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Chapter 6

Darien stared speechlessly at the woman in his arms for a few seconds. He knew it was wrong to even consider her request and there were a hundred of reasons not to, but not a single one came to mind. He tightened his hold on her, and tenderly kissed her soft cheek. One thought, only one thought drove him to this desperation to hold onto the one being that had crashed into his life.

She made him care.

The one person that had finally cracked his outer shell was the one person he couldn't have. He could be a bastard and seduce her into staying with him, but he knew eventually she would come to resent him since he wasn't the one she wanted. He knew he had the skill to do it, but for once in his life; he wasn't going to place himself first. Maybe in a sense it could be for his happiness, but mostly he was doing it to put a smile on her face. Yes, the cold, emotionless Darien Shields had found his better half; and the greatest part-in order for her to be happy; she was meant for someone else.

Yes, the world was one messed up place to be living in, he sighed as his lips finally came to rest on hers and as the heat raced to his heart, the kiss melted the ice around the places that he had thought had died long ago. As he touched the warmth inside her mouth, his hands came up to tangle in her hair and pull her close to him as humanly as possible. Yet, something seemed to engulf around them and for the first time, he felt held in her warmth.

The happiness...the love...the innocence, he realized this was Serena-what she represented. Ending the kiss, he buried his face in her hair and breathed. One kiss made him want to live; one kiss bonded his soul to hers. If she was happy, he would be happy for her. Starting today, he was going become something great for her so maybe, just maybe in their next life they would be fated to love. He hugged a second longer then pulled away to look at her. He felt a twinge of satisfaction run through as he felt her shiver in his embrace. At least she wasn't unaffected by the kiss as he first thought she was. He softly touched the arch of her brow and said, "A learning process- that's what a kiss will start off then gradually turn into a bond between two people."

Serena gazed at his face in wonderment and realized how different he looked. The hard edges by his eyes had eased the frown lines around his mouth had disappeared and in all, he was so breathtakingly handsome; she felt her heart thump wildly in her chest. She still had a hard time believing she had been a kissed by the one person that loved to torment her. She didn't know what to think, but she could almost believe a kiss could bond the two of them. No, she shook her head slightly, she couldn't think like that. If she started thinking of something so hard to reach, all her hard work she had strived toward to would be wasted.

She had to stick to her plan and once she did, everything she ever wanted could be hers. Stick to the plan, Serena repeated to herself. With her resolve firmly planted into her head, she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest for a moment. She took a deep breath, pulled back to look at him with a sad smile, not quite understanding why she felt as if a piece of her was leaving her and uttered a brief thank you.

With those two words, both of them seemed to understand the finale of their brief friendship. Silently the guy helped the girl back into the boat, holding her carefully as if she was a fragile piece of that glass that would shatter at the slightest bit of pressure, and as he rowed them back to shore, the girl gently rested her foot next to his; wanting the last possible touch to linger until the final moment they would have to part.

Not one word was said as they got out and started to walk back to her house. Serena stared up at Darien's silent profile, and then looked away before she closed her eyes. Why? Why do I feel hurt? she asked wordlessly. This was just Darien, the one that loved to make her life as chaotic as possible. He was the one that laughed at her when she scored low on a test. He's the one that let the world know how much better he was than her. So why was she feeling this way? She had known what she wanted, had worked day and night to achieve it. She wasn't going to let it go just because she felt the need to.

After stepping onto her porch, she took a ragged breath in and pasted on a smile as she looked at him, but before she could utter a word; Darien tangled his hands into her hair and pressed his forehead to hers. "I know this isn't what you wanted Serena, but I'm asking you to give me a chance; a chance to put a smile on your face everyday. I know I'm not what you are looking for and I'm not the guy you wanted, but I think I can be. Just a one shot, that's all I ask." he whispered as he looked into her blue eyes.

Serena reached up to tenderly touch his lips with a finger then stepped away from him. "Thank you for all you did for me, Darien, I won't ever forget it. Thank you." she gave his hand a squeeze before walking inside the house and shutting the door.

Darien felt his heart give a painful jump as he realized he was watching her shut him out of her life. I guess that's it, she didn't want you after all he nodded his head as if he was accepting what was meant to be. He turned away and started his lonely journey back to his empty apartment.

The next afternoon, Darien trudge his weary body to the arcade, knowing full well Serena would be there with the one she wanted, probably wrapped up in his arms as she smiled happily. He knew it was torture, but he couldn't help himself from watching. It was like an accident, you can't help but watch as you go passed it. He was so morbid. He walked in, fully expecting to see her but was surprised she was nowhere in sight until he heard her friends laughing and talking in the background.

"I can't believe she's finally going to do it," The girl with the ponytail said. For the life of him, he couldn't remember her name.

"Yeah, she just walked up to him and told him to come with her," The blonde one squealed.

After hearing the last bit of information, Darien tuned out the rest of their conversation and walked to his normal spot by the counter. Just as Andrew was coming over to talk to him, the doors slide open and in walked a guy with several females around him. Darien saw red as he finally noticed it was the guy that Serena had wanted to be with and without a word to Andrew; he flew out of his seat to plant a fist in the perfect face. "What the hell are you doing! Didn't you just get confessed to and you're with other girls! How could you do that to Serena! She has more beauty in a strand of her hair than these girls could ever have. Why you-" Darien raised another fist, intent on beating the shit out of the no good loser when he was pulled forcefully back. He swung back, narrowly missing Andrew's head, "What!" he demanded, not caring that he was causing a stir.

"You need to come with me before you get your ass in trouble. Come on," Andrew dragged the reluctant male into the backroom. After shutting the door, he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for his best friend to explain had just happened. Andrew knew Darien would eventually tell him, but was surprised when he punched the wall. Oh yeah, he was angry.

"A guy like that doesn't deserve her. He could never make her happy, I can see it. But I could, Andrew, I could," Darien ran a hand through his hair, completely letting his image fall apart. Who cared about image when the person you wanted didn't want you?

Andrew's jaw almost dropped after hearing what could be called a love confession and if that wasn't enough, the look in Darien's eyes sealed the deal. The years of coldness had disappeared to be replaced by a bright shine he had never seen before. Andrew scratched the back of his head and grinned. So, Darien had finally found love with the one person he loved to pick on. This was a great day indeed. He fished out something from his apron and handed it to Darien. "You may want to read that before you do anything else," he said and left to give him some privacy.

Darien unfolded the paper and read.

1. Perfect date setting?

A moonlight picnic in the park as he holds me to his chest.

2. What would be his perfect words?

You may not be perfect but you're perfect for me.

3. What would be the perfect kiss?

A soft kiss at first then gradually he would deepen it and I could feel what he would be feeling.

4. At the perfect moment, what would he whisper to you?

You're the one for me. I love you.

5. Is there such thing called a perfect guy?

That would a definite NO. Only in my dreams.


1. Perfect date setting?

A moonlight picnic in the park while we eat the sandwiches that he made.

2. What would be his perfect words?

Can't answer that question since I'm still waiting for him.

3. What would be the perfect kiss?

A soft kiss at first then gradually he would deepen it and I could feel what he would be feeling. A kiss that bonds two people to one another.

4. At the perfect moment, what would he whisper to you?

I know I'm not what you are looking for and I'm not the guy you wanted, but I think I can be.

5. Is there such thing called a perfect guy?

Yes, I've found him. He's been right here all along.

Darien reread the writing again then flew out of the room. He stopped long enough to toss out an apology to the guy he had decked then ran out of the arcade. He had no clue where she would be until he stopped for a moment to clear his mind and that's when it came to him. He let his feet lead him to where he wanted to be and was greeted by the most beautiful sight he could ever imagine. Under the blossoming tree with cherry blossoms falling around her, Serena smiled up at him with a hand reaching out for him. As if was the most natural action in the world, Darien met her hand and then wrapped his arms around her.

Serena smiled as she rested her head on his broad shoulders. "It's about you time you came, I was starting to get worried that I was ditched. I'm sorry about last night, I really wanted to answer you, but I wanted explain myself to Seiya. I truly am sorry I had to leave you, you don't understand how much I wanted to throw my arms around you and tell you I was willing to give you that shot."

"It's okay, just as long I can get that shot," he said then pulled back to look at her and asked, "By the way, what did happen?"

Serena grinned and kissed the side of his neck. She tilted her head back to rest on his shoulder and started to talk. "If you hadn't been so dense this last week, you would have realized Seiya was just an excuse for me to be around you. I don't know if you noticed, but the reason I stared at him a lot was the fact that he just happened to look like you. Don't get me wrong, I really did want you to help me become graceful and beautiful so I could be someone you would be proud of, but honestly, you helped me more than you would know. I do want to be those things someday, but I don't want to lose who I am either. I'm me and that's who I plan on being.

I was really hoping you would see me for who I was after you got to know me. It took me all of two seconds to realize you were everything I knew you were, mean and sweet at the same time. I wanted to see the sadness leave your eyes and my wish did come true last night; your eyes were so crystal clear and bright, it made the brightest star seem dim. It was true; I left your arms last night and walked into a different pair today, you finally look content. Today, I met up with Seiya and after explaining what I did to him, I apologized and he told me there was nothing to worry about. He even asked me if I was sure about you because if I wasn't, he would willing to give me a shot since I could make his life interesting," Serena sat back up then leaned over to cover his mouth with a kiss. After pulling away, she smiled and teased, "I told him if he miraculously turned into a guy named Darien then I would think about it, but otherwise I was sorry since there is only one guy for me. I know it maybe too early to say this, but I have been in love with you for a long time." She finished as she gazed at him and closed her eyes as his hand cupped her cheek.

"Okay, I'm a little slower than you, but it took me about a day to realize wonderful you are. I don't want you to change; I think you're perfect just as you are. You've been under my skin since we first met. I couldn't explain why I had to say the things I did to you and all I knew was the fact I needed to talk to you every day. And that, I realized just how long I have been in love with you; you are everything I could ever want for my other half. I love you, meatball head," whispered Darien as he leaned closer and kissed her deeply.

It was true, as each kiss went on, it was better than the last one and the red string of destiny entwined tightly around them. Pulling away, Serena fished out a pen from her purse and grabbed the paper that had been stuffed into Darien's jacket. She quickly scribbled on it then handed it back to him. She smiled when she met his eyes then stood up and pushed off the back of her skirt.

"That is definitely true, no objections there, but there is something I have to tell you," Darien coughed into his hand.


Darien tried to look innocently at her. "Um...I thought you had confessed to him and when he came into the arcade with girls around him...I...I...punched him," he finished with a rush.

"You didn't! Now you know what that means right? We go back to the arcade, and you have to apologize. Also, I have to tell my friends the happy news about us, they'll be ecstatic. And one last thing, I got the guy so you have to tell me that hair formula of yours," Serena laughed as she started to drag him down the street; neither not noticing the paper that had floated away to reveal what Serena had written.

What would be his perfect words?

I don't want you to change; I think you're perfect just as you are. I love you, meatball head.


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