her cheeks. Her eyes were stinging and the lump in her throat was beginning to be more painful. She hugged him a little tighter and looked up. Her eyes were blue, shining, deep, interested, loving and she never knew what forced her to do what she did then.

Lorelai crushed her lips on Luke's and swiftly put her hands around his neck to intensify the kiss. At first, Luke was surprised, but he could not resist and put his tongue in her mouth massaging her tongue fervently.

"My God", thought Luke, "it's even better than in my dreams". For a moment, Lorelai took her lips off Luke's and started to kiss his neck, excitedly licking and nibbling his soft skin. Luke could hardly breathe and yet his mind was fully functional: "You can't do this Luke. You can take advantage of her, no you can't, although... oh boy, this thing she just did with her tongue... No Luke, you cannot... you cannot."

Suddenly, Lorelai lowered her hands onto his crotch, fervently caressing the bump on his jeans and thrilled Luke. He felt his penis harden but he could not decently do that, not now, not like that.

He took a deep breath and with the will he had left, he pushed Lorelai away, putting both hands on his shoulders.

Lorelai was completely intoxicated with desire and did not understand at once what Luke was trying to do. She tried to kiss him again, but once again Luke pushed her away. Lorelai looked at him puzzled.

" Lorelai, what are you doing?"

"I think it's quite clear", she answered rather disconcerted.

"I guess, but why?"

"Because...I don't know...because I need it."

Luke closed his eyes and sighed:

"Yes, that's what I thought..." he said, disappointed.


"Lorelai, I can't do that", he said though his body was screaming the opposite.

" You don't want me?" Lorelai was taken aback.

"Luke did not want to make love to her, so the whole town was wrong, Luke had no feelings for her whatsoever, except of friendship, though she believed he did when he had caressed her hair earlier in the car." Oh God! She craved to feel his warmth, to feel her body shaken with pleasure, to feel the desire to be alive, to be wanted.

"Luke", she said with a pout on her face, a pout she knew he could not resist. " I want you, please, I need you so much", she carried on as she was ferociously getting closer, kissing him and massaging him the same place as earlier.

And once again, Luke lost control. From then on, he could not prevent his hands from delightfully touching Lorelai's body. His hands started on her back, holding it tightly, then they went down on her waist, while his mouth answered her kiss, finally they moved to a place between her lips and her neck. Slowly, his nose brushed against her hair as he nibbled her ear. "She smells like heaven" he thought. Lifting her head, she lay down a kiss on luke's mouth, a kiss Luke could only answer back, locking up her lower lip between his.

Lost in passion and the power of the feelings he had repressed for a long time, his hands kept caressing her whole body, which he had dreamt about all those years. Lorelai's hands were also on his back, then on his bottom, and on his frontside. When, once again, she started to caress the hard and firm bump in his pants, Luke lost control of his acts and thoughts. He lifted her up and laid her on the table. With frantic and fast movements, he tucked her dress up to reveal her black lace underwear. Her hands slide down her thighs, then her crotch and back on her butt. Finally, he lifted up her dress to reveal her stomach. Lorelai lay down on the table, savouring Luke's soft but determined touch.

Her stomach was so soft, he could have sworn that her velvet skin had been sent to Earth to lure him to her. Like the song of the sirens, he was enticed by Lorelai and nothing around him could have prevented him from completely taking possession of her. He bent over and started to cover her stomach with kisses while Lorelai moaned with pleasure.

Her skin was so sweet, so delicious and hearing her sigh with pleasure excited Luke. He felt his member harden and he started to feel very tight in his pant. Lorelai was now sitting down on the kitchen table and putting her long legs around Luke's waist.

She roughly pulled him towards her. Stunned by Lorelai's sudden ferocity, Luke had to hold himself back with his hands flat on the table, not to fall on her. On the way, his hands skimmed the cups, which were still there despite the things that were going on around them. Their cups fell and broke in a thousand pieces. The sound of china breaking on the floor woke Luke like an alarm o'clock. He stepped back and suddenly realized the situation he was in.

"Lorelai, we can't do that."

"You're right, let's go to my room", she answered standing up and straightening her dress.

"No Lorelai, I didn't say we can't do that here, I said we CANNOT DO THAT!"


"You understood very well Lorelai, I cannot do such a thing."

"That's funny because two minutes ago, you seemed to think the contrary", she said furiously but still very excited.

"Lorelai, I'm married!"

"As if it would change something for you."

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means, Mr Danes", she said heading towards the stairs, apparently frustrate, "that you attach as much importance to your marriage as to the sexual habits of turtles."

" And don't tell me it bothers you."

"Yes, it bothers me, it bothers me because I know you're not happy in the marriage and I want you to be happy."


"Luke, you're my best friend. I like you a lot and you know it. I just want to give you what's missing", she said seductively stepping towards him.

"Lorelai" he sighed.

"Luke, I want to make love to you, I want to show you seventh heaven, I want to touch your skin, to caress you, to bring you to a climax."

"If you knew how long I've been waiting for you to say that!"

"So, you want it, I want it. What are you waiting for?"

"Lorelai, I can't do that to you. You're all upset, I'm married. You'll regret it tomorrow when you wake up, I'll regret it when I wake up. I don't want to regret anything with you", he said softly, coming to her.

Lorelai looked at him, suddenly realizing what she had been missing all these years. If there was only one person who cared for her, except her daughter, it was him. This man who had done everything for her all this time, this man who had always stood in front of her, this man was probably the man of her life. And enlightened by the revelation, she fell in love.

She looked down, ashamed because she had wanted to sleep with a married man, and because, as a result, she might have hurt the man she loved. As her eyes were filling up with tears, Luke saw what happened and held her in his arms.

"I'm sorry Luke."

"Shh...You don't need to be sorry."

"Yes, I do. I... I led you in my frenzy... You shouldn't have lived that tonight... you shouldn't have had to kiss me and almost cheat on your wife. Oh my God, what have I done?"

"Lorelai, it's ok, please, don't blame yourself. You know, I didn't exactly push you away when you kissed me", he said looking her in the eyes.

"I agree it was a hell of a kiss."

"I'm not denying it", he said laughing.



"Will you come tuck me in?"

"Lorelai", he warned her.

"No, just...tuck me in."

"I'd love to."

He put an arm around her shoulder and they headed towards the bed. There, Lorelai got her pyjamas from a drawer and reached the bathroom to get changed. Luke was sitting on the bed, waiting for Lorelai to return, wondering how the night could have turned out this way. Not only had he kissed Lorelai Gilmore, she had offered him her bed,... and he had refused it.

He slowly put his hand on his face, thinking he could have been making love to her right now. As his thoughts started to get dangerous and his body started to respond to them, Lorelai entered the room.

"Luke?" she asked, anxious.

Luke held up his head with a start and his eyes met Lorelai's at once. Without a word, he stood up, discreetly pulling his leather jacket to hide his obvious mark of excitement. It was not the first time Lorelai had had this effect on him. More than once, he had woken up in the middle of the night right after dreaming of her and the sheets remembered it.

He lifted up the covers for her to lie down. Lorelai silently obeyed and when he pulled the covers, he kissed her tenderly on the cheek, whispering "Good night crazy lady". She smiled and closed her eyes before falling asleep, wiped out by this overwhelming day.

Luke did not leave the room immediately. He watched her soundly asleep and all he wished to do was sticking one hand through the soft curls covering her face. He wondered if one day, he would be able to do it without feeling guilty towards his wife. With these thoughts, everything went clear. He planted a kiss on her forehead and hastily left the Gilmore Residence.

As soon as he arrived home, Luke could not think of anything else but a cold shower if he did not want to start some adolescent habits which he did too often, thinking about the wrong woman... though now the right woman. The sensation of cold water on his body, still aroused by the events of the evening started to have an effect and soon he left his freezing hell.

As soon as he could leave the shower, a towel around his waist, he headed towards the phone to do what he should have done for a long time now.

"Nicole... It's me... Nicole, I think we need to talk."


The next day, Lorelai was going backwards and forwards between Dooses' and Lukes', then not to Lukes', then to Lukes', then not to Lukes' and she kept doing that for almost fifteen minutes until she realized she looked ridiculous.

It was only Luke. It was nothing to make a fuss about. Luke. He was her best friend, she was seeing him everyday, he gave her coffee and she bothered him with nonsense stories. She did not know why this morning should be different from other mornings... except she had kissed him the day before... except she had massaged some parts of his body which she never thought to have touched one day... except she had wanted to make love to him...except she had almost make love to him. Why would it change something to their friendship? Nothing, right?

Yet, there was something keeping her out of Lukes' that morning. She now knew it, she was in love with him and this love was impossible, because he was married to somebody else... and she would never forgive herself if she were to spoil the happiness of her best friend.

She had to see him, even if that meant facing him, they had to talk and they could not avoid this conversation forever. She took her courage in both hands and she headed towards the diner, determined. She entered and looked for Luke unsuccessfully. She walked to the counter where she put her purse and waited for someone to wait on her.

Luke had waited all morning for her and when 9 o'clock came, he abandoned he idea and took Caesar's place in the kitchen. Though, sometime later, a perfume came to him. This perfume was that of only one person, one woman. Slowly, he popped his head round the door and looked at the woman who had shattered him all his life. She was staring at the wall, not noticing him, her mind elsewhere. He knew why. He left the kitchen and walked to her quietly, clearing his throat, trying not to rush her. Surprised, she turned her head and smiled, self-conscious.

"Hi", he finally said.


"Feeling better?"

"A little, I'm just a bit tired."

"I get it. Yesterday ... Yesterday was a hard day... night.

"You're right", she said with a voice full of sorrow, while the tears were back in her eyes. " Can I talk to you in a more... private place?"

"Of course, let's go to the storage room", she said pointing to the back of the diner.

With difficulty, Lorelai stood up and followed Luke to the storage room. She had almost never been there, yet, it was still the same. She entered and Luke closed the door behind her. Lorelai turned her back to Luke, she could not face the man she loved to tell him what she had to say.

"Luke, I...I..."

"Lorelai", he said walking to her with the intention to put his hands on her shoulders.

"Luke, let me talk, yesterday, it was...it was..."

"Lorelai, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

"What do you mean, I don't have to talk about it, Luke? I have to, we have to talk about it otherwise this gap between us will get bigger and bigger."

"But if it hurts you, you don't have to talk about it right now."

"No, Luke, I need to talk. Yesterday I was overwhelmed by my emotions and these emotions changed into other emotions which did not really improved the situation."


"Shh, let me finish. I just wanted to thank you for being such a ... gentleman with me. You stopped me from doing something I would have regretted this morning. You're so extraordinary for that."


"No, let me finish. But yesterday, I felt things I never should have felt", she said looking away, I'm afraid I'm falling in love with you, Luke."

"Oh Lorelai."

"No Luke! You don't understand. I'm not supposed to love you. I'm supposed to be your best friend, to be there when you need me and not to be the one who's in love with you. You have a wife and I don't want to compete with her."

"Lorelai", he interrupted again.

"But Luke, I cannot see you again knowing you're married and I can't have you. I'm here, this morning", she said sobbing, "to say goodbye."

"Lorelai, no, please, look, we'll sit and talk, ok?"

"No Luke, there is nothing else to say except I love you but you don't love me and you're married. So I'll go and you won't see me for a long time, while I sort my emotions."

Before Luke could say anything, she rushed outside leaving a ravaged man behind her, a soulless man sitting on a bench, between two shelves, in an empty room.


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