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Love Triangle


He had been so caught up in his alchemy texts that day, that he hadn't even noticed her plop herself down into the chair, at first. He had unconsciously thought to himself that Winry had been occupied with her own affairs. He'd heard her tools clanking against hard surfaces, soon followed by her vicious growls. Winry was always trying to fix something, or improve something around the house that he had barely had any of her time for the past few days. He pushed his silky blonde locks from his face and continued to focus on his text. It had taken him a while to find something that would occupy him while she was messing around with her metal downstairs. Now that he had finally found something he wasn't going to let her break his concentration from it so effortlessly.

She had been watching him for quite sometime in a sort of dreamy, thoughtful trance when he finally lifted his head.

"Hey Winry, how long have you been there?" He asked her, flicking over to the next page with curiosity, knowing that she had been there for a couple of minutes or so. Her breathe had been reaching the nape of his neck, after all.

She didn't answer the question, merely smiled and removed the hair from her eyes shyly. He loved it when she did that, and she knew that.

"Edward, do you remember that boy that lived down by the rice fields?" Her question was released with a small pitiful voice he didn't often hear coming from the young woman's lips. He blinked and placed the book down on his lap with confusion. He thought he remembered the one she was talking about. But there were a few boys who lived around the rice fields... Hell the whole of Risembool was a freaking rice field. He decided to disagree.

"Umm no I don't." His book suddenly seemed so dull.

She stared back at him for a few seconds, and then sighed with exhaustion. Talking to a brick wall would end up in more activity.

"Am I supposed to?" He raised an eyebrow after noticing her exasperation. He wasn't trying to be his usually disagreeable self. This conversation was actually started to pique his interest.

"I really used to like him you know?" She answered suddenly after a few seconds of still silence. He once again blinked and shut his book. Pushing it to the side with rage he stared wide-eyed at her.

"And my wife-to-be is telling me this because?" He was a little angry at her for bringing it up and his fingers, which he had preciously placed on her knee, scrunched her dress aggressively within their grasp. He'd always been the jealous type.

She had always been the fumingly dangerous jealous type. So why?

She was silent.

"One of those childhood crushes…?" He asked with curiosity.

"He was always too busy for me… he liked someone else as well… and she was one of my good friends." She placed her hand softly on top of Edward's tensed fingers and tried to delicately pry his hands from her expensive silk dress. She had put it on this morning to get one of those lustful looks from him, even if for just a second.

He was in such a frightful state. She tried to calm him down. "But I… really liked him…"

"Do you still like him?" Ed asked firmly, she couldn't look at his blazing gold eyes when they burned into her like this. He abruptly opened his book to ready himself for some more reading. His disrespectful fiancé was obviously not as interesting as he had first thought this morning.

"I have always had to compete with something! Now it's a book!" She looked towards his pile of research and pointed. She then flicked her gaze towards the window with anger. He blinked for the third time, his face completely blank.

"My research…?" He looked towards the book he was holding in his hand and frowned slightly. Compete with? Wait did she mean for him? The sudden realisation made him blush and he just re-opened his book. He had only turned to this because she had been so busy with a project for the last couple of days.

"You're not clueless for once?" She snorted with disbelief. "I could tell you I loved you openly and you wouldn't even know what had hit you."

Edward smiled. "And what of your affairs down in the garage for the past couple of days? You didn't think I would get a little bored sitting around watching that? I only started to research this transudation after you started to research your new oven."

She paused for a moment and decided she had nothing to add.

"Winry, you don't have to compete with these things!" He held up his book and through it across the room. He took her hands in his violently. "Just like I don't I don't have to compete with your things either, why are women so suddenly emotional like this?" He sighed and pushed her hair from her forehead. She smiled.

"Maybe I just wanted a kiss." She leaned closer with a beaming smile. Edward leaned forward. The moment hung in the air as he rested his chin against her soft hair.

"Well," he replied "you better fetch Al then; he said something about wanting some attention earlier, because I am going to have a shower." He laughed at Winry's shock horror and left the room, anticipating the warm shower to come. She knew where to find the ten year old child, and promised herself to go give him an affectionate peck on the cheek later.

She grinned as she heard the shower start a couple of rooms down and turned to clean up his mess.

Don't you hate those love triangles?


Thankyou so much to my reviewers. I only write because someone lets me know that they look forward to my work. Thanks for taking the time :)