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Waltzing With the Serpent

A Sequel to Dancing With the Devil

LuvinAnime (LuvinAniManga)

PART ONE: The Honeymoon

Chapter 1: Ocean Abroad


Tea Kaiba (look at the name change: know it; learn it: LOVE IT!) shifted in bed, trying to get a little more comfortable. She was barely awake, and wasn't planning on staying that way. She was sure she had all the time in the world to rest or just go back to sleep.

Beside her, with his arm wrapped around her stomach, Seto Kaiba –her new husband- sighed. Oh no you don't…you're not going back to sleep that easily….

He sat up on his elbows slightly and started placing sweet little kisses around her ear and cheek.

Tea smiled in her bleary state. She knew who was doing that. Was he not going to let her sleep? And those kisses tickled!

Her built up laughter started making her shake. Tea suddenly let out a laugh.

"Seto! Stop it!" she giggled, opening her eyes, and turning to look up at him, while slinking away from him slightly. "I was trying to sleep, you know!"

"I know," Seto smirked sexily, leaning nearer to her, "But it's past nine o' clock, and I'm not letting my chance to get up escape me."

"Why didn't you just get up before?" Tea sighed, still smiling, however.

"I didn't want to wake you," he replied, leaning in ever closer. "If you hadn't noticed…I was wrapped around you like this." His arms suddenly lashed out and grabbed Tea's waist, and e pulled her up to him, kissing her lips.

Tea, almost familiar with the surprise of his daring kisses, wrapped her arms around his neck, and they fell back onto the bed –her on top of her loving husband.

Sure, not many wedded couples kissed like this every morning: but who could blame the two?

They were seriously in love.

They were newlyweds.

And…they were just…a special couple!

Tea continued to finger through his silky and already ruffled hair as she kissed him back. His own hands massaged her back gently. Seto Kaiba was in heaven….

Tea suddenly pulled away and rested her head on his shoulder, still lying on top of him, "Looks like you'll be stuck here for another few hours. It was a mistake letting me lie on you," she smirked, closing her eyes. "I'll be up around twelve maybe…if you're lucky."

"Oh, no you don't," Seto smiled, sitting up instantly, and letting her fall into his arms bridal style. "What to do with you…. What to do…. I could feed you to the crowd of young men outside-"

"That would only make you jealous," Tea laughed.

"True…" Seto seceded, "I always have hated that downside. Well…there's always the option of dropping you in the pool…or the ocean, though it is a long way down-"

"Seto, quit kidding around like that!" Tea protested, "Would you really like to lose your wife like that? Then again…it shouldn't be hard for you to get another one," she looked away, feigning a hurt expression.

"Don't say that!" he retorted calmly, placing her down on the bed.

"Ha! I knew you'd let go if I said something," Tea laughed, and scampered back under the covers of the bed, hiding from Seto.

Seto sighed, "Fine…go back to sleep. Waste the day away…."

Tea's head poked out from the covers, "If I recall…your brothers were recently the ones awaking you with all of the pranks."

"And you were the early bird," Seto recalled.

"Things change when you get married," Tea replied softly, shifting into a comfortable position, just to lie down a little longer.

"That's for sure," Seto smirked.

Tea's eyes snapped open, "What's that supposed to mean?" The two paused for a humorous moment. "Never mind," Tea sighed, "I don't want to know."

Seto walked over to her and kissed the top of her head, "You just relax there – you have every right to. I'll be taking a shower."

"Mmm…thank you, Seto," she closed her eyes and lay against the soft pillow.

Seto smiled back at her, and turned to grab his clothes out of his suitcase. He then went into the bathroom and took a shower.

Tea stood out on the deck, overlooking the vast ocean around them. She smiled as the salty sea breeze whipped against her face.

Tea looked in her mirror as she viewed herself, getting ready to go out on her and Seto's honeymoon. She smiled. To think: it had already been a week since the wedding. She had been married for a week. It was so hard to believe! And now, the two were going out on their honeymoon – in which Tea still had no clue where they were going, as she had left it all up to Seto, had he hadn't told her yet.

"Are you ready yet?" Seto poked his head through the door of their bedroom.

"I think so…" Tea replied, looking over herself one more time.

"You look fine," Seto replied.

"Alright…" she answered, "I'm only fretting because I don't know where you're taking me, and I have to be prepared for any occasion."

"I promise: you'll be dressed just fine for it," he replied. "Come on. Your suitcase is downstairs already. We have to say goodbye."

"Coming," she said, tearing herself away from the mirror and walking over to join her husband. Putting his arm across her back and pulling her close, they walked down the landing and over to the grand staircase. Tea saw Mokuba and Noa waiting for them at the door.

"Don't have too much fun now, you two," Noa joked, winking, as they came up to the brothers.

"Yeah. It'll be a snore fest here without you guys," Mokuba sighed.

"I'm sure you'll manage," Seto smirked.

"Yes…" Tea smiled mischievously, "I'm quite certain of that. You…happened to…drop this somewhere," Tea held out a streamer roll.

Mokuba grabbed it quickly and hid it behind his back, "I was wondering where that had gone!" he said rather high, "its from…your wedding, you know?"

Noa slowly prodded the closet door near them closed with his foot.

Seto noticed the tip of a box poking out.

"Yes…. And…you do remember the rules, correct?" he smirked, "No girls over here…or you over at their house; and no wild parties," he stressed the last word greatly.

"Whatever would give you the idea that we wanted to throw a party?" Noa asked.

"…While you were gone?" Mokuba added.

"For fifteen days?" Noa added even more.

"Just know that I gave Roland explicit instructions," Seto replied, kneeling down to their height…which wasn't so short anymore. "You all take care of yourselves, okay? Have some fun…but not too much," he took turns hugging his brothers.

Tea smiled and looked on. Mokuba saw her just standing there, and went to hug her, "Oh, come on, Tea! You're really part of the family now! You're pretty much our sister! Well…save Seto…."

Tea smiled and hugged him. Noa then came and gave her a hug, receiving a big one in return.

"We love you guys," Tea said once the hugs were done, "You know that."

"Yeah, we know," Mokuba waved. "You two just go and have a blast!" The two younger brothers started pushing the couple out the door.

"Don't worry! We'll keep the house damage to a minimum!" Noa stated.

"Noa!" Seto turned around once they had stopped being shoved out the door.

"BYE!" the two called out and waved, closing the door.

Seto sighed, "Those two…I swear I don't know where they learned their ways."

"They're like two little Joey's," Tea laughed, walking down the steps.

Seto scowled, "I will not have them becoming like him."

"Seto," Tea reprimanded, "Remember what we talked about?"

Seto rolled his eyes slightly, "Yes, yes, I know: they're my "friends" too now."

"That's right," Tea smiled and patted his shoulder. She turned around and saw Mokuba and Noa peeking out the window. They waved.

She waved back to them, and Seto turned around to wave as well. Then, the couple clambered into the limo and it drove off.

In the limo, Tea laid her head against Seto's arm, "Seto…when are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"I want to see if you can guess it," he replied, looking at her intently. "Just close your eyes and lie back, and guess."

"Can you give me some clues?" she did as she was told.

"What kind of clues?"

"Hmm…was it very expensive?"

Seto almost burst out laughing, "No!"

Tea wondered what was so funny. Then she caught on. She was a Kaiba now. The term "expensive" was not really in the active vocabulary anymore.

"But I will say: it was cheaper than what it normally would have been."

"Okay…" Tea answered. This didn't help her at all. "Are we going...far away from Domino? Like…more than three hundred miles?"

"Very much so."

"…Out of the country?"


"One or multiple places out of the country."

"Depends on how you look at it. Technically…we're traveling to one place in particular."

"So that rules out a world-wide trip," Tea laughed. It was time to start guessing major cities and countries. "Paris?"


"…New York?"

"Certainly not."

"Hmm…" Tea thought, "London?"





Seto just laughed.




"What do you think?" Tea laughed. How could she have forgotten? Seto hated anything to do with Egypt!

"Alright…I'm going to start guessing continents now. Asia?"



"Not even close." Tea was stumped now. There were so many countries in Europe! They all seemed like honeymoon places! She was sure Africa and South America were out of the question. Australia had been rejected. The Arctic caps were certainly not choices. Asia was gone. That only left North America….

"So we're going to North America…somewhere?"


"Canada? Mexico? The US?"

"No; heck no; and yes."

"Well…its not New York," she replied, thinking aloud, "So…Chicago?"


"Seto…there are so many places in the US! I'll be guessing forever!"

"That could be the point," he chuckled.

"Seto," she hit his arm softly. She sighed and began reciting more, "Florida? California?"

"Both negative."

"St. Louis?"

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"I'm just throwing out major cities here! Washington DC?"

"No way."

"Colorado? That National Park area?"


"Argh! I give up!"

"Oh come on: you're smarter than that! There's one place you haven't thought of."

"No, no…I've listed everything I could think of," Tea replied, "Just tell me Seto. Please?"

"No, no," he answered, "Keep guessing." Tea just sighed. "Then again," he started, "Maybe you'll be able to guess now. We've arrived at our place of departure. Keep your eyes closed until I say so. You'll understand in a moment where we are going."

The limo stopped. Tea heard the door open and Seto got out. He had taken her hand and helped her out of the limousine.

Once she was standing, Seto commanded, "Open your eyes."

Tea opened them. It was Domino Bay. There was a large ship at port. She recognized this as the place where she had been about to leave Seto forever…and the place where he had proposed to her.

Something popped into her head. If they were taking a ship…or a cruise, more like…they must be going to-

"HAWAII!" she jumped and hung herself around Seto's neck, while he twirled her around.

"There you go!" he smiled at her. "And just look at what we're going there on."

"Oh my…" Tea gasped. That cruise looked magnificent! It was huge! It was gorgeous! "Oh, Seto! It's wonderful! This is going to be so great!" she hugged him again.

"Save some happiness for the actual trip," he laughed.

"Wait," Tea stopped, "That's it! I understand what you meant now: by it being cheaper! That day that we were last here: did you go to ask if the ticket could be used for another time instead? My ticket? Was that why it was cheaper? We already had bought a ticket?"

"Now you're thinking," Seto remarked.

"You've planned this from the start!" Tea exclaimed.

"Bingo," Seto replied. "Come one now: we have to get ourselves on. It's going to depart in about twenty minutes."

Tea smiled happily as she continued to look out over the sea and ponder over memories. It was their second day out here. Seto was inside, still getting ready. After he had taken his shower, Tea had kicked him out of the bathroom so that she could take her shower and get ready – all done in about thirty minutes. Seto was taking far longer. How much did he have to do in there?

Laughing, she remembered a similar argument they had had almost a year ago. In fact, it would be two more months until it had been a year ago at that time.

Tea felt a hand touch her shoulder. Finally, she sighed thoughtfully. "Seto-" she turned around and stopped. Her eyes narrowed.

"Hey there, chick," a muscular, tanned man leaned on the railing next to her, "Say…what might your name be?"

"That would be none of your business." Tea looked around.


"Hey, what have you got against me talking to her, punk? I say you get lost," the tanned man replied, scowling. He grabbed Tea's arm, "Come on, chick."

Seto tore his hand from her wrist, "Take your filthy hands off my wife."

The man stopped, "Your wife?" There was a brief pause as Seto glared daggers and machetes at the newcomer. "Ha!" he suddenly laughed, "Quit pulling my leg! There's no way you two could be married! I mean…just look at y'all! Not the couple I would suspect-"

Seto punched him in the nose.

"Seto! Oh, must you always resort to that?" Tea sighed, pulling him away, "Let's just go get something to eat…."

"I didn't like him," Seto sneered back at the man holding his bloodied nose.

"Just because he was trying to flirt with me?"

"Well of course!"

Tea laughed, "I love it when you get jealous."

"I wasn't jealous!" Seto protested. Seeing Tea waiting for him to explain, he added, "I was being…protective."

"Something even more that I love about you," Tea smiled, taking his hand. "And the whole denial act is really cute too. The way your cheeks flush-"

"I'm not blushing," Seto reprimanded, and casually lifted a hand to his face to feel how warm he was.

"I never said you were," Tea laughed, poking him in the chest, "Put you know it and you know that your denial act is all phony."

"Let's just go eat something," Seto said, leading her into the large dining area.

Tea sighed, "Always trying to change the subject when it's about you."

"Can you blame me?" Seto asked, opening the doors for her, "What if I talked about you like that?"

"I wouldn't mind, I'm sure," Tea walked past him to look for a table.

"Sure," Seto replied, dragging it out. He looked for a place to sit too. All of the two-seated tables were occupied. Most of the groups' tables were occupied as well.

"See?" Tea sighed, "This is what happens when you take so long in the shower! What do men do in there anyway?" she shook her head, still looking.

"I believe we discussed this a while ago," he smirked glancing at her.

"I was just thinking the same thing," she smiled. She spotted a place, "Oh! There!" Tea grabbed her husband's hand and dragged him over to a table where there were three other couples: a couple looking about their age, a middle-aged couple and an elderly one.

"Hi there," Tea greeted, standing at the table, "May we join you?"

"Go right ahead," the woman from the young couple smiled at them, "We'd be glad to have you here."

"Thank you," Seto nodded, pulling a seat out for Tea. She smiled at him, then sat down. Seto then sat down in a seat next to her.

"Good morning," the man from the middle-aged two greeted, "I'm Chester Zarkaufski. This is my wife, Vina."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," she added. Chester and Vina were dressed quite sophisticatedly, with an air of money about them. Seto, for once, had had the sense not to tell his wife to pack anything too fancy for a cruise. Otherwise, they probably would have looked just as wealthy. Which…the Kaiba family probably was more wealthy than those two.

"We're Virge and Javen," the elderly lady shook Tea's hand, "It's good to see such young people around here." Javen –her husband- merely nodded his head slightly.

"I'm Kate," the woman who had first spoken pointed to herself. Then she pointed to her husband, "And this is my new husband, Chris."

"Nice to meet you," Chris reached over to shake Seto's hand. Seto did the same.

"You're a new couple too?" Tea asked.

"Yes," Kate smiled, "We got married about a month ago. We haven't had time for a…honeymoon, I guess you'd call it, until now. Poor Chris has been struggling at work."

"You couldn't just take time off?" Tea inquired.

"Tea," Seto looked down at her, "Not everyone can choose when they have their vacations."

"But you…" Tea looked at him. She made a connection in her head. Of course! Duh! Seto owned the company! He could take time off whenever he wanted! "Never mind," she shook her head, "Stupid me."

"You're not stupid," Seto reprimanded.

"And…you two are?" Vina asked, somewhat with slightly rudeness.

Tea looked like she was about to hit herself, "Ack, stupid me again. How impolite. "I'm Tea, and this is Seto, here," she grasped his hand underneath the table.

"Well, best head off to the buffet," Chris looked up, "It's cleared up some."

"Good idea," Tea nodded.

"Don't mind us;" Virge said, "We're just about halfway through."

"As are we," Chet replied. The two couple-newlyweds stood up and made their way over to the buffet.

Tea stood up, and as Seto was standing, she pushed him back down, "Keep still. I know what you'll want to eat."

"How would you know?" Seto looked at her slyly.

"As if being your cook for a year taught me nothing," Tea laughed. She looked over the buffet tables, "If I know your appetite, Seto, then you'll be getting…French toast…eggs…sausage…and…" she smirked, and leaned closer to him, whispering into his ear, "a chocolate doughnut."

Seto sighed, "You're not going to give that up, are you?"

"Nope!" Tea giggled.

"Very well," Seto replied, "You were actually right. Go on then."

Tea squeezed his hand, and then walked away.

"She used to be your cook?" Chester asked, not helping to have overheard.

"Yes," Seto answered. "Of course, I knew her before that happened. We used to go to high school together."

"If you don't mind me sayin', sonny," Virge put in, "You two look like you just got out of high school!"

"It was three years ago, actually," Seto nodded in consent, "I suppose that isn't a very long time."

"Ha!" Javen, for the first time spoke, "Virge and I hooked up around that time. Been stuck together for sixty-five years since that fateful day," Javen shook his head.

"Jay," Virge hit his shoulder lightly.

Seto couldn't help but to laugh a bit, "Come now, it can't be all that bad."

"Of course not," Virge scowled at her husband, "Old coots like that just like to think it is that way. You know the drill: all happy those first few years: then the kids roll in; then once they're gone, the two of you start acting like you can't stand each other, but on the inside, you love each other."

Seto blinked, "Is that…really how it goes?" Seto Kaiba may have had infinite knowledge about countless topics: but marriage was still totally new to him.

As were affairs of the heart.

"I feel for you, sonny," Javen looked over at him sincerely, "You don't even know what you got yourself into that day you said "I do," do ya?"

"Bon appetite!" Tea suddenly appeared, sliding a plate into the space in front of Seto. It was loaded.

She knew her husband's appetite. She also slid the doughnut, on a separate paper plate to the side of his dish. She then slid into her own place next to him.

"Thank you," he smiled at her.

"You're welcome," she replied, picking up her utensils.Kate and Chris appeared a moment later.

The table ate in silence for a couple moments, before the Zarkaufskis could not take it anymore.

To make conversation, Chet started talking, "Well, has anyone seen how the stocks have plummeted?"

"Oh yes, it's crazy," Javen answered, "Back in my day, the stocks didn't plummet 'cept during the Depression. We live in America, you see. Took a trip to Japan this month, and we're going back by way of cruise."

"Yes," Vina nodded, "We live in the capitalism capital as well. But we came from quite the establishment in Europe. Sometimes I wonder why I ever thought of leaving there."

Tea tried talking, "My friend used to live in Europe. He said he was kind of glad to be out of there. I don't know why, but he seemed to like Japan a lot better."

"Everyone is different, my dear," Vina stared her down, "You know that, yes?"

"Oh boy do I know it," she almost laughed. She had been thinking about just how different she and Seto used to be.

Meanwhile, Javen and Chet were still talking about money, and even Chris had joined in.

"Yeah, the stocks in Japan really have plummeted this month. Well…all except for Kaiba Corps.' stocks. Somehow, they seem to keep everything top-of-the-line," Chris stated.

Seto smirked and looked up. This conversation looked like it was just getting interesting.

"That's because Kaiba Corp. is so efficient at everything," Chet replied. Seto felt a smile, in spite of himself, coming on, but it was erased when Chet added, "Half the time, I think they somehow cheat people out of their money! I mean, how can a company have that much capital? My family itself has oodles of money, but not that much."

Seto stared down at his plate, dying to say something. He was biting his lip and looking over at Tea to see if she was catching his eye.

She eventually did, but she was of no help. Obviously, she had not heard the discussion.

"I don't think that's it," Chris rebuked Chet, "Kaiba Corp. is a respectable company. There's no way they would steal money. It's become a lot better off since it changed gears from military machinery to gaming products.

Seto's smirk popped back up. He was starting to really like this Chris character. That Chet one though…he was trouble.

"I'm afraid I just don't understand how they make so much money off games and useless products like that, though," Chet answered.

"Maybe it's because it's a hard-working and respectable company, with a president who knows what he's doing," Seto suddenly stated. He couldn't hold it in anymore.

Tea looked over at him. Even Virge and Vine stopped their chatter. Kate had been quiet the whole time, but she looked up with interest now. There were three different points of view at the table, although two of these points weren't so different. This was getting interesting.

"Why do you say that, young man?" Chet asked, "No offense, but people at your young age should not form such strong opinions. You're barely past high school, for goodness' sake. Too young, too young. You really must dig deeper into things-"

"I would think I know what I'm talking about, sir," Seto answered, managing to keep calm. Tea was praying and hoping against hope that Seto kept his head. He usually did around strangers –something she loved about him- but still…with this abuse he was taking about his company?

"Tell me something, Seto," Chet asked, "Where do you go to school? Or are you working somewhere?"

"I'm working somewhere," Seto built up the suspense. They didn't necessarily have to know where he worked if they didn't ask.

But they did.

"Where then?" the proud man asked.

Seto smirked one of his trademark smirks, "Why, Mr. Zarkaufski: I work at Kaiba Corp. In fact, I'm the president of Kaiba Corp."

Silence reigned at the table. Everyone was speechless. Tea didn't know what to do. She felt rather uncomfortable in this situation.

Vina was the first to recover, "Seto…Kaiba?"

"Yes indeed," Seto nodded softly.

Kate looked back and forth between Seto and Tea, "But…you're married? This would have been on this news, right?"

This one, Tea could answer, "We wanted to keep the press out of it for a while. They'll find out eventually. Once they see Seto taking a vacation for a while, they'll barricade the home, get the answers out of Seto's fragile brothers, and it will be all over the news faster than one can say 'newscaster.'" To her surprise, Kate laughed.

"Oh, that was a good one!" she giggled, "Fragile…all over the news…faster than…newscaster!" she broke into little fits of laughter, and tried to hold it in as much as possible.

Chris patted his wife, "Calm down, dear," he told her.

Chet looked appalled, and embarrassed. "Well…erm…if you would excuse us, we had best be going. Don't want to keep the seats closed, since we aren't eating. Come along Vina," Chet took his plate, as did Vina, and they walked off.

"Oh, don't mind those two," Virge waved her hand, "They're an airhead couple. Been like that for awhile. Yeah, we know them that well. Don't worry about them."

"Amazing how people like that can be married to each other," Tea muttered to herself.

But Virge, surprisingly, overheard, "Oh, dear, it was all about money and politics. I wouldn't be surprised if some love had developed over the years, but those two were originally married for the European custom of money, estate, bloodline and politics," she nodded sharply.

"That's awful," Tea shook her head, "If everyone did that nowadays, well…" she looked at Seto, "I wouldn't have been able to get near Seto here."

"Not the way you were living," Seto put an arm around her, "But that's all in the past now."

Eventually, the only ones left at the table were Seto and Tea and Chris and Kate.

They were just finishing up, when a voice came over the intercom, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have ten minutes left before the wing is closed for breakfast. Lunch will start an hour after that. Thank you." The intercom switched off.

Tea stared at her plate. The voice had sounded oddly familiar….

She looked up and around. There was a stage in the back that was used at dinner and for dances. There was a microphone on stage, and a man in a ship officer's uniform was walking away.

Tea's eyes widened. Could it be him? No way….

But the man was gone before she could be sure.

No…there's no way. I'm just imagining things. He was just some random ship officer: no one I know at all, Tea thought out, turning back to finish the rest of her plate.

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