Chapter 1 Kagome A Hanyou

The moon shown high above causing three figures to glow in its light as Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikyo gathered in the clearing just outside the village. Kagome had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew Kikyo was planning something, something that had to do with her, but what? She had a strange feeling that meeting Kikyo was a bad idea but Inuyasha was going to be with her so what could go wrong? She knew in her heart that he would do anything in his power to protect her.

"Why did you call us here, Kikyo?" asked Kagome, anger easily heard in her voice. "What do you want with us?" Kagome sensed Kikyo had something sinister planned this time. 'Maybe we should have had Miroku and Sango hide nearby. We might need them if we get into trouble' Kagome thought.

"You'll see in a few moments reincarnate!" Kikyo replied seeming to snarl at Kagome. 'What does Inuyasha see in her that I don't have? We look exactly the same and she is just a copy while I am the real deal! How can he care for her more than he does me? It's unfair! She will pay for turning him against me!' Kikyo scowled at Kagome unable to hide the rage she had inside her of her reincarnation. She hated Kagome with a passion! And nothing, not even Inuyasha himself could stop her from doing what she came her to do today.

"What are you planning to do? It better not be something that hurts Kagome!" glared Inuyasha. He was so tired of Kikyo's games. They never seemed to quit. Yes, at one time he had loved her but that was so long ago. She never accepted him for who he was like Kagome had. She had wanted him to change who he was and that was wrong. He should be loved for who he is. No matter what he is, it shouldn't matter. So over time he got over Kikyo and now his heart belonged to someone else, someone who didn't know it yet.

"Kagome," Kikyo said. This had gone on long enough. "It's time to reveal your true form!" Kikyo grinned evilly. She was going to enjoy this!

"NO!" screeched Kagome. Inuyasha just stared at the two women in confusion. What was Kikyo talking about? Was this some kind of sick joke to hurt Kagome?

"Oh yes! You think I wouldn't find out? I knew you seemed different! More than a mere human! The aura you give off gave you away! You may be my reincarnation but I have been properly trained, unlike you! You are only a copy of me and will forever be that way!" And with that she began chanting a spell. Kagome tried her hardest to run away but wasn't quick enough. Right before the eyes of Kikyo and Inuyasha, Kagome began her transformation. First black ears appeared on her head, and then she grew long claws. Her eyes became a bright green color and her hair grew about two inches longer. Her humanity now was gone.

Kikyo let out an evil cackle. "See Inuyasha! She's not human like she claims to be, she lied to you! If she lied to you about this then there is no telling what else she didn't tell you! Obviously she is someone you can't trust!" Kikyou pointed to Kagome, her smile broadening at the hurt look on Kagome's face. She was enjoying this! It was so much fun!

As Kikyo finished saying that, a single tear flowed down Kagome's cheek. In anger Kagome lunged at Kikyo, scratching her arm severely. Blood ran down her arm as Kikyo clutched it in pain letting out an anguished sigh. She was getting so tired of this.

"Leave now!" screamed Kagome through tears. "You have caused me enough pain for one night!" Kikyo obeyed her request and disappeared in a black mist. 'Good riddance' thought Kagome through her tears.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Inuyasha asked understanding in his yellow eyes.

"My families been trying it keep this a secret for years and years! Ever since I could remember! We had finally found a lasting concealment spell that could only be broken with the proper reversal spell." When he didn't say anything she continued. "The thing is it doesn't happen to every one in my family. My mom and brother are "normal" she said making quotation signs with her hands, "And my dad and I are not normal, or part demon if I must say it." Kagome sat down she was feeling weak from the effects of the spell.

"I see..." Was all Inuyasha could think to say.

"Yeah, but you've been to my time! You know what would happen if people saw us like this! That's why we had to hide my 'uniqueness'"! She finished with her newly acquired dog ears drooped.

As Inuyasha stared at her he couldn't help but admire her beauty. She looked more radiant now that her demon form was revealed. "Let's head back to the village we need to tell everyone what has happened. We don't want them to worry."

"Okay" she agreed. She took a step but almost fell but Inuyasha caught her. "Sorry." She said blushing with embarrassment.

"It's okay, why don't you let me carry you? You seem a little tired after all that has happened." Without out waiting for her to answer he picked her up bridal style. And he was right the spell had somehow drained away most of her energy. So he carried her safely to Kaede's hut.

"Oh my!" exclaimed Sango. "What happened to you Kagome?"

Kagome quickly retold her family's history. "Sorry I didn't tell you guys. I'm just used to having to hide my family's secret. It can be a real pain but I just didn't know how to tell you so I thought it was better to keep it a secret."

"It's okay Kagome, we understand," Said Miroku. "Don't worry yourself about it any more." He smiled warmly.

This was why she loved these people, these friends so much! They were so caring and understanding. They didn't care if she was demon on not. It didn't change the fact that she was still Kagome. The same person they met from the beginning. They loved her just as much, if not more than before.

"Tomorrow I need to get back to my own time though and talk to my mom. I need to find out if the spell Kikyo said affected my other relatives or just me." Decided Kagome

"Are ye going to leave now?" Kaede asked. She had sensed something was different about Kagome from the beginning and was glad to now know what it was.

"No. I'm a little tired. I'd like to rest before I have to talk to my mother." Kagome dreaded having to go home and explain this to her mother. She knew it wasn't going to be fun and need all the rest she could get before she went back to her time.

"Okay child. It's getting late. I think it's time we all went to bed." Kaede said.

And with that everyone settled down for the night. Inuyasha went to sleep in his corner, while Kagome and Shippo curled up together in her sleeping bag. Miroku and Sango lay down far from each other while Kaede laid on her mat for sleep.


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