Author Notes: No, I don't own Harry Potter. Yes, this is slash. Can we start the story now?

Some Days


Some days Seamus and Dean flirted because it was fun.

It was breakfast on a cool November morning. Everyone was quiet and sleepy because it was raining and it was just that kind of day.

"Make love to me, Dean Thomas!" Seamus pleaded suddenly because he'd never been too good with silences.

"Hm?" Dean asked with a barely concealed smile.

"You know you want me, so take me! Take me!" Seamus cried.

"Yes. Yes, I want you so, so bad," Dean replied in perfect monotone as he buttered his toast.

"As it should be," Seamus replied, placated. Everyone laughed.


Some days Seamus and Dean flirted because it was real.

It was time for bed. There was a Charms test in the morning that Ron and Harry were downstairs studying for (Hermione had said they procrastinated too much what with their night-before cramming, but Seamus and Dean always one-upped them with their morning-before cramming). Neville was on an assignment for Professor Sprout to harvest some moon blooming crabhopper petals. It was just Dean and Seamus, all alone for one night.

The lights were dimmed in preparation for bed. Dean made the first move towards getting undressed. He turned away from Seamus, cast off his robe and unbuttoned his shirt slower than usual. He glanced up to make sure he had Seamus' attention and he smiled.

"Like what you see, Finnigan?"

"Maybe I do," Seamus replied.

That was as far as they could go in private without blushing to the tips of their ears and turning away.


Some days Seamus and Dean didn't flirt. They were just comfortable and close. They were best friends and if they were more than that, then, well, they were more than that. It didn't matter because they just were without trying.

The common room was packed, a typical Saturday evening. More students than usual were doing homework because the winter exams were approaching. Nothing too strenuous, but Dean was frustrated nonetheless.

"Shit," he hissed, shoving his potions essay aside.

Seamus immediately put his Charms aside as well -- he was bored anyways -- and began rubbing Dean's neck and shoulders. Dean let out a soft, strangled moan. "God, Seamus, how do you do it?"

Seamus smiled and kissed Dean's cheek, letting Dean get back to work as he moved down to his shoulder blades.

"Are they shagging?" Dennis asked his brother impertinently.

Colin glared mildly. "Denny, mum would slap you if she heard you talking like that."

"Well are they?"

"I don't know. Does it matter? They're just Seamus and Dean."