Well, I've already posted three fic collections, what difference will one more make? This one is for the Miroku/Sango pairing. Ratings will vary, so I've listed this as a general PG (or K plus, if you prefer). None of the stories will exceed a PG-13 (T) rating.

Title: Uncertain
Genres: Drama
Rating: G
Summary: "Sango, how about a little help here?" "What are you talking about, Miroku? Sango's not even here!" – Episode 132
Originally written for the "IY no Kakera" fic community at LiveJournal. The theme was "separation."

Not having her there beside me, I cannot help but be surprised. I call out to her, wondering why I do not see her sleek form in the midst of this battle. I had grown accustomed to glimpsing her out of the corner of my eye as she performed her graceful warrior's dance, her fierce, passionate cries giving me assurance – she was strong, and she would live, so I had no reason to fear.

But now my call goes unanswered. The others have to tell me why, because I had not been there to see it for myself. I had not been there for her.

She needed me, and I was not there.

Kirara demands my attention even as the possessed women surround us, blades shining through the dimness before morning. I understand her persistence; she is as anxious as I am to seek out her mistress.

I leap atop Kirara, but I notice instantly that the balance is not there, she is not there, and the wrongness of the situation overwhelms me. I wonder briefly how I have come to be so uncertain, so unsteady without Sango at my side. Perhaps I was always that way. Perhaps that sad, sweet girl has simply provided me with a support that I never knew I needed.

Now she is away from my side, and uncertainty tears at my heart.