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Childhood Friend

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She wistfully remembered the cheerful young days with her two best friends. The days where they would all run down a path laughing gleefully, trying to catch up to one another… or Edward. Or the soft afternoons where the sky was a gentle pink and they would pick flowers in a field close to their homes.

She remembers one moment upon the hilltop, Edward sitting by her side. It was peaceful, quiet. No words passed between them, as usual. But she never minded, even to this day. It was the youngest days when she knew him as her friend best.

But terrible things had happened so tragically. His heart had almost been torn into a thousand pieces. Her heart had shattered as well, no doubt. Ed and Al were forced to come live with their best friend, her. Arguments could be heard echoing through the small town every night. Edward didn't want to be there; Al didn't want to upset anyone. All Winry could do was steer clear from the boy. How could she possibly replace his mum? No wonder he had shouted words of hate to her when she tried to get close.

But Edward soon sobered; there was no doubt about that. He became his old self once again. Winry knew why, and she didn't like the reason. Why couldn't he have become happy and accepted her as his family? Why did his energy have to return for all the wrong reasons? She was glad that the fire had returned to both the young boy's eyes, that didn't mean that what they were planning was right! Once again the girl fell silent, having no words to say. How could she stop them? Edward was determined.

She watched the train speed pass her. She couldn't help but feel tears well in bright blue eyes. They were leaving for their training, and getting closer to their goal everyday. She really was happy for them in that aspect. But no-one ever thought of her, how their leave was affecting her.

What will happen with the Elric' brothers she will never know.

If they will someday reach their ultimate life goal, she doesn't know. After the accident so many years ago, she hopes and prays that everything will turn out alright. Then they can finally come home, and be within her care once again.

Winry Rockbell doesn't really know anything, she desperately tries to discover the new people that rock up on her doorstep, but the stay is never for long.

But she knows one thing for sure.

She looks up from her book as Edward walks by, winking at her skilfully. How quick he was to capture her since his arrival. He was leaving tomorrow, and had only returned for a mere auto-mail repair. But that didn't mean he hadn't left her breathless.

He grabs an apple from the kitchen and throws it into the air before taking a huge bite out of it. "Thanks for all your help Winry." He tells her truthfully. He then calls for Al loudly, who is outside with their escort Armstrong.

It had only been one sentence, but it had left her smiling. And it would be enough for her to hold onto until he did decide to return.

Yes, her childhood friend Edward was definitely much more than a childhood friend to her now, much more.

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