Old Sparks

Summary: Buffy and Spike were hot and heavy in high school, but then Spike gets accepted to a school in New York, leaving Buffy and all his friends in Sunnydale. After Grad he leaves, keeping in touch with them for about two months. 9 months after grad, Buffy has a daughter and the band of Buffy, Oz, Faith, Dawn and Willow, plus some of the other girls as back-up, make it big time and become super famous. 5 years later Spike is back to do an report on Buffy. He finds out some pretty interesting things.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any Buffy characters…they all belong to Joss Whedon…lucky bastard. I do, however, own any and all characters I make up…so there!


"SPIKE! I have some great news!" Buffy said, running up to her boyfriend.

"BUFFY! I have some great news!" Spike said at the exact same time. Buffy blushed and Spike chuckled. "You first luv."

"No you." Buffy said.

"You sure?" Spike asked.

"Yeah totally." Buffy said, acting like the simple teenager she was.

"Ok…well." Spike said. He smiled and Buffy had to smile with him. "I got accepted."

"Accepted? Into what exactly?" Buffy asked, her smile dropping.

"That school in New York I told you about." Spike said. "They accepted me…and I…accepted the offer."

"So you're moving to New York?" Buffy asked.

"Well…yeah." Spike said. His smile was gone as well. "But I want you to come with me luv."

"Come with you? To New York? But…what about our friends?" Buffy asked.

"We'll still see them." Spike said, brushing golden hair out of Buffy's face. "Come on pet…this is a once in a lifetime chance."

"Then take it." Buffy said. "Don't let me control your future. I can't leave Sunnydale…it's been my home for the longest time now." Buffy looked away from Spike. "And like…we'll still see each other and keep in touch right?"

"Of course." Spike said, hugging Buffy. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah…go…go to school and learn how to be a big shot journalist." Buffy said, stepping back from Spike and forcing a smile. "But if you even think that just because you're across the country, means you can mess around with some other girl and I won't know…think again."

"You're the only girl for me Buffy." Spike said, kissing Buffy. "I gotta finish packing. I leave the day after graduation."

"But…grad is in three days." Buffy said.

"I know it's soon…but I think I should find a place to live and work over the summer so I can afford all the stuff I need." Spike said. Buffy's forced smile was gone as well. "Hey…what did you have to say?"

"What?" Buffy asked.

"Well you said you had great news as well. What was is?" Spike asked.

"Oh umm…I get to graduation." Buffy said, thinking quickly. Spike laughed.

"I know that already luv." He said. Buffy just shrugged. "Ok well I'm gonna go pack. I'll see you tomorrow night alright?" Buffy nodded. Spike kissed her once more before hurrying off.

"Well…" Buffy muttered, putting her hands and on slightly round belly. "We're gonna have a kid Spike…" She sighed before tucking her hair behind her ear and walking home. 18…18 years old, going to have a kid in a few months, graduate high school in a few days…and just lost the love of her life to New York.

The day Spike left his brother, Angel, Angel's girlfriend Darla and Buffy all saw him off. Darla knew about Buffy's pregnancy, as did Willow, Faith, Dawn, Buffy's mom and Anya. None of the guys knew, the girls all knew that if the guys did know, then they would tell Spike, and Buffy didn't want to stand in the way of Spike's career.

"Take care of her mate." Spike said to Angel. "And you take care of him." He told Darla.

"Doy." Darla said, hugging Spike. "Don't forget about us."

"No way in hell that's gonna happen." Spike said. He and Angel did their childhood handshake. He turned to Buffy. "Well…don't I get something?"

"Hmm…no." Buffy said, smiling and shaking her head.

"Well then…" Spike said.

"I'm joking you dipstick." Buffy said, hugging and kissing Spike.

"Ok…enough public display of affection." Angel said. Buffy pulled away and blushed slightly. Spike laughed and kissed her forehead.

"See ya goldilocks." He said, using his old nickname. Buffy just nodded. They watched him blend into the crowd.

"Bye." Buffy said quietly.

"Come on Buff…what you need…is a great big milkshake." Darla said, putting her arm over Buffy's shoulders. "See ya later hun."

"Bye." Angel said. He watched the girls walk away then sighed. Spike was some kind of idiot to just leave a girl like Buffy because of some school. He knew about Buffy being pregnant, Joyce let slip to him and Rupert, the boys' father. Neither of them told Spike because Joyce said that Buffy said that she didn't want him to know. Angel would never figure out why.

Ok so here's the first chapter. It's short but it's only supposed to be a short flashback.