Crimson Tears

(Chitose's Story)

By: StarKitten3360

Author's Note: I do not own any of Fatal Frame II or its characters. This is a fanfictions solely on the thoughts of young little Chitose Tachibana. Hopefully any of you who do not like this little girl will have a better understanding of her and maybe feel something towards her after reading this.

Chapter One

Chitose hurried along the main corridor of the Tachibana house searching for her two older brothers, Itsuki and Mutsuki. As she turned the corner she collided into the younger of the two twins, Mutsuki. Chitose wrapped her arms around her brother's waist and inhaled his scent deeply. She closed her eyes slowly as her Mutsuki embraced her small body in his arms.

"Chitose are you alright?" Mutsuki's soft and kind voice spoke softly to the near-blind child. Chitose opened her eyes and looked up towards her brother. She could make out most of his outline but his features were nothing but a blur in the darkness she was trapped in. She shook her head as Mutsuki let go of her. "Then why are you running around the house? Itsuki and I do not want to see you getting hurt."

"I was looking for you and Itsuki, I wanted to be with you both." Mutsuki smiled softly to his younger sister and took her hand in his. "I was just going to find Itsuki, why don't you come with me?" Chitose gladly held onto her brother's hand as he led her to her other brother, Itsuki. They stopped a few inched from Itsuki's door, Chitose used her free hand and slowly slid it open to reveal the other boys neat room. Itsuki slowly turned around to see who was entering into his room, his black hair brushed slightly in front of his eyes. Chitose smiled as she ran to him. "Itsuki!" She cried as she wrapped her small arms around his neck, giving him a hug. Itsuki returned her hug before letting go of her small body.

"Hello to you too Chitose." Itsuki smiled to his younger sister as he brushed his hair away from his eyes. Itsuki then turned to look at his twin brother who was still standing in the doorway. Itsuki gave Mutsuki a worried glance before returning his gaze to his sister. He gave her a small smile before he got to his feet. "Mutsuki, Chitose I have to go out for a little while, so I can pay my repspects to those who have come before us." Chitose looked up to her brother, she slowly squinted as she tried to make out to expression on his face.

"Itsuki..." She slowly began. Itsuki brought his hand up and patted the young girl on her head, causing her to giggle slightly.

"Don't worry Chitose I will be back soon." Chitose nodded as she listened to the movement of her brother heading towards his door. Before Itsuki entered into the hallway she ran to him and hugged him around the waist.

"Come back soon and play with me." Itsuki smiled as Chitose lossened her grip from around his waist. Itsuki slowly nodded and proceeded into the hall.

"Itsuki I think I will come with you. I want to pay my respects to those who lay to rest at the cemetary as well, if that is alright?" Itsuki nodded to his brother before looking at Chitose who was holding tightly to Mutsuki's robe.

"Chitose don't worry we'll be back soon." Chitose slowly let go of Mutsuki's robe and listened to them leave her there in the house by herself. She sighed and walked down the corridor, her feet padding against the hard wood. Shw slowly turned as she reacehd the front door and stared out at it, slight bits of color shone through the darkness but not much. She could her the rustle of the leaves as the wind blew through the trees, she shivered slightly as the chilling breeze passed over her. She slowly sat down on the porch of the house waiting for her brothers to return for her. As time passed Chitose felt the wind grow colder, she brought her knees to her chest. She wrapped her arms around them and rubbed her harnds together in front of her, trying to keep herself as warm as possible. After a few more moments she slowly stood and found her sandels by the door. She slipped them onto her feet and began to walk out the door when she heard the approach of people to her house. She kicked her sandles off and scurried back inside of the house. In her hurry she tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground; biting her lip she crawled the rest of the way to her hiding place. Chitose slowly slid the door of the large closet open and hurridly crawled inside, she slid the door shut so that there was only a small crack left for her to look through.

Itsuki and Mutsuki entered into the room followed by another figure who Chitose did not recognize at first. She listened as her brother's spoke softly to the person, he replied in a voice she would never be able to forget. The Ceremony Master, Ryokan Kurosawa, was standing in her home. Chitose slowly moved to the back of the closet; overcome with fear she began to shake at the very thought of the man that was speaking to her brothers. Silent tears began to creep down her cheeks as she curled herself into a ball.

Soon she began to sob and had to bite down on her kimono to make sure she made no sound. "Itsuki...Mutsuki..." She repeated her brother's names over and over in her head as she began to rock slowly back and forth in fear. Her eyes focused on the crack in the closet, even though the light was faint she knew where it originated from. She stared at the crack, waiting, just waiting. She watched more with her ears then with her eyes, or listened to be precise. She followed the movement of the ceremony master especially as he began to walk around the room as he continued to talk to her brothers.

"It will soon be time for the ceremony, the time is drawing very near." The ceremony master's voice was deep, rough and very cold. It held a sharpness to it that would be able to cut like a knife. "Your father, I'm sure, would be proud to know that you will be halping the village so much." A sigh escaped one of her brother's lips as he took a step towards, or so Chitose guessed, the ceremony master.

"Please excuse my bluntness Kurosawa-san but it is getting late and Mutsuki and I must tend to our younger sister, Chitose. She is not quite fond of strangers in our home and tends to hide in one of the smaller rooms." Chitose stiffened as she felt the cruel eyes of the ceremony master penetrate her hiding spot.

"I understand." Mr. Kurosawa turned his head to look at the two twins. "I should be on my way, I am sure my daughters wish to know why I have been gone so long." The boys nodded and watched as the older man left. Itsuki turned to look at the large closet.

"You can come out now Chitose, Mr. Kurosawa is gone." Chitose crawled to the closet door and slowly slide it open. She pushed herself out of the closet and then ran to her brothers. Tears pouring down her cheeks.

"What's the matter Chitose?" Mutsuki's voice asked softly as he layed his gentle hands upon her shoulders. "There is nothing to be frightened of." Chitose's shoulders shook as she continued to cry. Her brother's shared a worried glance before looking back to their younger sister. Itsuki knelt down beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'll carry you to bed alright Chitose." Chitose merely nodded as she continued to cry. Itsuki slowly lifted her off the ground and cradled her gently in his arms as he took her to her room. Mutsuki went ahead of Itsuki and layed out Chitose's futon so Itsuki would be able to lay her down. Itsuki slowly lowered Chitose's shaking body to the futon, once he removed his hands Mutsuki covered their younger sister with her blanket. "Good night Chitose." They said together. Chitose looked up to her brothers and reached out a hand to both of them grabbing hold of the bottoms of their yukatas.

"Please don't leave me alone." Tears were still strolling down her cheeks. Itsuki and Mutsuki turned and sat donw next to her. "Don't leave me alone..."