The Titans were at the "pizza parlor" having lunch. Again Beastboy and Cyborg were arguing over their usual 'tofu or meat' disagreement. "tofu!" BB screamed, "No! the all meat experience, you little green freak!" Cy insulted BB. This really hurt Beastboy's feelings. His ears flopped down and his eyes began to water. " Cyborg! Apologize, Now!" Robin ordered. " No, That's ok Robin, you can obviously see he doesn't have the HEART for it!" BB came back. The others thought this was clever and funny. Even Raven giggled, a little, like the rest of them (except Cyborg and BB). "Hey! Robin!" Cyborg yelled. "Come on Cyborg, you have to admit that was funny" Robin answered. "No! Not at all!" Cy responded. Cyborg's eyes lit up "Hey Hey I've got one, I've got one" Cy started "What is more pathetic than an annoying green shape shifter? …..nothing…..nothing at all! HAHAHAHA!" Cy joked even through the joke was incredibly mean. Every one gasped at his mean attempted to get people to laugh. "Cyborg!" Robin yelled. Beastboy began to cry. "Friend Cyborg! Apologize this instant!" Star screamed. "What" he asked. BB folded his arms on the table and placed his head in to stop his sobbing. " Beastboy…." Raven whispered placing a hand on his shoulder. BB took it as a sign of comforting. He turned and hugged Raven. She gasped with surprise, then put her arms around him. He cried onto her shoulder. " Hmmm…. She's warm…and soft….she has a good, strong shoulder… perfect for me to cry on." BB thought " she smells so….good…..what is that ….lavender?…what ever it is it smells great!". "Ok, lets go home, guys" Robin said "Cyborg has to go to his room when we get there!" "What! What for!" Cy asked angrily. "For that!" Robin pointed to the crying BB being comforted by Raven. "That little twerps fakin' it! Just to get his hands on Rae" Cy replied. "Cyborg enough! Just…. go home, we'll just walk." Robin ordered. "Fine, I'm not letting any yawl' in my car!" he screamed going to the car. He got in and drove away, hopefully heading for home. "Come on guys" Robin started "lets go home" He and Star started to walk away, but Star stopped "Friends are you, coming?" Star asked. Raven looked up and said "You go we'll catch up". And with that they left. " Beastboy, do you feel better?" Rae asked. BB rose from her warm arms, her sniffed in "Yeah, a little" he replied, Rae got a handkerchief from her pocket and handed it to him " here" she said. He took it and blew his nose and tried to give it back but she shook her head " No, you can keep it" she said". He said thanks and then they sat there for a little bit. Then, Raven spoke "Do you want to head back?". He looked at her. Into her soft glistening violet eyes and replied " Sure… are you ready". Raven was shocked. His voice was shaky but very quite. After looking at him for a while she replied "Yeah…yeah, lets go". They got their stuff and headed off. They walked the entire way. Beastboy looked over at Raven and saw how sweet she looked. He immediately knew he was in love.