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The Incredible Unshrinking Love

Chapter 2

Luke had endured one of the worst days of his life. After the disappointements with Lorelai, that morning, he had gone to Lietchfield then came back and sent Caesar home to close the diner in peace. He had closed the diner for the night and was sorrowly washing the counter when somebody opened and closed the door.

"We're closed."

"I know. I know I said I would not come back for a long time, but I really needed a cup of coffee."

Luke immediately looked up. There she was, the woman he loved, the one who told him that morning she would never see him again, causing him the worst shock he ever had to bear. But she was standing in front of him, even more gorgeous than she had ever been.

Luke hardly swallowed his saliva while she slowly headed to the counter to sit down. He took immediately a cup and filled it to the brim, that's how she wanted it.

"I had a terrible day", she said.

"Me too."

"Wanna tell me?"

"You first."

"Me first! Wow I'm honored. Okay, let's start with Tom. When I arrived at the inn, he reminded me, again, that the workers were not paid. Then Michel made some fuss because he could not see Celine Dion long enough. Then my mother called, accusing me of ruining her dinner with gran once again. But I think the worst", she said crying again," is that I said to the man I love I could not talk to him any longer. You could imagine how it hurt. He's my best friend and I don't want to loose him."

"Lorelai", he said, almost running to her. "Lorelai, you will never loose me, ok? No matter what will happen between us, you have to understand you can always talk to me, ok?"

She nodded back and laid her head on Luke's shoulder while sobbing harder and harder. Slowly, Luke started to move, switching from foot to the other, almost dancing to the most silent piece. Quietly, Lorelai's tears calmed down and they were now dancing in the diner in Stars Hollow. Lorelai lifted up her head and her eyes crossed Luke's intense look. That's when it happened. Luke slowly moved his lips forwards and laid the lightest kiss on hers. Lorelai closed her eyes, totally unable to resist the man who was kissing her softly, but passionately. She was in heaven. Her lips slightly glued to Luke's were sending a thousand shivers in her body.

As softly as he had move forward, Luke moved backward and opened his eyes to see Lorelai's big and shining eyes. Before Lorelai could say a word, he kissed her again and she could not do anything but kiss him back. Smooshed lips, entwined tongues, it was hard to determine where one ended and the other one began. All they knew is that all their lives they would remember this moment. Too soon, they were out of breath and they had to separate. They opened their eyes and looked at each other in the silence of the diner.




"Shh... don't say a word. Enjoy the moment."

"Oh, I do, believe me."



"Lorelai, I have to tell you something."

His voice was soft but broken with emotion. Lorelai looked at Luke with anxiety, she was afraid he would say they'd gone too far once again and that they must stop. Yet, Luke was looking at her differently with a feeling she had rarely seen in his eyes.

"Lorelai", he said taking a deep breath, "I love you. I've loved you for so long", he whispered while Lorelai looked astonished. "I've loved you since the day I met you, but I did not know how much until you left this morning. When you left, having said what you said, it hurt so bad. I could not believe I would not see you ever again, I would not talk to you ever again, my life without you is meaningless, Lorelai. I'm nothing without you."

"Oh Luke!"

"I know, I know it's ridiculous."

"It's not ridiculous at all, it's wonderful I think."

"You think?"

"Oh yes! Luke, we can't do that tonight", she said in turn.

"What? No, Lorelai, you can't. I know you love me and I love you too and I want to make love to you."

"Luke... Nicole".

"Forget about Nicole. Tonight it's only about you and me."

And then he kissed her, with all the passion he had kept inside. Lorelai willingly answered his kiss and held Luke even more harder against her breasts without letting his lips go free.

His last words convinced her. She knew Luke was married, but it did not stop her from wanting to go further with him the other night. That night, she thought Luke considered her as her best friend, but now she knew. He was in love with her, he'd loved her for a long time and a little bit more everyday. It was this revelation which sparked off the passion they had held back for so long.

Luke's hands travelled along every curves of Lorelai's body, caressing her butt then sliding up beneath her shirt, delicately massaging her loins. Lorelai's fingers brushed Luke's neck then got lost in his hair. Lorelai was waiting for a sign to go further, she was so afraid he would change his mind. "But if he..." The tiny doubt she had left was forgotten the minute Luke decided to help Lorelai get rid of her shirt, delicately unbuttoning it, revealing her bra. Their mouths were still stuck together during the whole process but when Luke slided up the shirt and threw it on the floor, he broke he kiss and stepped back looking at her with admiration.

"My God, you're so beautiful" he whispered.

Lorelai offered him her best smile before Luke came closer and caught her lips again. Lorelai helped Luke get rid of his shirt and tossed it away, it was soon followed by his Tshirt. Luke's mouth kissed Lorelai's neck while his hands tried to unhook her bra, when suddenly they heard a voice.

"Luke? Luke?"

Kirk was coming, running toowards the diner and yelling Luke's name.

Luke ran to the door and locked it. He took Lorelai by the hand and pulled her to the storage room leaving the door half open to see what would happen. They both laughed when they heard Kirk knocking on the window and call Luke. Knowing Kirk, they were sure it was not important and that he would go bother Taylor in two seconds.

And they were right, after sticking his forehead on the window to check if somebody was inside, he turned around and headed towards Doose's. Luke closed the door and realized he was still holding Lorelai's heand. Without a word, he caressed it with his thumbs and pulled Lorelai towards him laying a kiss on his lips, as if he was asking her permission to start off where they had been interrupted.

Lorelai put her arms around Luke and held him tight, feeling his skin agains hers, caressing his back with the tips of her fingers. A thrill of passion ran through her spine as he started to unhook her bra. It flew through the room and Luke backed out to look at Lorelai in the dim light of the room. Lorelai could not bear to have only Luke's eyes on her, she caught the belt of his jeans and pulled him towards her with a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing franticly and their hands looking for the fastest way of getting rid of their pants. Luke, tired of the slowness of the situation, caught Lorelai by the waist and lay her on the table in the middle of the place, pushing boxes and cans away. Delicately kissing her belly button, he took off her jeans and was surprised to discover that Lorelai was not wearing any underwear. When his astonished look crossed Lorelai's, she could not help laughing and say "Laundry day!"

Luke raised up his eyes like he had done everytime Lorelai was doing something insane, but this time when he looked at her again, there was sparkles of desire inside. He got rid of his jeans and without hesitating he came closer, kissed her and slowly slipped his hand between her thighs to realize she was ready. When Lorelai felt Luke's fingers inside her, she could not help but moan with pleasure and grabbed Lukes shorts beggin him to destroy the border between their bodies, he understood what she wanted and got rid of his shorts at once. And when his tongue was back in her mouth, Lorelai felt his excitement on her stomach and moaned again.

Knowing Lorelai could not endure the delicious torture she was living at the moment, he stopped kissing her to look her in the eyes while, for the first time, their bodies melted together in this union of the flesh which would change them forever. Their eyes were lost in the eyes of the other and when he penetrated her, the world disappeared. Thousands of lightsburst around them though they had not started moving yet. Lorelai closed her eyes and slowly brushed his lips with hers. She openes her mouth and lait it again on his lips while he started moving backwards and forwards inside her .

He was filling her completely and Lorelai was feeling him in her deepest being. She could not stop but grab his butt to beg him to go further, harder, faster. Luke was now in trance, savoring, delighted, devouring Lorelai with all his heart, with all his body. He wished he had a thousand hands to explore every inches of her body. Luke felt the final wave of extasy coming but he did not want it to stop, not now, not so fast. He wanted to make love to her for hours until exhaustion. Luke withdrew and Lorelai opened her eyes begging him.

Lorelai did not want him to stop, not now. Even if it was only for one or two minutes, she wanted to feel him inside, to make him come until he could not think of anything else. She grabbed him by the neck, pulled him to kiss him ferociously while her other hand took his member, still hard to put it inside her. Her lips ran on this cheeks to his ear. She whispered: "Make it last the time you can, we have the whole night ahead of us" and started to nibble and suck it. Luke answered her kisses by kissing her cheek and penetrated her again.

This time was even more special, they now knew their bodies better and luke had found her most sensitive spots and went straight to them making Lorelai scream with pleasure during this bew assault. Lorelai could not believe she could live such pleasure with this simple move, but Luke started to move again, faster and faster, she lived what she had never lived before. A powerful thrill ran through her body and she could not help screaming, yelling and even roaring, experiencing something she never thought to live one day. Luke felt her closing in on him and let himself go.

The sweat was all over their foreheads, they were panting for breath. Lorelai put her forehead on luke's shoulder as if she was too tired to hold it. Still inside her, Luke kissed her on the head and held her tight in his arms waiting for her to lift up her head. He did not know how long he stayed in this position, but he knew that at some point he had to withdraw, that's what he did, trying not to disturb Lorelai who was resting on his shoulder.

"You're ok? He asked as he was she nodding back. "You want me to get you something?"

"Stay" she whispered.

"You're sure you'll be ok?"

"Yes" she said lifting her head and smiling radiously.

"It's just... I never thought I would live that one day. It was so intense. I love you Luke, I love you".

Saying that,she held him tight in his arms, savouring this moment.

"I love you too", he said lifting his head to share with her the greatest kiss. Then he let her go and started to search for something on the floor.

"What are you doing ?"

He only smiled. He took his jeans and put it on hiding his male parts and slightly disappointing Lorelai who was still sitting on the table. He then took his flanel shirt and put it on Lorelai's shivering body and button it. She smiled at the attention. Once he was done, he looked at her to see she was even more radious as before. He smiled and kissed her passionately.

Luke broke the kiss first and looked at her lovingly while he grinned at her. He took her in his arms turned around and took her straight to his appartement upstairs.

He opened the door, laid her on the couch and said the magic words:

"You want coffee?"

"Of course"

"I'll be back" he said heading towards the door of his appartment.

"Hey hey hey ... where are you going ?"

"making coffee"

"No, don't go stay with me."

"Ok there, you need to make a choice, the coffee is downstairs".

"Who needs coffee when you have such an Apollo in front of you?"


"You'd rather be an Adonis? Or Zeus himself?"

"I think I'll stay Luke", he said leaning on her to kiss her.

"Mmm... that's better", she said answering his kiss before stopping to take a more serious look. "You think we should talk?"

"What about?" He said innocently.

"I don't know, about what we're doing, what we've done, about the fact you're married".

Luke stopped, a hand on both sides of Lorelai, he got up and sat taking her legs and helping her sit next to him. He put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her against him. She brushed her nose against his chest and held him by the waist.

"Lorelai, I have to tell you something".


"I went to see Nicole this afternoon."


"Yeah, after what happened yesterday, I realize that first of all I was in love with somebody else and second of all I could not stay married to someone I don't love. I took my courage in both hands and went to see her and I signed the divorce paper she whas strangely keeping in the drawer of her desk".

"What? Can you say that again?"

"I'm not married anymore."

"It means... I don't need to feel guilty any longer."


"...that I can kiss you in the street without fearing someone might see us."

"Well, that's a whole other discussion".

"Oh no Honey, you'll see I'll find my way in..."

"You wish"

"You bet", she said smiling.



"What did you mean earlier when you said we had all night ahead of us?"

Lorelai did not answer. Instead, she smiled and strode him to kiss him passionately.


The sun was appearing through the window, they were both asleep in each other's arms.

Luke woke up first and was glad to see that the night he just had was real, yet he felt the need to caress Lorelai's cheek with the tip of his figure to check that she was really there, forever his. Lorelai moved slowly and opened her eyes which immediately got lost in Luke's.

"Hey" she said smiling as never before.

"Hey" he answered, kissing her tenderly.

Lorelai, who had closed her eyes when he kissed her, did not open then when the kiss stopped.


"mmm..." she answered, not quite awake.

"I need to open the diner".

"Oh" she answered with a pout on her face.

"I'm sorry Lorelai, if it were for me I would stay but I have a business ot run and everybody expects me to open".

"I know Luke", she whispered to his ear getting closer to him, "anyway I need to check on the inn".

He put his arms around her and held her tight, appreciating the contact of their nude bodies.

"What about we go downstairs and I make you some coffee?"

"Ok", she said not moving.

"Lorelai, if you want your coffee we need to get dressed. And in order to do it, we need to get up".

"Ok" she said, getting rid of the sheets to get up and face the window.

Her naked body was touched by the sun and when Lorelai heard Luke whisper "Oh God", she turned around to offer him a little grin and a wink before heading to the bathroom where she closed the door behind her. Luke knew very well that if he stayed there, he would not be able to resist and would join her in the shower. He took his courage in both hands, got dressed and went dowstairs to make coffee.


When Lorelai appeared downstairs, she was wearing the same clothes she had on the day before, Luke had picked them up and put them on the bed for her.

"I felt lonely in the shower" she said looking him in the eyes. "Why didn't you join me?"

"Lorelai, a man sometimes has to be stronger, we both know that if I had joined you, the dinner never would have been opened on time".

"Mmm...a man of duty!" she said getting closer to kiss him.

Just at this moment, the doorbell chimed and Kirk entered the dinner, the lovers immediately separated and Kirk did not see their joint lips.

Lorelai went to the other side of the counter and Luke poured her a big cup of coffee. Then he lifted up his head to see Kirk had not moved and was still standing in the middle of the diner.

"Er... Kirk?" Luke said.

"Luke, where were you last night?"

Luke and Lorelai exchanged a worried look. Did Kirk actually see them?

Kirk walked to the counter and took a sit before starting a long speech about Lulu and Luke not being there the night before to help him. Babette and Morey came in a little while after and Babette greeted Lorelai with her high-pitched voice. The dinner started to fill up and Luke was busy serving the customer and trying at the same time to get rid of Kirk who was following him like a little dog.

Lorelai looked at her watch, it was 10:30, time to get to the inn. Lorelai walked up to Luke and handed in the money for the coffee, and after looking at each other, Luke accepted the money. When Lorelai attempted to say goodbye, she leaned unconsciously towads his lips, but stopped in time, remembering Luke did not care for public display and above all, she was not sure he wanted to disclose their relationship to the eyes of the town. Lorelai stepped back and said a quick goodbye to Luke.

But as Lorelai was reaching for the door, Luke pushed Kirk who was on his way and caught Lorelai by the arm before kissing him tenderly. Lorelai was extremely surprised when she felt Luke's tongue caressing hers vigorously but she soon answered him back putting her arms around Luke.

When they split, they were both out of breath and their hearts were pounding incessantly. Lorelai gave him a confused but happy look and Luke could only answer:

"I've waited for you too long, I don't want to waist one second of you. Above all, not because of this town."

Lorelai did not know what to answer and said nothing. Luke quickly kissed her on the lips:

"Go now, you'll be late".

"I'll see you tonight?" she asked.


He opened the door for her and she walked away casting him a last loving look, before turning on the corner.


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