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An Innocent Favor

Chapter 1

1. Perfect date setting?

A moonlight picnic in the park as he holds me to his chest.

2. What would be his perfect words?

You may not be perfect but you're perfect for me.

3. What would be the perfect kiss?

A soft kiss at first then gradually he would deepen it and I could feel what he would be feeling.

4. At the perfect moment, what would he whisper to you?

You're the one for me. I love you.

5. Is there such thing called a perfect guy?

That would a definite NO. Only in my dreams.

Serena Tsukino thought for a moment before writing the last sentence down then quickly folding the note she had received anonymously in her locker, she shoved it into her pocket. She had thought it would have been fun to answer the questions even though she had no intention of showing anyone. Not a single person, not even her four closest friends.

Mina, Lita, Ami and Raye were like her sisters but that didn't mean she had to tell them everything. Everyone had secrets they kept and this was one of them. She had a feeling if she should show them, they would either laugh or pester her to tell them who was the lucky guy she was talking about and heaven help her, she never was going to tell them.

The guy she was talking about in her questionnaire didn't know she was alive, much less a girl that adored him. Sure, he glanced at her but Serena knew he never saw her. The real her.

The one underneath all the clumsiness or obnoxiousness. The one that loved to sit in the park for hours listening to the gentle blow of the wind or the one that secretly laughed with him at all his stupid jokes. That was the real her.

The guy had it all. Looks, brains, height and everything else in-between, so why would a guy like him ever look at a nobody like her? His looks were to die for. Tousled ebony hair, a face that would even make the angels sigh with his piercing blue eyes and body so toned and muscled, Serena wondered how he even walked out of the door without getting mobbed by a bunch of females.

She wondered if his life was as perfect as he was but there were times after stealing glances at him, she thought otherwise. Those ocean blue eyes held more than what he was letting people see. Serena didn't know if it was just her that realized it because she hid herself to the rest of the world or it was just her wishful thinking.

Packing up her school things, Serena made her way out of the school luckily she had gotten by without a detention. Yeah, detentions were unwillingly starting to become her best friend no matter how hard she tried to avoid them. "Yeah me avoid a detention? Yeah right, I'll be luck to stop going to detention when I hit menopause the way my life is going. I'm heading to be a 50 year senior, that is if I can pass sophomore year." She sighed as she trudged along the sidewalk to the arcade.

The arcade was somewhere to relax and enjoy the view. Ha, enjoy the view, Serena smirked to herself. You'll get the point after seeing what's in the arcade, the only real reason Serena loves to go there.

Serena was about to walk through the doors when she must have taken a misstep and walked right into it. "Damn door." Serena muttered as she rubbed her red forehead.

"Real smooth. Someday I would like to see you come in without walking into anything someday. That's okay, I'll give you points for not falling to the ground like you normally do. Let's hear it for the girl." A voice broke through the noisiness of the arcade. Serena silently moaned at her lack of skill and ignored the voice as she walked to the counter and gave the boy behind it a smile.

"Hey Andrew, can I have one chocolate shake please?"

Andrew was a real sweetheart of a guy. The nice guy that acted like everyone's brother and could get away with just about anything because he was so adorable to look at. There had been a time she had a major crush on him and every time she had been around him, she had acted like a complete imbecile. But the more she got to know him, the more she realized he was just a big brother to lean on and that turned her back to normal quite quick.

Now on the other hand, ignoring the voice was a little harder than that. The guy owning the voice wasn't her brother material. And if it was, she would have felt sorry for any brother or sister of that guy.

"You know just because you ignore me doesn't mean I'm going to go away." The voice spoke loudly in her ear. Serena rolled her eyes and tried to shove her elbow into the stomach of the person. She looked over and yep there was a guy the voice belonged to.

What could she say about the guy? Rude, mean, deprived and that was just his mouth. Just looking at him made her queasy. Every square inch of him was in place. His midnight black hair had been set to fall on his forehead, his cobalt blue eyes held traces of mockery and his body was finely chiseled. Yeah he would have been perfect if it wasn't for his stupid mouth and cold attitude. Yep that was Darien Shields, hell even his name sounded as if it belonged in a book.

Life was certainly not fair, Serena glared at him. "Don't you have anything better to do than bug the hell out of me the minute I get here you cretin?"

Darien smiled that infuriating smile of his.

You know that smile that seemed to say "I can say or do anything I want to do just because I'm so hot and you're not" kind of smile. Man, that just burned her to the core. She hated that smile because it was just so damn impersonal. So inhuman. He definitely was a weird species.

"Of course I have better things to do with my time but I must admit it is hilarious to see you mad. Also you egg it on." He pointed to her.

Serena's eyes started to shoot daggers at him. "What do you mean I egg it on you reject?" she demanded as she folded her arms crossed her chest. She would give just about anything to knock that big head of his through the counter one of these days.

Darien leaned a little closer to her and stated, "You sat down next to me. If you didn't want to hear me then you wouldn't have sat down now would've you?"

Serena stuck out her tongue at him and resisted to spit while she was at it. Damn that man for being so egotistical it was so unreal. "I really think you need a life Darien and while you're at it, you should find a new brain because obviously the one you have isn't working." She started to grind her teeth when she noticed his eyebrow raise up.

"Oh my, you almost had me there. But I really hate to tell you this, wait never mind I love to tell you this, as of currently in college, I'm acing all my classes even with the internship I have. So my dear blonde brainless, this may be hard to understand for someone with such a small brain that doesn't get used much, but my brain is definitely working. And might I add, it's going far beyond the potential." He tapped the tip of her nose, talking to her as if he was a professor teaching a student.

"You're such an idiot." Serena swatted his hand away. Just because he was good-looking didn't mean he could get away with everything. Yeah she knew she said Andrew could get away with just about anything but the fact was she liked Andrew. They were almost like siblings.

Darien patted her head as if she was a puppy and smiled. "Now, now don't be like that. I can't help that God created me perfect and left you a little defective. Not all of us can get the luck, maybe you'll be lucky in your next life."

"Andrew, I suggest you better hurry with my shake before I harm your stupid friend over here. I'm on my last thread of patience before I beat him from an inch of his life. Please, please I beg of you. I don't beg, okay not much anyway but please gag him, handcuff him, anything take the idiot away." Serena yelled at her sandy haired blonde friend.

Andrew slowly ambled over with a smile on his face. "Now Dare, what have I told you about patronizing the customers that come in here? I need the business you know."

"But you're forgetting something Andy."

"And that would be?"

"You give her more free items than she buys so technically she's really not a customer. In order to be a customer, she would have to buy items with her own money." Darien pointed out.

Andrew nodded his head in agreement. "Yes I see your point there Dare. You're quite right, she would have to buy something."

"You guys are such idiots! She is right here next to you. She is me, so don't talk to me like I'm not here. Both of you make me so mad I want to scream and pull out my hair." Serena yelled as she repeatedly smacked the counter with both of her hands.

"Awe don't be like that. You don't have to scream but I would like to see you pull all your hair out. How much hair do you think she has Andy?" Darien turned to his friend and questioned.

Andrew studied Serena's hair for a moment. "It has to be quite a lot but then if she pulls out her hair in here, guess who would have to clean it up? Me." He pointed to himself as he answered his own question.

"That's it! You guys are absolute morons. I'm getting away from you two. Keep the damn shake, I don't want it anymore. You worthless, no good, stupid boys." Serena muttered as she walked away. She had no clue what went through the minds of those two college rejects. Whatever it was she wasn't going take time to think about them. Stupid guys.

"Hey Serena, having trouble with Darien?" A pretty blue haired girl asked.

Serena smiled. Her name was Ami, shy and bookish Ami. Always the concerned one, she was. Her dream was to become a doctor like her mother. "Nah, just the normal as always. How's Greg doing?" Ami was dating a nice guy named Greg. He was just about shy and smart as Ami was.

Ami smiled at Serena and sipped her soda before replying. "Good as usual. Actually you want to see what he gave me?"

"Did you get your first hickey Ami! Whoa let's see." A beautiful blonde bounced up and down the seat. Yep that's Mina. Tall, beautiful, curvy and very hyper. She loves to play the field on guy dating. Always changing boyfriends as much as she changes her underwear. She wanted to shift the world on it's axles with her looks as a model.

"There's no way Ami would have a hickey. Maybe he gave her some kinky clothes for their special night. All I say is he better treat her nice or I'm going to beat the living daylights out of him." Lita hit her fist into her palm. Okay that's Lita. Big, tough Lita with her brown hair in a ponytail and Amazon features, she was the toughest one out of all of them. Hell most guys would run the other direction when she got a glint in her eye. Just by looking at her, no one would assume she was the best cook imaginable.

Her goal in life was to own a five star restaurant.

"No, you guys have got it all wrong. He gave her a rubber. You know as if to say, the decision is in your hand for when you want to get it on." A raven-haired girl scowled at all of them. Yep as you can guess, that's Raye and she is by far the scariest. She's a priestess and can work the art of scrolls and such. But whatever she does, it's scary. Her personality is about the same. She loves to be blunt and sarcastic but just like Lita, people would never guess her dream was to be a singer.

"Guys, stop it. He gave me none of those. The thing he gave me was a book." A red-faced Ami told them.

"A book? Oh I see, a book called the art of Karma Sutra?" Serena teased.

All the girls burst out laughing and mercifully teased an embarrassed Ami. "No, not that kind of book. Not you to Serena. A book on the newest medical technology."

"How romantic, now you two can study together and press your heads close like this," Mina pressed her head close to Serena's and puckered her lips. "Then as you harmonize the words at the same time, you're lips will meet." She turned her head and was inches to Serena's puckered lips.

"Wow, I never knew you ran like that meatball head. Although I would understand why it would Mina. She's cute." The moment was lost when a voice cut through the playful acting.

Five heads swiveled to see Darien's smirking face come into view. "What do you want Darien? Or are you jealous I can attract someone like Mina unlike you. Sorry buddy, maybe next time." Serena scowled at him. She most certainly did not run that way just to make it clear to everyone.

Darien put a hand to his heart. "Oh how you wound me my dear twit and here I thought I could have a go with her. But I will just have to settle with all the hot college girls. Oh how hard life is. Actually I came to give you this. See you." He put down the shake he held in his hand and walked away.

Four out of the five girls sighed. "How sweet. Man, can you imagine being the girl to catch that guy? Lucky." Mina sighed.

Serena rolled her eyes and was about to reply when the arcade doors opened and like slow motion, in walked the hottest guy in her high school.

Black hair, blue eyes and one of the tallest in school. One word came to Serena's mouth. "Seiya."

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